Love is Infinite

Love is infinite. Love is kind, yet it is also ruthless. Its mercy lies in its’ flowing from the Divine Sacred Heart which holds the wisdom of the all.

In today’s cultures there is a great predilection to glamourize one way of being over another; one path; one key; one size fits all. Yet we are all absolutely unique expressions of Divinity, forming and reforming across time in an endless exploring of Oneness and expansion. And so there can be no “one size fits all”. There can however be one Universal guide and that – beloveds – is the Sacred Heart.

The journey – if there is one – is in purification of both heart and mind – so that this deep still voice can be heard both with clarity and without distortion. It is so easy for the human mind to sabotage and distort anything that it encounters, until it has been through the layers of purification. The fires of Truth. And even then my loves, there is always vigilance.

Whose voice is this that speaks? Soul or mind?

And so we guide you to a practice of becoming. Through the body and through the Sacred Heart.

Take your breath to the centre of your being.

Take your Presence to the centre of your vast heart chamber.

In this place you find an endless opening of space. Of luminous Presence. White light perhaps – or you may encounter it in another form.

In the centre you see an intricately decorated throne. Place yourself upon this regal throne. Observe this Being, your Higher Self. Notice what you look like. How are you are clothed? What are your movements like? Vividly engage your senses. Are there intoxicating fragrances? It there silence of any vibration of sound? A low hum or other notes?

As you sit, merge with the frequency of this sanctified chamber.

Dissolve into this space. Do not just witness it, or feel it. Dissolve into, become it, be it, Merge utterly with the infinite chamber of the heart.

Know yourself dear one.

Just be in this space for as long as you like. Be open to the deepest truths arising through the Sacred Heart.

And when it feels time to bring this gently to a close. Be aware of yourself AS this.

Carry this cellular recognition, this Divine quality into each of your movements and encounters in your day.

Breathe deeply. Love is Infinite.

With love  Helen x

Where the heart is, that is where the Temple and its’ treasures are – Yeshua

Helen contributes to the anchoring and expansion of Light through groups, individual consultations and global transmissions as well as her words. Connect through her website or facebook. ❤

i am the light




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