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Cosmic Warriors of Light


We walk together through the spaces between stars,

feet landing on fresh green shoots of grass and on scorched earth both.

Our hearts’ echoes are the drumbeat that we march to, calling us into formation,

laser sharp through the black space.


There is a vibration we know as intimately as an out breath

and in sensing it or hearing it in another form, our inner flame ignites.


Art : Robby Donaghey ~ Becoming Love

Together we burn brighter and more fiercely, devouring all that is not true

and cleansing tracts of land far and great.


Warriors of Light, I sing to you, come forward.

It matters not if you are




It matters not that there is no map or pathway clear.


It matters only that you hear,

and, in the hearing, step,

placing body and being in service

to the Greatest Calling of All.


Emptied as the clear flute, through which Spirit may play,

the melody grows and dances through the skies,

whispering at more ears,

more hearts,

more souls.

“Come home.”

“Remember we are One.”


Whether head bowed over newborn babe,

ploughing fields,

constructing bricks and mortar

or walking barefoot on pilgrimage,

let the music dancing at your heart’s door enter and consume you.


We are called.

We are called.

Let us dance to the Divine melody of our Call.


For Alan.


Helen is in service to the evolution of consciousness and the anchoring of Divine frequencies. This occurs through direct personal healing sessions and consultations; gatherings, groups and retreats globally, light transmissions and writings. Please do connect on facebook or through her site where you can also sign up for very occasional mailings.



There is only Life


I fall onto the blanket
that is made of stars
that dissolves between my fingers
yet is somehow woven of the same light.

I fall knowing I am caught,
I am wrapped in the purest most vast Love
beyond any imagining.

The seas may toss and swell,
the planets collide
my cells may sigh and die
but there is only Life

In its ever moving, pulsing
flow of change
washing over All.

I breathe ever more tenderly into the depth of the Universal Heart.
I am This.

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We are all made of Stars

Dropping into the heart of the Universe.

made of starsWhere is it? It is within.

The atoms that make up the cosmos,

My skin, and bones, are made of dying stars.vibrate within in my cells.

There is no more truth than this.

The past few weeks have dropped me into another journey of letting go. Deeper questioning of Who am “I”? Who is the “I” who has memories? Who or what is the “I” that feels in this body? I have discovered – again – the illusory trap of identifying with ANYTHING – including the soul. I used to have the C. S. Lewis quote on my emails ~ “You don’t have a Soul. You are a Soul. You have a body.” Now I question this too. I am not a soul. I am not a body. I am not a mind. I am unknowable. Pure consciousness – limitless, undefinable, vast beyond all knowing. And I am , of course, nothing.

All of this, we are, a spark of divine consciousness, of pure Life, choosing to embody and experience a life in a human body, on a planet called Earth that floats in this galaxy. A galaxy that hurtles through space at a million miles an hour.

In experiencing a conscious realization that I am – again – not who I thought I was (ha!) nor can I ever know- I see how easily the ego-mind simply shifts its alliance to another form of identity. So I work to let go of the conditioning, the personality, but the ego still wants to identify with something – the soul, the spiritual identity. Another illusion.

cosmos 2

I witnessed the temporary turmoil of my mind as it was tossed upon unknown seas until I settled again into a vaster space. Yes, turbulence will arise again, the winds will come.

A space of unknowing and of being at peace with the unknowable. Yet open, always open. Quiet, watching, breathing, expanding.

Look up on the next clear night. Soak up the infinity above, below and all around. Look up. That is me. That is you. This is us all. Stars….

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