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Love’s call


Let no one tell you who you are.
Let every wind, tree and bird show your deepest, vastest nature
beneath all the layers of skin,
hardened over years of pulling away from the inexorable vortex within;
the mirage of mirrors of clothing
and hats
and too-quick words
that lean us away from Love’s freefall,
into echoing despair.

Where is the pulse of your belly?
The ocean of your chest?
the Cosmos of your Sacred heart?
Oh let us free it all into wildness, together.

Let go into the infinite that has no definition,

only the tears of your cracking chest
the breath of your soul
that will pulse forever
like a beacon,
and a torch
calling always to truth.


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Cosmic Warriors of Light


We walk together through the spaces between stars,

feet landing on fresh green shoots of grass and on scorched earth both.

Our hearts’ echoes are the drumbeat that we march to, calling us into formation,

laser sharp through the black space.


There is a vibration we know as intimately as an out breath

and in sensing it or hearing it in another form, our inner flame ignites.


Art : Robby Donaghey ~ Becoming Love

Together we burn brighter and more fiercely, devouring all that is not true

and cleansing tracts of land far and great.


Warriors of Light, I sing to you, come forward.

It matters not if you are




It matters not that there is no map or pathway clear.


It matters only that you hear,

and, in the hearing, step,

placing body and being in service

to the Greatest Calling of All.


Emptied as the clear flute, through which Spirit may play,

the melody grows and dances through the skies,

whispering at more ears,

more hearts,

more souls.

“Come home.”

“Remember we are One.”


Whether head bowed over newborn babe,

ploughing fields,

constructing bricks and mortar

or walking barefoot on pilgrimage,

let the music dancing at your heart’s door enter and consume you.


We are called.

We are called.

Let us dance to the Divine melody of our Call.


For Alan.


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The Call of the Beloved

For now is the time that we open to love,

a fully balanced, received and expressed love,

one that is mature,

that seeks no “other” for completion,

that both radiates out infinitely and turns its gaze ever inward,

back to the seed, the flower and the ripening.


Now is the time that the Beloved is welcomed and honoured

as equal expressions of Truth,

not Master nor servant.

There is no betrayal, for this love is no Other

nor separation.


This love is the true kernel of all life.

the Birther and the Destroyer,

the Guide and the chaos,

the Beginning and the End.


This love is the still point at the centre of the Cosmos

and infinity that encompasses every moment;

the pounding heart that feels like it will explode

from the sheer joy of life,

The vibrancy of the colours.


The Beloved is calling us home to Love,

tenderly, forcefully with all the passion you can meet.

Turn your face to the Light,

your body to the heat,

let your knees drop to the Earth

and you will hear.


I am calling You.


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