Healing the world….

Ouch. The title makes me flinch. Makes me want to hide underneath a pillow. The sniff of arrogance. Who am I? Who is anyone to think they could “heal the world?!” When my blogs come, they come. They flow through me, guided. The words and the title. I am moved to write and I open to the channel. And trust. Allow myself to be seen. To be heard. This is the time for us all to shine our Light and share Truth.

Healing the world, to me, takes me firstly to the Universe within, where all healing originates. As we re-align with Source, we express our being in the external world, bringing more Light and Truth and supporting the healing of each being,  of All. It can be oh too easy to dive into the suffering expressed across the planet, as a means to flee from the suffering within. Yet as we heal our wounds of imagined separation, we bring our wholeness to this world. We can bring our embodied Divinity to restore peace and love to the earth and blood of the world in which we exist.

planet ascending

So, today it feels right to share on how I was recently guided to bring through a free distant global healing. Within minutes of “creating” an event on facebook, what was only  guidance in consciousness was reality and people were on board. A few moments of trepidation quickly flowed into excitement and joy. I have been so blessed along my way to receive from many wonderful teachers and healers. Teachers who look only at the heart and do not allow a lack of financial abundance in the moment to be a barrier to spiritual growth.  So it truly is a particular and deep joy for me to give back in this way. In truth, I am am not giving, simply offering a little of my time and giving my being as a vehicle for Spirit to bring through the highest healing vibrations for the good of each soul drawn to the circle. But it is a deep honour to know that I can be a vehicle for the Light in this way. I have been guided that my path is in bringing in Light in the planet, on a wide scale, for a number of  years. My ego could not comprehend. But as Spirit does, I find again an opening spontaneously unfolds and smile within as I realise what I have stepped into the heart of. And Life knows how to get me to where I need to be!

Working through the sacred LIght Grids Healing channel has been a profound gift in holding deep transformational healing space for groups and it now comes into all I do. I bring all aspects of myself, and my healing tools to the space. For days before the first session, I could sense people in my energy field and was aware of the importance of taking care of my space. I have been involved in healing work directly for some fourteen years and have learned again and again through this time and the many people with whom I have been blessed to have worked, deeper ways to truly take care of all aspects of my being. As I moved into the healing space, the energies were phenomenal. I experienced strong pain at the back of my heart chakra through most of the session and the intensity of holding space for around seventy people.

healing isnt fixing

The deeper I dropped into trust and open-ness, the more I was, and am, flooded with joy at being able to offer this, to be this channel and also wonder at how easy it is for “one” to create something that can touch many. I received many reports back from those who had taken part, with wonderful experiences and shifts. A deeply humbling experience, which truly touched my heart. By having the courage to open to Spirit, and to open myself as a tool, fellow souls are touched and healed with love.

As soon as this came into being, I sensed it would be happening again, on a regular basis.  And so it is…The next healing is this Sunday, 11th August, 9pm UK, 10pm European time, for thirty minutes. All that is required is your intention to connect. Open your heart, breathe deeply into your centre to quieten your mind, rest comfortably with the intention of receiving the perfect healing for your soul and receive. I would be honoured to hear from you if you have any experiences you would like to share. Just know that whatever your experience, it  is perfect for you in the moment.

It truly is my joy to share this space and support its growth. In my own small way, this is my offering, in this moment, in the world. In love. If I touch even one soul, the world grows…We all grow.

You can explore my offering more through my website and facebook page. I would love to hear from you and share our musings as we walk together on this healing adventure.


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