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Love’s call


Let no one tell you who you are.
Let every wind, tree and bird show your deepest, vastest nature
beneath all the layers of skin,
hardened over years of pulling away from the inexorable vortex within;
the mirage of mirrors of clothing
and hats
and too-quick words
that lean us away from Love’s freefall,
into echoing despair.

Where is the pulse of your belly?
The ocean of your chest?
the Cosmos of your Sacred heart?
Oh let us free it all into wildness, together.

Let go into the infinite that has no definition,

only the tears of your cracking chest
the breath of your soul
that will pulse forever
like a beacon,
and a torch
calling always to truth.


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Diving Deeper

Earth womb

Diving deeper

Deeper into This,

She pulls me down

Like a huge magnetising force

of Life

that releases

at the same time

the fire in my belly.


Sparks fly in all directions

mirroring, reflecting, rebounding.


There is nowhere to go. Only in.


She waits.


Copyright Helen Quail 2014 and beyond.

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