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Gratitude, like Love is often triggered as an emotional response within us to something occurring or someone’s action or presence. The sun touching our skin. The feeling of strength and freedom walking up a hill. The endless silence of an unfilled moment. Gratitude is often “for” some thing.

Consider appreciation. Consider that it is not a movement or feeling but rather part of our essential nature. Just as love is. And we can consciously generate feelings of appreciation, as we can cultivate the grace of love. It has been found over all time to be one of the most potent energetic frequencies for instigating transformation and raising vibration.

Often we wait, going through our day until something – seemingly “external” may happen to trigger this response.

What if we don’t wait for a moment? Shift focus to see ourselves as appreciation? That this quality is our Being?

So we meet each moment from a standpoint of wonder and awe. Of receiving. Observing. Holding every encounter in this vibration of appreciation. So there is no need for even involvement of the mind or a thought process but simply a dropping deeper into a truer experience of Life.

A richness without limit. A nourishing of the soul, that emanates outwards, kissing everyone in its path.

I am That.

My sense of God is not a deity but a profound sense of  wonder – Albert Einstein

© Helen Quail 2014

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