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1111 Awakening through Life


As I returned to my writing screen, it was 11.11 – a significant portal for the awakening frequencies of the Divine to be received and integrated by humanity. The 111 codes ask us to be utterly conscious of our dreams, our thoughts and our words and to ensure that our movements in the physical realms, whether word or action come from our highest expression and awareness of consciousness.

I always feel 111 and 11.11 related to new beginnings. For of course consciousness is the Creator, the beginning, the manifester. And simultaneously completely outwith any concept of time. The reality which is present in every breath is heightened – that we are given the chance to begin afresh. This, not in terms of denying exactly where we are and all the circumstances we have created to be at this precise point, but rather arising FROM every thought and action that has gone before. As every nutrient and day of gestation creates an entirely new Being in human form on the planet when a baby is born, so all our choices and seeming failures to act in the highest alignment create the perfect, optimum conditions for this deep birthing.

It is also now eight days since my mother passed from her human body.

And six since America voted for Donald Trump to be its president.

None of it unrelated.

One of the gifts of these last days at my mother’s bedside is the knowing which may previously have drifted into being more intellectual, that EVERYTHING in my experience, in my world, is interconnected. This has dropped right down into my belly. Into absolute knowing.

My mother’s transition and the profound experiences that took place towards it; the water protectors and protests at Standing Rock; uncomfortable tensions with my siblings; my deep soul love and alchemy with my partner; my children expressing challenging responses and behaviours; my ex husband not showing up fully as a father; a dear soul sister leaving the country; the political coup in Turkey and the American elections.

All of it.

Let me breathe this circle.  Sit with me here. In the centre. When we return to this still point, we feel our column of light anchoring both into Gaia’s heart and that of Source. We reclaim our infinite strength as Divine beings playing in this human movie for a few moments. From here, we can watch the dance of all that is playing out in these movies on the world stage and on the more “personal” stage of our private lives.

A tricky and essential distinction to navigate is that of witnessing and knowing this is all illusion yet not falling into spiritual bypassing. This is sold seductively in new age thinking and often can creep into us without our noticing. At the other end of the loop is getting caught in the drama of the collective and letting ourselves believe any of it is actually real. How to acknowledge and honour pain in any Being without losing sight and knowing of what is real? Can we remember that everything is created by Divine intelligence for the evolution of consciousness?

We – as embodiments of Divine Source are here as co-creators, with free will and living in form surrounded by the density of soul amnesia. This earth school journey is one to bring Divinity into form. To live it in our human-ness – our ability to FEEL intensely; to cry and dance and laugh and make love. What a magical, majestic and joyful play we are in!

Dancing this balance is an art form that requires practice till the moment our essence leaves this plane. We can never be complacent, for the cumulative weight of conditioning rains into our bones and cells each and every day. We never become immune to that but hopefully, with dedicated intention and practices, we learn to soften it, to understand it and – crucially – not to identify with it. Perhaps we may even learn to love the healthy ego structures that allow us to function as human and in community. And anything that shows up on our personal or global horizon as manifestations of that which wishes to be acknowledged and loved into harmony.

We are all in uncharted waters in these new lands. Four years on from the 2012 gateway, we have another especially heightened window through to 1.1.17 to receive and embody higher Divine frequencies. None of this can be done when our inner work and our shadow work is not addressed at ALL levels. All are equally essential. So in the face of political instability and extremes; natural “disasters” and personal experiences of loved ones choosing to leave earth or relationships dissolving, we do our work. We walk our talk.

We let go of the temptations to judge, to feel ever so subtly “right”, vindicated or superior. We accept that every being on this planet is an equal expression of the magnificence of the Divine. That is why we are required to practice our mastery through every moment of our day (and night). Use the tools that best nourish you – particular meditations; body practices; time in nature and KNOW that you are part of a soul tribe, whether you know them directly or not. We have our families of light – many on earth, many more on other stars and galaxies. Remember to sing to each other the song of our hearts. To radiate the light of our souls, thus lighting the way for all of us who find it hard to see through the shadows at times.

Let light shine upon every heart awakening us to our true nature.

And so it is.

Helen is in service to consciousness and has a particular role with the frequencies of the Cosmic Divine Feminine. Offerings come through direct consultations and personal sessions (in person or Skype globally); gatherings, events and retreats worldwide; light transmissions and writing. Please connect through facebook or her website, where you can also signup for very occasional mailings to stay informed.


Surrender to the Beloved

Being detached has nothing to do with not having.... it has to do with not holding -Swami Chetanananda

Being detached has nothing to do with not having…. it has to do with not holding -Swami Chetanananda

I am totally committed to honouring what Life/the Universe brings to me and asks of me, every moment to the very best I can. That is I “think” I am. So of course I fail and mess up but I keep surrendering. This is my surrender and dedication. My Life. I am willing to dive into the unknown – always – if it resonates in my soul.

This leads me to look at how I take care of my Self and my soul. How I honour my space. Holding my space, trusting my heart, honouring my integrity, not losing myself in any other, trust, surrender, owning my power.

To look deeply at my motivations for any action and the impulse to share.

Letting confusion be without getting pulled into it, off centre or closing down my Heart..

So I chose what is good for my soul. I (try to) stay back from all that doesn’t resonate or feel totally honouring but I listen to what draws me, exploring and I am willing to surrender to That

Always That

All is between me and the Divine. The key is clear listening.

The power of soul magnetizations in these times is breath-taking. This demonstrates again what blessed and accelerated times we are here on Planet Earth in.

I honour each and every experience I am given – and that of others – deeply – but am looking closely again and again at letting all fall away that relates to the “personal”.

I understand ideas of the monad division and each soul splitting in two. These can be valuable frameworks for navigating the intensity of these rides. I am not that interested in debating the truth of this, for it is something no one can be sure of. My learning all comes from the direct experience of heart and soul. And the heart cannot be found with the mind.

“I” am not a soul either. A spark of Divine essence manifests into being throughout time.

I am That. All playing through one spark meeting another spark and igniting the bonfire.

I feel deeply how my connection is with the Beloved which cannot go away. He/She is all around me, in me, of me. Every “other” is simply a vehicle to reconnect to That which Is. Every One can express this infinite Divine Love through their Being to the extent that they are able and the depths that we connect.

There is no other.

There is no I.

It is all already Here.

Yes I feel the massive resonances of soul connections and how they propel me into deep learning and explosive heart openings. But to believe in twin flames as “the” means to wholeness and ascension is – can be – just another “story”. That we need another to complete us. Any story keeps us in “I” and “you”

Away from  One.

As past life memories and experiences help us more fully anchor in all that we are and our multi-dimensional Self, they can also be a seductive minefield for the ego that simply attaches to a more attractive or impressive “spiritual” identity. Give up ALL stories even 5th, 6th, 7th dimensional ones.

Drop all identification with any “one”, any “other”.

Lover, soul mate, twin flame.

All attachment.

When souls are drawn together, when timelines open, it is because teachings are available. Keys are available.

These can only be accessed, received and embodied if both/all parties are willing to receive.

So it is not about committing to “relationship” or “other” but about saying yes to Life.

Again and again, every time She opens us, cracks us, throws us into confusion, puts us on our knees.


Dissolve into the vastness so great it terrifies us.

Into the Love we so long for and so fear. Dissolve.

Let go of clarity and knowing.

Surrender to the Great Mystery.

Let go. Let go.

Surrender to Life

Not to another.

There is no hiding place. No “stop point”. No solution.

So I rise up and play with the dance of Life.

Turning to pure relating. Dropping all forms of relationship again and again to simply meet each Being as they are, moment to moment.

All infinite, unique expressions of source.

All Love.

I play with the Dance of Life.

©  Helen Quail November 2014play with the dance of life

Helen plays with light and love to assist us all in expansion and remembering. Connect through consultations, groups, seminars, wring and global light transmissions via her website or facebook.


Sailing on the Sea of Infinity

Life is a miracle. Full of surprises from moment to moment – when we drop down, stop trying to control, when we touch that eternal place that maybe we had lost or forgotten. When we open our eyes, wide, drop into quietness and open to that which we are born unto. Five years ago I first met a man – a beautiful, beautiful man – who has touched my soul and helped return me home, in ways I could never have imagined, nor yet describe. I was not looking; not searching. I had heard friends talk of him for a year or two. I was open, curious to find out for myself if there was anything there…

I knew immediately that this was something special and deeply powerful and felt the effects ripple through me and my life for months, but it was two years later when my whole perception experienced a massive and spontaneous expansion.  I suddenly found myself with “a teacher”; never having considered that I was looking, nor “ready” for one. I also found myself travelling away from my family to other countries to experience the workshops with him, with no idea of what would unfold. I wept at beauty beyond anything I had conceived of. I experienced Divine Love flooding my bones. I was swept in the storm of remembering and never again wanting to forget, yet knowing I would. I am so profoundly grateful to experience a dance like no other.Image

The past years since those moments of seismic shift have brought gifts, transformation and miracles beyond anything I could have conceived. Life just expands and expands. As I dip my toe in, with more and more joy and freedom and curiosity, I feel the ocean, limitless, of which I am.


We are all on this  blue planet, a small boat, hurtling through space. I look up at the stars, knowing my body belongs to this earth, but where did I come from? Where will I go when I leave this boat?

Whilst on this planet, I am here to express what is in my heart and soul and I do this best, it seems, through writing. It can feel overwhelming to attempt to express not only the deeply personal but the un-knowable, but it also feels important to offer something of my truth, as I can, in this moment. Ask me who I am and I can only say I am of Life. I am Life. Infinite. Un-knowable. Ask me what he is to me and all I can say is that I touch a tiny, tiny drop of who he is and what this experience brings forth and what I do not know is so much vaster. I glimpse his phenomenal understanding of how the mind works , and what the body is, and he is so deeply in his bones and blood that through him can flow a vastness that takes my breath away. And thus he shows me Life/the Universe – what is in me and of me.

All I can say I know is that he brings me home. For this my love and gratitude are soul-deep and eternal.

Emaho, you have helped this soul, my soul. That you can know.

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