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Circles of transition

moon shasta redding real estate

Life has had me intensely in Her grip in past weeks. As for many of us, it seems. Huge transitions have been in play in all levels of my world, much of which remain quiet, integrating within.  And I have come to realise that this is equally the intensity that is moving in the collective as polarities in consciousness actually are pulled together to explode into what is true.

It has been a time of the circle. Completions and beginnings both interweave and overlay; one and the same. Timelines merge. The layers opening in recent times across so many levels have called for every bit of my energy and sometimes more.  On the third day of landing in California, dissolution happened in a vivid way. What seemed almost insanely intense, I slowly came to sense was not only (or even) personal. Of course, I had been under immense stress and pressure – relocating my family five thousand miles and much more – but I came to hear and feel of soul family equally cracking, weeping, dissolving, immobilised with exhaustion with striking power.  In this, I am grateful for the reminding that we are ever and always droplets in a moving, breathing, shifting ocean, each both drop and ocean, which brings some gentle comfort to the burning soul and aching body.

I find the invitation ever more vivid to be fully present to exactly what is – the raging; the holy fire; the inability to summon energy to function; the fury, despair, tenderness, quaking vulnerability, and always, always pulsing silently or loudly, – Love. Now I am beginning to drop tendrils into the Californian soil, to exhale, to soften into this more deeply. I feel my soul dropping deeper into my physicality, many aspects of my Self aligning. The threads that weave the invisible sanctuary in which Being can thrive are mysterious and many.

In these past days, the moon rose in her fullness over Mount Shasta. In Capricorn, she heralds a time of decision making; decisions that bring us closer to who we are and anchor our essence in the material plane in how we live and act. I have also very much been feeling the feminine flow of gentleness and softness, amplified by the Sacred mountain, even in her unrelenting transformative potency. The Mother sings her embrace of Sacred cadence simultaneously as we are lifted to make real life-directing decisions and to act upon them. The balance of the masculine and feminine feels more rooted in life than ever before.

I am but a “newcomer” in this life to living in the embrace of the mountain, with aeons of learning to rediscover and forge anew. In this apprenticing, I observe in one day the movements between softest Grace and fierce fire. Opening up all the way to exactly what is showing up here and now, however discomfiting, opens us – parts of us we know well – to devastation. What feels like devastation can open in a breath. And what remains? What is beneath and around; caressing, whispering and wrapping its unyielding arms around all? The more fully one can BE right here, – without restriction, without the cloud of story, – the torrent of the Cosmos can wash away more stones, more dust, more veils of attachment to identity or belief.

What is left, is Life itself, without interpretation and the film of understanding.  Indescribable, indefinable beauty.  Direct. Alive. Without limit.

Dying and being reborn we are. Infinitely.

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We move through life accumulating layers of clothing and weight; of personality; social identity; memories and past experiences that we hold as shaping who we are. In the surrender to awakening, we die to who we thought we were. This death occurs again and again; even as we see the grasp loosen, as we feel the spaciousness of True Self dancing through and around us as we move in the world, there are many, many deaths to come. We are actually returning to the nakedness with which we entered, wide-eyed, naked, non-identified. ( I wonder, how much of parental perception infiltrates the placenta? What is the interaction between the consciousness of the embryonic baby and the mother for instance? Fascinating to enquire)

Yet we become naked, stripped of defence mechanisms, behavioural patterns in which to hide; self-esteem built on achievement or status. There is the realisation that no-one is here. No “one”, only That. There are levels of witnessing that move more and more subtly to the Absolute perceiving itSelf.

In preparing for a first public event after an absence of two and a half years, it was fascinating to watch the patterns of the egoic self-doubt and worthlessness arise. Regardless of what had gone before, the mind desperately attempts to diminish. Awareness was held that this was necessary and welcome releasing, yet this did not make any of it less intense. And as it came closer and the commitment to showing up did not lessen, relief came in the joke of realizing (again) that there is no-one to show up; no-one to “do” anything”. There is only form, offering itself as a vehicle for the Divine; fulfilling some part of its calling. So nothing to identify with; not be attached to an outcome or even the experience. It is to say yes to the call and surrender utterly to Divine intelligence as to how that moves; what that looks, feels and tastes like.

The invitation is to be naked. No agenda. No investment. What it is essential is to be pure in our intention and heart. Then, whether things apparently go well or awry is actually meaningless. Each one of us that shows up serves the greater intelligence. There is full surrender.

In the vulnerability of being totally naked,  the only thing to fall back on and into is the Goddess, Life, Source. What joy and relief to let go, to surrender even more to Her. And in the joyousness and playfulness, All come, All is Here. We are indeed newborn, creating Universes with our breath, galaxies with our heart beat. Awakening occurs through each differentiated essence-in-form and through our unified intentions. Together we remember, we strip away, we love each other home in our hearts.

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Die into birth

Xombie Xree


Time to fall in love

with Her

the Mother of All


The Void space

that is not head

that is not heart

that pulses both through her birth canal

in a frenzy of Love


Relentless, edgeless,

blood dripping




She asks for my tender forearm

the curve of my neck

the soft swell of my belly

the most, pungent places


That I have shown no-one.


She demands it all.

She devours it all.


She – I – replete in total disintegration

void and satied,

the birth canal is the total and complete yes,

the full owning of every pulse, turn, word


I die to Her.

I die into birth.



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Autumn Equinox and the blood moon eclipse gateways


Many light workers and awakening souls have been acutely conscious of the portals of the tetrad of blood moons, birthing April 2014 through to the pinnacle in September 2015. Each of us will hear the stirring of guidance flowing into our awareness and hearts and through the collective consciousness that all of humanity is being given the opportunity to shift in ways that have not been available before.

It has been noted that Divine blueprints through the past six months in particular are shifting as quickly as they begin to express. It’s not that our intuition or inner guidance was mistaken but rather than the continual flow of transformation multi-dimensionally has a constant and fundamental effect on the potentials emerging.  The highest vibrational Cosmic beings and ascended teachers are also in perpetual evolution. Some designs are as ancient as the first Universes. Yet at the same time, simultaneously exiting possibilities co-exist all equally valuable for the expansion of Source.

This particular aspect of choice is a striking emergence as consciousness grows. As co-creators in human form for a brief blink in time, it is clear that now we are being given even more free will to partner with the highest levels of Source in deciding which course of action to follow. I witness a number of us called powerfully to specific sacred locations or power spots, only to find this shifts just as quickly and in many cases the work can be done entirely etherically, remotely – again releasing our human selves to new levels of liberation and choice in service of Spirit. What is noticeable is that a number of choices CO-EXIST all equally valid and in alignment. Of course each will carry its own unique vibrational flow and consequences.

And we are gently and firmly guided to know even more the truth of our own Master teacher within. The only and eternal place of all knowing, wisdom and every resource we may wish to call upon on our journey.

Many souls presently living on Earth feel a deep affinity to Egypt within them. Always have without any conscious understanding of why. Many more are noticing a “sudden” emerging of a magnetic pull, an emotional stirring, a longing and remembering beyond words.

Egypt is one of the primary keys on Earth to the connection between Divine Source and human consciousness. A portal for awakening and ascension it is a massive channel for information and energetic codes and has been so long prior to the ancient civilizations of Khem, Babylon or Egypt. In these coming weeks there will be a surging of gatherings across Earth– in person and through intentional use of the internet to co-ordinate global meditations and transmissions. Some of us find we are indeed called home to Egypt physically, some will know they are to assist in the light work from their own home location.

This is the age of unity consciousness and what we are asked to keep not only in the forefront of our awareness but even more vitally in the centre of our heart is that we are ALL, always connected. Separation from “other”, from the Divine is and has always been an illusion. We “re-find” our Divine Truth in aligning in in Unity – with a levels of our own Being and with every expression of God that we encounter; with every other soul having a human experience on this Earth school.

And so it is that there are gatherings – at many sacred sites, grid points, places of ceremony and ritual. And many who will sit quietly in presence in their own homes. What we are asked to attune to with full awareness is the call and vital nature of worldwide synchronisation. The creation of a vastly potent field of intent. An energetic field that hold the vibration – the Cosmic blueprint – of the highest potential for consciousness at this “time” – not only for humanity but rippling through all galaxies, all Universes and all dimensions.

We are more than six billion incarnated souls on this one tiny planet alone. Many cutting edge spiritual practitioners and wayshowers have partnered with hard science to bring forth the unequivocal evidence of the effects of consciousness on both matter and energy. The power of what we can effect as a unified filed of consciousness is so far beyond our comprehension but our souls know. We know in that deep, still place within the absolute magnificence of the Divine power that is in each one of us. As we come into harmonic convergence with our Divinity, we synchronise, vibrate in resonance with that spark in another and another. Each creating entrainment to raise the vibration further and exponentially increasing that which becomes possible.

The key is to trust the voice of your own heart. For this we must develop our skills and sense in how we listen to it. How we discern the familiar voice of the ego and the mind from the truth of the heart. Not the emotional heart – which is the doorway to deeper connection to our soul – but to our Divine Heart. Our Sacred heart space. How can this be known one may wonder….As we diligently apply our intent with courage and humility to peel off the numerous layers of conditioning, protection and identification with our beliefs; as we choose to let go of our identification with our emotions or investment in attaching or believing any stories around them, we begin to be liberated more fully into our clear heart space.

It takes many approaches of inner work/play along with a core and complete commitment to God/Source/All That is – above all else. Requirements that many choose not to attempt and that is perfect. But for those of us who do say yes to the path of the heart, we are blessed to be in human form on this incredible planet at these times that offer absolutely unprecedented opportunities and gateways for growth, evolution and expansion of All.

In our dedication and commitment we will be tested – again and again. Our discernment, our ability to stand in alignment and truth without stepping out of Love; whether we will fall prey to the lures of identifying with and acting or speaking from the ego self. If anything these “tests” are heightened for many Lightworkers. Partnerships dissolve, paradigms shift, seeming “securities” – employment, home, health, financial, relationships can evaporate. I witness this particularly intense amongst soul groups.

Many timelines are opening and can be running in parallel. This occurs only because we are ready at a soul level and collectively to address, heal and release distortions from them. It takes real diligence on a consistent basis to be aware that we may be stepping into playing out these other timelines. The key is never the “story” – where we can simply get lost again in the circumstances our souls created for our growth – but the teaching. What is the healing, the lesson that is being made available for us to see and embrace in this now, freeing all involved?

Again and again we are invited to let go, more and more deeply. Of our attachments in all forms; our identifcation with our wounds and suffering; of our investment in “controlling” our life according to the dictates or our own limited beliefs and conditioning.

At the same time as our deepest guidance can seem to fluctuate on a frequent basis – it could be easy to feel adrift and confused. So what is the anchor? The zero point that we can come to in the midst of any “experience” in this realm? The place where our timeless Heart beats as one with the Cosmic Heart. Where the breath that moves in and out of our physical form is the same breath breathing universes into life.

Knowing only that nothing is known but Love. That everything – everything – is birthed and constructed from Love. Creator and created indivisible as Love.

And so it is.

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The Call of the Beloved

For now is the time that we open to love,

a fully balanced, received and expressed love,

one that is mature,

that seeks no “other” for completion,

that both radiates out infinitely and turns its gaze ever inward,

back to the seed, the flower and the ripening.


Now is the time that the Beloved is welcomed and honoured

as equal expressions of Truth,

not Master nor servant.

There is no betrayal, for this love is no Other

nor separation.


This love is the true kernel of all life.

the Birther and the Destroyer,

the Guide and the chaos,

the Beginning and the End.


This love is the still point at the centre of the Cosmos

and infinity that encompasses every moment;

the pounding heart that feels like it will explode

from the sheer joy of life,

The vibrancy of the colours.


The Beloved is calling us home to Love,

tenderly, forcefully with all the passion you can meet.

Turn your face to the Light,

your body to the heat,

let your knees drop to the Earth

and you will hear.


I am calling You.


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In and Out – the paradoxes of social networking.

With the influx of light frequencies and the greater healing and merging of masculine and feminine in humanity, there has been a strong flow of the creative energy in this one this past week. Fuelled by further heart opening, a deepening into the unstoppable force that is Shakti. For me this often is through words and I also love to combine with beautiful images.

And with this comes an outward movement – to share. Simply as a natural extension of the creative energy which grows, builds, and blooms outwardly.

So I have been writing and sharing more than “usual” on facebook.

This is in the sea of a deeper recognition of the soul nurturing importance – especially at this point in my journey – of the global community of light workers, soul family and friends whom I connect with largely through technology and specifically facebook. Ever more rapidly, soul family are coming into my life and some of these connections are so deep and intense and spontaneous they bring a great expansion in the heart and throughout Being –not just for me or “us” of course. Because every connection is a reconnection to wholeness and the remembering of Divine truth.

And as I have written about, increasingly, the connections that Spirit orchestrates move much more rapidly into physical meetings also and from there the pace and scope of what blooms is breath-taking. I travel on pilgrimage to sacred France with a beloved ancient sister in a few weeks. Six months ago was our first linking, in this life, through the light and healing transmissions I assist with, on facebook.

With the unique flavour of my own little dance, this soul nectar is life giving especially now. I will be moving physically into a community of like-minded hearts and souls in the coming times and whilst my global community will, I don’t doubt continue to be ever more precious, whilst I am not presently in such a physical community, they are ever more appreciated.

I receive a steam of spiritual and factual information and guidance on cosmic and planetary shifts. I can access powerful free healing any day of the week. I can contribute to collective consciousness events and find out about and join physical gatherings.

I have watched this, at the same time very aware of the other side of the coin. And in the past day or so, three beautiful light workers have shared their decision to step away from the facebook forum for extended periods of time or permanently. I understand this, respect this and resonate deep within. The spells where I have been completely or largely internet and facebook free and opened up such space for deep dropping. Allowing Life to weave and unfold her whispers.

So I wish to shine light on two main aspects.

The core premise of a social networking structure like facebook could be said to be entirely ego-based. It is all about identity, “likes” and approval at one level. There is a huge scope to get lost in a sea of ego gratification. The whole ethos of social networking plays into our primal desires for community and approval at one level – to be part of a club and play by certain rules, even though there are many sub-cultures within the facebook community alone. Yet it can also be said to support our innate connection and oneness, our nature as social beings and as expressions of one being. If – and this is absolutely key – ONLY if it is used with the greatest consciousness possible – both of intention, and effect.

Just like life then…

And there are many theories on the extent to which information and energetic manipulation are carried out via such a mass vehicle which – at the very least – permeates and deeply influences – consciously and unconsciously – the lives of billions of people. A stunningly effective tool for manipulation and distraction, not just on a personal level but collectively.

The energetic structures underlying the whole vehicle are hugely addictive at a number of levels. They also encourage the well know phenomenon of surfing, butterfly-like from one thing to another, skating the surface of information, jumping from post to post, being touched, being inspired, moved, titillated, informed but scattering our time and focus far and wide.

It provides a huge sea for distraction, particularly if we have other thing to engage in that may be uncomfortable, that call us deeper, into the quiet, into the dark, into the unknown. If I added up all the hours I have spent online (!) my book(s) would be on Amazon’s (virtual) shelves right now lol! But that too is of human nature – procrastination avoidance, skirting around what calls us so magnificently and unfathomably.

Church of trees

Do not follow where the path may lead.

Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.                          Ralph Waldo Emerson

Which brings me to the second point I wish to offer. My life is utterly and completely about serving the Divine, whatever that takes, however that unfolds. I am committed to the way of the heart and light and dedicated to truth, ongoing, moment to moment as best I can as essence in a very fallible human container.

The key to all expansion lies within. And this is not just a glib statement.

We are the beloved. The seed and fulfillment of all that ever has been and all that ever will be lies within us – me, you, the man across the street.

The journey is indeed a few inches outwardly and many miles down. It is an internal voyage of discovery, dismantling, unpeeling, clarifying, renewing, dissolving, expanding. Everything – everything – is contained within. And of course the human paradox is firstly to remember that which we are then to surrender to the infinite exploration of the Great Mystery, mirrored in every tree, child, flower, sunset. Through incarnating in the physical we have a continual dance between “inner” and “outer” between different dimensions and experiences of “reality” which of course are not separate.

Where we can get caught as humans with egos is in missing the golden treasure within our hearts and souls. Every dance with the “outer” simply guides us back in and down, down to the sacred fruit. To She. To All.

Make everything in you an ear
Each atom of your being
And you will hear at every moment
What the source is whispering to you….
You are, we all are,
The beloved of the beloved,
And in every moment,
In every event of your life,
The beloved is whispering to you,
Exactly what you need to know. ~

So I can let these words come. And with one “click” of my keyboard, hundreds,… thousands of people may read and hear them. A massively powerful tool for connecting and communication. But one to be held with great care and wisdom so that the voice of the Teacher is always paramount, the voice within.

So I listen to my own invitation. The voice of my soul.

We Shall not cease from exploration

And the end of all our exploring

Will be to arrive where we started

And know the place for the first time.                                     – T.S. Eliot


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Love merging

beauty heartA few days ago was the anniversary of the birth of this body onto this earth. It was a powerful day for many reasons. A day of reflection and gratitude of course but also of sadness.  I was reminded how birth days have become potent openings for emotional and spiritual flow these past years. There are a number of reasons for this, which is for another time.

My heart was very open and so I moved between tidal waves of love and sobbing; between joy and peace and singing at the top of my voice. And watching quietly. A lot.

Observing  impulses to sadness. To self pity. To alone-ness. Arising but dissipating. Sinking into the love and appreciation bathing over my pores. Reflecting quietly on the unfoldings of my earth journey thus far. All of it.

As I washed the dishes I had a revelation of clarity. As can happen ! That these feelings which had been dropping strongly the previous day or two were clues to deeper realization. I felt more transparently and starkly than ever before the ancient and pressing longing of my soul to be with soul flames; beloved brothers and sisters. To simply “be” in a soul community where love and acceptance are unconditional and where all are awake to and fully committed to Being That which we Are. I recognized the timeless ache of being away from “home”, my place of origin.  And I heard with greater clarity than before the piercing cry of this soul to honour what it came here on Earth to fulfill. And each birth day is a wake up call at a deep level to meet that grief, to hear, harness the fire, to align more and more completely. To stop holding back.

I have been so immersed in love throughout these days by my family of light. I have written of this before . One of the most precious gifts ever growing and unfolding over the past year especially is the magnetizing together of soul and star family. Beloved ones who I may not have met in the physical but where there is instant and soul deep love and recognition. This had been occurring occasionally over the past few years but since (exactly) a year ago there has been a steady stream and at times a delicious flood of such reunions. And the joy that flows from such soul connections is truly nectar, Divine elixir.

Just this past weekend, Life orchestrated for three of us to come together and in this trinity, this perfect alignment, such love, such magical expansion is birthed. The shared joy is so beyond words. so timeless.  I am being brought together one after another with my beloved family and when two come together in this way, a third force enters – of pure Grace, the Holy Spirit.

Speaking with other light and service workers, so many of us are delighted at how Source is now orchestrating the physical reunion of so many ancient souls. This is the essence of Oneness and this age. Our unique Divine sparks truly seeing and knowing Love simply in a different form and so coming to expanded realization of Self and All.

As Judith Kusel wrote recently: “…When the heart is opened up so much, as is the soul, we can only see LOVE within the other soul.  All else fades into oblivion!

It is soul and love energy connecting and uniting with soul and love energy.

There are no physical bodies, and no human emotions, no illusions, no stories coming in the way anymore: – there is just total and Divine SOUL LOVE!

It is soul energy fusing with soul energy.

It is heart fusing with heart.

It is soul flame merging with soul flame.

Interestingly when this happens, the Holy Spirit flame is ignited.  The flame of Eternal Love, Power and Wisdom = yet the access to this flame only comes in total ONENESS.

When one experiences such total love, one is brought back to LOVE in its creative form.

It is Love without boundaries.

It is cosmic love.

It is eternal love.

It is the truth of love.

In its true form, as it was first created.”

And this is what we are all capable of uniting in one another. For sure some souls come from the same family, the same star and so share many more common strands from our numerous embodiments. But we all share the same Divine essence of pure Light, however it may be “disguised” , forgotten or gently layered.

Soul to soul. Heart to Heart. This pure connection and merging brings exponential expansion and remembering as we come together in Union timeless, infinite and unending.

And this is how it is.  A return to Love. To the Goddess , holding us all, guiding us all back to Oneness.

Helen serves to anchor and expand light through consultations, groups and worldwide transmissions. Do connect on facebook or through her website.