Truth waits quietly

“Stop!” she said.
“No” his answer.

This is a play of the illusion of separation as it is most prevalently played out in the crumbling paradigm of patriarchy.
And I don’t at all mean confined to sexuality.
This is showing up in our daily lives with Beloveds, children.

With those of us culturally fed to believe in our false identification with power, and as a long quietened voice of Love finds a clearer tone and the opening hearts in this world.

It may be male or female speaking these words, but the unique flavour of separation that is distorted power and control is very active in our human world as it crumbles.
And the feminine aspect is especially in a wave of clearer boundary setting and embodying self-love in real, sometimes bloody and brave ways.

As the illusion of “other” evaporates; there can be no enemy, no fight. Our only call is to look inside, deep and long; not turning away from the ghosts and wails calling for Loving Presence.

As we are HERE, spaciousness enters more and more lusciously. The always extant state of gratitude hums through every “experience”. It is both earth and sky.

The ground of Being is pure joy; Love and appreciation.
All of these but finite words; flags waving in the winds calling us to look, look, look.
Truth waits.

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