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Falling into Love, I rise.

FB_IMG_1472852439400Falling into love, I rise.

Dropping  away the layers, I fall, cleansed, naked, revealed.

This love flows through me,

not “mine” to retain

nor “yours” to give,

but in our purification

and our dedication,


we are called to the crucible

And to BE the crucible,

Through our union.


A melding of alchemies

that sparks conceptions

and evolution .


There is a power that ripples across the Cosmos,

emanating from the belly of Mother

and the breath of Father.


In declaring a whole souled “Yes!” to the Divine Power,

Grace may reveal infinitely .

She fills my chest with countless galaxies; my eyes with brilliant stars.

My skin is enlivened with the dust of God, my blood richer with the fire of Love.

It is done. It is.


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To hold the truth of essence without abandoning Self

Loving couple holdind on the hands and sunset

The Heart of the Goddess loves infinitely. She nurtures. She embraces all in this love. A vital distinction in the path of the awakening feminine is to hold space and call forth the masculine BUT not at the expense of her own integrity, safety, growth, evolution and freedom.

This is a matter firstly of revealing and softening the conditioning and archetypes; of breaking through outdated distorting and suffocating structures and reclaiming the freedom of who we know ourselves to be. Humanity and all creation has witnessed many repeating cycles of power flowing between masculine and feminine expressions of Source in form. We are in an epoch where it is possible to reclaim the Divine feminine and – I believe deeply in my body – for this to be received and find balance with a healed and whole expression of the masculine energies of Divinity. This is a point in “time” arrived across millions of years of evolution. It is the gateway we exist in where Divine Union truly is possible.

And it is a matter of LOVE. In our deep abiding love, especially as women, we can give so much, care so much. One of the first lessons showing up for any who enter a path of spiritual learning and growth is that of loving oneself. The cliché that we can only love others to the extent that we love ourself is very true. But many of us have received models of pouring our love outwards to others without an even greater in-pouring inwards – that seems to function to a certain degree – and is certainly the accepted “norm” in the world around us. And this can continue in the spiritual world as we open our heart and become more loving. What we find is that the deeper we go – the more we evolve – the more we are also called BACK. Back in and down to love more and more our OWN Self.

What we are relearning is that the deepest core expression and celebration of love lies in our own Being and loving our own heart. In all its crackedness, bitterness, shadowy places. In all its glory and magnificence. Its’ fury, its’ power, its’ tenderness. Its’ scars and tender places.Because we are experiencing love as the higher dimensional energy that it is, loving the 3d heart and all expressions of human-ness from and as the infinite one love.

Love is not sugar coated and fluffy but fierce Grace that flinches from nothing, holds nothing sacrosanct – no belief, no relationship, no behaviour. It calls us out again and again, with a compassion and laser focus that has no equal. Turn to me. Turn to me and do not turn away. Bring all of you.

So we are asked to look at again at all the places that have learned to love and be loved, to give and receive. And to stand naked ready to meet all those we do not know.

The more deeply and fiercely we liberate our essence as Love, we offer liberation to the unseen and unknown parts of our being. The wounded places that have remained in our subconscious until such a point that the love present calls them forth. Calls them forth AS love. As perfect expressions of the Divine speaking to the Divine. And we can find a place in us to truly, deeply welcome these limping, spitting, bleeding parts. We commit to not turning away in shame or judgement but stepping towards, embracing with pure love. With gratitude. Again and again.

The feminine collective consciousness is actively bringing to light the oldest of patterns and imbalances expressed through the (distorted) masculine. As awakening beings – especially for women – longing to return to the deepest knowing and experience of the Love that we are, we have commonly been conditioned to lose our identity, independence – emotional or financial – in romantic partnerships or marriage. In this now, we have the opportunity to completely redefine true healthy relationship – founded on whole and loving relationship with our own self  and mirrored in a much more healthy and rigorous balance with our Beloved partner.

So can we stand in presence and in our hearts, holding the knowing of who we are, and the mirror of Divine presence to the “other ” before us, and not drop back into the old, old patterns of giving everything for this love? We are asked to hold our own integrity above all else. This arises not only from getting clear on our core moral values and the meaning we ascribe to this life experience but from a deep and unconditional presence of love. For our self and for who Life has placed before us. Right now. And this is not emotional love, romantic love nor restricted by mental concepts of love.

Love – like “enlightenment” or the Divine – is by its very nature limitlessness.

At the heart is our deep self care. We are learning to create a sanctuary that is impenetrable by anything that is not Love.  One that holds both inner and outer being in safety, deep love and strength at all levels. To wrap safety around our tissues and fields that does not carry even the feintest trace of restriction or repression, that has no connection with fear; nor seeking security or control; that is rooted and grounded utterly in trust in Source itself. This is the safety we are held in as women (and men). If we choose it.

So we are tested and given the practice to walk with again and again. Can I hold this being in love yet not compromise my own light? Can I love myself deeply and whoever is before me as Love in form, yet not compromise the honouring of either of our essences?

As expressions of the Divine feminine can we continue to shine a beacon of light; radiate limitless love with neither expectation that the masculine will do or be “anything” nor hooking ourselves into any “outcome”? Can we do this yet know when to walk away at physical an emotional level for our own wholeness (and so theirs)?

Can I hold the truth of this man’s essence, let him be where he is without abandoning him or myself?

This Beloveds is our invitation.

Helen is a love and light worker, serving consciousness. She offers writings, worldwide events, retreats and one to one sessions. If you are interested in knowing more, or in details of 2016 programmes please see her site, fb or sign up for an occasional newsletter.



Love in Action


This is the age of the heart of surrender. As we look around and witness the extremes playing out on Earth that can seem so far from truth. What we are witnessing is the final and desperate writhings of old patterns thrown up to surface so that they can dissolve. The great Cosmic soup coming to simmer and the dissonant lower vibrations floating up so they can evaporate back in to the oneness.

We also incarnated on this planet at a time when Divine Union is possible as never before. Union within between our highest Divine light and the depths of our shadows; between our masculine and feminine aspects – Shiva and Shakti; between inner and outer worlds and consciousness; between earth and Source.

The old paradigm and distortions of the masculine are based on driven, ego based action with no heart. The distorted feminine templates base in unconscious acting out of emotion, manipulation, hysteria. Our wholeness is safe, strong and centred in presence married with a wide open heart and flowing intuitive senses.

So love in action, union in expression can be found in a simple yet profound approach to every moment, to Love. Divine timing and inspired action.

This balance is ever more subtle.

Many beings are awakening in consciousness. Some rapidly, some incrementally over many years. But the falsity of the emptiness, the illusions are becoming more impossible to ignore for millions.

At some point we have to go through the initiations of the heart which can be brutal and leave our ego shredded in an ocean of not knowing . And what beauty there is in this! And the surrender can only deepen and deepen. Finding edges and cloaked limitations and surrendering again.

The path of the heart demands everything –  total and utter surrender.

BUT it also asks for action. Decisive, concerted, fearless action.

Personally I feel my passion and dedication and when something shows up strongly in my knowing and guidance I say yes. And there is an impetus to move, act and honour that knowing. Yet there is a practice as we become more and more discerning; as trust deepens of really feeling deeper. Is action called for NOW? Or is my invitation to really rest in presence, nurture my vibration; be.

If I am not acting is it through denial or fear? What is moving me? So the invitation is to feel deeper and to trust deeper. In this, whatever we are feeling we know we are safe and loved to move or not move – to honour whatever is showing up.

Where this has been illuminated for me very recently is in my calling to my Beloved in form. Many souls are walking a path of service and expansion through (re) union with Beloveds – whether defined as soul mates, twin flames or other. I have known and more importantly felt deeply that this is a key in my path and felt his presence coming for five years. Along the way I have been given the perfect practices to rip off my blindness, call forth unseen and loved places into the core of my Heart and Being and learn more about my own feminine- masculine balance.

And I came to a place or real peace, surrender and trust. No attachment. I came home to myself as Beloved. And from there to an even deeper trusting that life will take care of all which of course it will.

In that surrender, and trust in the Divine, another level of realization has sparked.  Of what Love in action can really mean.

Two analogies come to mind. The joke about the man who goes to the temple every day and prays to win the lottery. Again and again. After many weeks, he falls to his knees in despair. “Why oh Lord did you not answer my prayers?” And God responds, “I did. You didn’t buy a ticket.”

If you lost your job tomorrow, and have a home and children to support, would you go home lie on a sofa and say,  “God will manifest the perfect career and abundance” and do nothing? We can hold and vibrate that knowing and intention absolutely – but we would combine this with action. Sending out cvs, networking, letting people know what we are looking for and applying for jobs. The old paradigm was built on the second part of that equation- of action – but arising solely from the mind and ego. Not birthed deeply from surrender and trust in the Divine perfection of whatever Life brings.

So with the vibrational template and intention in place, we ARE Love in action.

And so I realised I also needed to combine knowing , trust and surrender and deep internal work with action. Thousands of us have found each other through the internet  – as soul family and friends and also lovers and life partners. It calls for a certain degree of vulnerability in declaring publicly – “I am ready and looking for my Beloved.” And it calls for rigour to scrupulously ensure our fields and intention are as clear as possible. That we are already in the key relationship with ourSelf as Beloved. With the One in form. And it is only in and through this that we are now ready to meet that reflection in physical form and dedicate fully to the fire of conscious partnership.

This action from and as Love is what is called for. This ever so delicate dance and balance of Being and action.

This approach – Divine timing and inspired action – action arising fully and wholly from our foundational commitment to Source and to serving Love – is a template, not only for intimate relationship and partnership of course, but for Love in action, for how we engage this Life dance. We are Divine Love and agreed to this incarnation to experience the catalytic opportunities of duality; to resolve separation and bring oneness – union fully embodied into form, thus expanding all consciousness.

There are times to rest and radiate. To deepen in to Presence and simply be as the light we are, reminding all souls of the light we all are emanations of. As we develop and integrate our Beingness more and more into form , we bring this into our daily practice of living. Into our engagements with the very mundane and ordinary aspects of life. Our businesses, families, relationships, our daily tasks.

Can we do so without losing flow? Can we sustain the intimate connection with all action moving from Source; from our Divine awareness?

It can come down to how well we listen. How well we know our heart. And the depth of our trust. Then how we walk. As all our choices, movements and actions move from this place we are shown the measure of how deeply we Love. And that mirror is the most powerful gift we can offer our own Being and all Beings.

And so it is.

I love you.

Helen serves Love light and the Divine through transmissions, consultation, events, retreats and writing. Connect through her site or facebook to find out more.

Untitled: Love

Art – Autumn Skye Morrison

Untitled: Love


Not a thought

nor an emotion,

an experience of Being

which is That which we are


the field from which all things are birthed.


And when He and She find each other there

Infinite Divine Creation is birthed through Union,

through our remembering.


Knowing which has so long been in these cells

moves into physical experience

in this lifetime,

that yet straddles numerous lifetimes.


Universes are birthed anew.

and Divine Will has its’ way.


Helen Quail 24 June


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Open Heart

surrenderIt’s easy to write about our heart being wide open but what really matters is how we are when we are blasted wide open – whether by an ocean of trembling love or by devastation and grief. What do we do with this raw, wide open heart before the world? Before the mirror of an “other”?

How easy it is to shrink back  to the land of known where – even though suffocating, even though slowly, inexorably shrinking, the wounded one feels safer.

Or we can stand barefoot on the grass, arms outstretched to the all knowing sky. We can throw our head back instead of down; unconcerned by the tears that may course down our cheeks. We can cast our howls to the wind and the stars – whether of ecstasy or pain – and feel them reverberate across the Universe.

We can stand in the love that we are and that we are continually crafted from. Wide open. Ready to meet another rising of the sun.

This is our invitation to love, Beloveds.

Close your eyes. Let your sweet, full breath fill your lungs. Watch as it moves outwards again, ever outward, back to Source.

You are the river of life, the flow of oneness that cannot be stopped. This love that moves through you, some moments exhilarating, some moments splitting your chest open. This love is your very essence.

Beyond and all experiences. Far outwith structures of “time”; of “you” or “I”.

This love is All, everything in this now and pulsing as the fabric of eternity.


Helen assists in the anchoring and expansion of light and consciousness through gatherings, consultations and writings. Learn more on her website or facebook.

The Call of the Beloved

For now is the time that we open to love,

a fully balanced, received and expressed love,

one that is mature,

that seeks no “other” for completion,

that both radiates out infinitely and turns its gaze ever inward,

back to the seed, the flower and the ripening.


Now is the time that the Beloved is welcomed and honoured

as equal expressions of Truth,

not Master nor servant.

There is no betrayal, for this love is no Other

nor separation.


This love is the true kernel of all life.

the Birther and the Destroyer,

the Guide and the chaos,

the Beginning and the End.


This love is the still point at the centre of the Cosmos

and infinity that encompasses every moment;

the pounding heart that feels like it will explode

from the sheer joy of life,

The vibrancy of the colours.


The Beloved is calling us home to Love,

tenderly, forcefully with all the passion you can meet.

Turn your face to the Light,

your body to the heat,

let your knees drop to the Earth

and you will hear.


I am calling You.


Helen serves a path of love and light. One to one consultations are available worldwide through skype; free light transmissions and global gatherings and events. More information, booking and the opportunity to donate to support Helen’s  work on her site and facebook.


Come Closer

Come closer

Come closer Beloved

closer again…
Let’s breathe,
yes…no words
deeper, slower
breath by breath,
our heartbeats merge with the One heartbeat.

Come closer Beloved
I am ready.
Let us dive into the deliciousness
of pure Presence.

Come closer my soul,
for I see and know you.
I hold you as my own.

May I feel the warmth of your breath caressing my neck,
the tenderness of your touch,
the strength of your grasp.

Come closer
for I surrender in trust.
it is time to know
the truth of the masculine
standing before me in pure knowing.
We do not look away,
will not turn away,
but breathe fully into the fire.

I stand in my full Light and power
as the Eternal Goddess,
fully restored.
For now, you are ready to stand with me once more,
our limbs to entwine,
our hearts as one mist of Love.

In our Divine dance , we heal All
and merge in the delight of Oneness to ever greater serving.

I place my trust once more
in the Heart of the Cosmos,
in the all-loving Source that holds us all
Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Lover of mine.

I place my trust in you.
not in my foolish mind,
nor your wounded memories, not in the distortions nor the veils.
I place my trust in the One
That we Are.


Come closer Beloved,
till there is only breathing..
only Life…
two hearts
one breath.

And all is completed
once again.

Helen Luminosa Quail 12 April 2015

Helen serves the way of love and light globally and beyond through light transmissions, gatherings, writings and individual consultations. Contact through facebook or her website.