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Grace and Desire


Joma Sipe - LUMINE STELLARUM 2015 light of the stars

Artist – Joma Sipe

There is a dance at the heart of every awakening Being. Of the eternal longing to KNOW and BE the fullness of our absolute Divinity – in form. And the fear and aching grief of the countless times we have felt that we have fallen short of the immeasurable.

As I ponder deeply into this well once more with Beloved souls, I witness the voice within that still – and always – speaks to being not enough. The hallmark of ego – not good enough; there is always something or some place that is better. Something to strive for (and therefore some failing in that there is always a place to reach for).

I have hugely more compassion and love for this expression of self that needs to be heard. I understand her somewhat more, her voice so very familiar. Indeed the voice that led and shaped my life for the first decades. I am again and again practising calling her and all her pain into the unconditional embrace of Love. Perhaps this will be a lifelong embrace.

And as I slow and breathe bigger, She is Here. She who has no name, no identity. Indeed no voice as Her voice is all voices. She is the stars. She is the blackness that absorbs everything. She is the magnitude of the Earth, Her soft, moist fecundity merging with any sense of this body.

Longing and longed for re-member into what Is, always.

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Success and purpose


Consider the yew in the image. At least 2000 years old. He exists, in his magnificence. With all the evidence of different periods of growth, of stagnation, of movement in a new direction, of just being. His essence defines his value.

How do we measure worth in our lives? What is success? A defining characteristic of the human ego is “I am not worthy”. Not enough, never enough. It is created from subscribing to a limited paradigm and understanding of self and the Universe(s). True Self knows itself as infinite and unbounded; limitless and undefinable and always as Divinely perfect.

I have received some really valuable discussion on how this relates to men (or rather our masculine aspects) in particular – (thank you James Greenshield). And this has been delved in to more through the incredible field of 200,000 women joining the “Art of Love” series. Amongst many topics, with a central focus on smart, “successful, conscious women”,  it has further prompted me to explore the notion of success(ful) and what that could even mean. John Gray and Arjuna Ardagh offer some absolute jewels from their experience of “Conscious Men” that has certainly deepened my own appreciation of  the masculine fundamental orientations towards active purpose and sparked my enquiry further.

Success is defined as :

  1. the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.
    the attainment of fame, wealth, or social status.
    a person or thing that achieves desired aims or attains fame, wealth, etc.
  2. the good or bad outcome of an undertaking. (Oxford English dictionary)

Success is clearly most commonly defined externally in the masculine paradigm, relative to achieving outcomes and goals. That is entirely commendable but also a very constricted perspective. As conscious awakening beings, are we really going to be limited by an old paradigm of “success”? Many women have understandably ( and often unconsciously) aligned to this in the effort to be accepted, productive and rewarded in the existing culture. So there is an inherent drive to achieve tangible results and productivity; clearly measurable end goals. And none of this is fundamentally “wrong” or unhealthy.

Where we get lost is getting out of balance. Masculine and feminine out of balance and pulled into the shadow and distortions of both.

For conscious women especially, it is our invitation to observe these imbalances and call home our feminine power. To celebrate equally our feminine qualities and essence. And value absolutely the activities of child birth and rearing, nurturing  and relationship as much as any “professional” career. Can we remember and practice when to rest and how to create from that place of love and fulfillment? Conscious men are waking up to their emotional and spiritual selves and seek guiding lights to bring all parts of Self into healthy expression, without losing their unique masculine aspects. Together we are rewriting entirely new roles as Divine co-creators in partnership that expand and nourish all Beings.

As we – female or male – can embody the innate value of our Being and essence as well as our service, work and contributions in the world we create a rich model for true wholeness and fulfillment. A loving acceptance of self that radiates out a new template into the collective consciousness.

A question that comes up for me for contemplation relates to purpose. And , linked to this, “individual” purpose and collective purpose. We came to earth to take form, as Spirit on form. To have a human experience. To be able to move, touch, build, create. To effect change at physical levels as well as spiritual and energetic. So whether building a shelter from the elements or closing a multi national corporate takeover, we move towards our chosen goal and feel satisfied and fulfilled on its achievement.

Or do we? Often it is immediately to the next target, the next achievement.

This is where our Divine nature as Being comes in to hold us. The resting place of knowing All is here. All is done. Time does not exist. Form is a dream. And we are Master Manifestors playing in Earth school for a nanosecond.

Divine Beings who generally do not incarnate, such as the angelics, have tasks and missions; assignments to complete. But are aware that their nature and value is not defined – or even influenced by whether the goal is reached. The path – of eternal evolution and growth – is what matters. From a “starting point” of Divine perfection, of pure Love and only expanding and expanding Divine consciousness eternally.

Success is Being. And in this case, right now, if you are reading this – Being alive in human form. You will still be worthy when you transition back into the formless. You have succeeded because you are.

Allow the Mother to hold our hollow-ness, our striving and our restlessness in the deepest embrace of Her heart. To slow the breath to her own, to feel our heartbeats as one. We are not passive but receptive, balancing creating and assimilating.

We can be and we can do, we can rest and we can create – all in balance, knowing we are always, always good enough.We are miracles of the Divine. No more no less.  Perfect – in our unique, alive human form; in our infinite multi dimensionality. We are.

Loving each of us for exactly who we are, in this now.



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In and Out – the paradoxes of social networking.

With the influx of light frequencies and the greater healing and merging of masculine and feminine in humanity, there has been a strong flow of the creative energy in this one this past week. Fuelled by further heart opening, a deepening into the unstoppable force that is Shakti. For me this often is through words and I also love to combine with beautiful images.

And with this comes an outward movement – to share. Simply as a natural extension of the creative energy which grows, builds, and blooms outwardly.

So I have been writing and sharing more than “usual” on facebook.

This is in the sea of a deeper recognition of the soul nurturing importance – especially at this point in my journey – of the global community of light workers, soul family and friends whom I connect with largely through technology and specifically facebook. Ever more rapidly, soul family are coming into my life and some of these connections are so deep and intense and spontaneous they bring a great expansion in the heart and throughout Being –not just for me or “us” of course. Because every connection is a reconnection to wholeness and the remembering of Divine truth.

And as I have written about, increasingly, the connections that Spirit orchestrates move much more rapidly into physical meetings also and from there the pace and scope of what blooms is breath-taking. I travel on pilgrimage to sacred France with a beloved ancient sister in a few weeks. Six months ago was our first linking, in this life, through the light and healing transmissions I assist with, on facebook.

With the unique flavour of my own little dance, this soul nectar is life giving especially now. I will be moving physically into a community of like-minded hearts and souls in the coming times and whilst my global community will, I don’t doubt continue to be ever more precious, whilst I am not presently in such a physical community, they are ever more appreciated.

I receive a steam of spiritual and factual information and guidance on cosmic and planetary shifts. I can access powerful free healing any day of the week. I can contribute to collective consciousness events and find out about and join physical gatherings.

I have watched this, at the same time very aware of the other side of the coin. And in the past day or so, three beautiful light workers have shared their decision to step away from the facebook forum for extended periods of time or permanently. I understand this, respect this and resonate deep within. The spells where I have been completely or largely internet and facebook free and opened up such space for deep dropping. Allowing Life to weave and unfold her whispers.

So I wish to shine light on two main aspects.

The core premise of a social networking structure like facebook could be said to be entirely ego-based. It is all about identity, “likes” and approval at one level. There is a huge scope to get lost in a sea of ego gratification. The whole ethos of social networking plays into our primal desires for community and approval at one level – to be part of a club and play by certain rules, even though there are many sub-cultures within the facebook community alone. Yet it can also be said to support our innate connection and oneness, our nature as social beings and as expressions of one being. If – and this is absolutely key – ONLY if it is used with the greatest consciousness possible – both of intention, and effect.

Just like life then…

And there are many theories on the extent to which information and energetic manipulation are carried out via such a mass vehicle which – at the very least – permeates and deeply influences – consciously and unconsciously – the lives of billions of people. A stunningly effective tool for manipulation and distraction, not just on a personal level but collectively.

The energetic structures underlying the whole vehicle are hugely addictive at a number of levels. They also encourage the well know phenomenon of surfing, butterfly-like from one thing to another, skating the surface of information, jumping from post to post, being touched, being inspired, moved, titillated, informed but scattering our time and focus far and wide.

It provides a huge sea for distraction, particularly if we have other thing to engage in that may be uncomfortable, that call us deeper, into the quiet, into the dark, into the unknown. If I added up all the hours I have spent online (!) my book(s) would be on Amazon’s (virtual) shelves right now lol! But that too is of human nature – procrastination avoidance, skirting around what calls us so magnificently and unfathomably.

Church of trees

Do not follow where the path may lead.

Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.                          Ralph Waldo Emerson

Which brings me to the second point I wish to offer. My life is utterly and completely about serving the Divine, whatever that takes, however that unfolds. I am committed to the way of the heart and light and dedicated to truth, ongoing, moment to moment as best I can as essence in a very fallible human container.

The key to all expansion lies within. And this is not just a glib statement.

We are the beloved. The seed and fulfillment of all that ever has been and all that ever will be lies within us – me, you, the man across the street.

The journey is indeed a few inches outwardly and many miles down. It is an internal voyage of discovery, dismantling, unpeeling, clarifying, renewing, dissolving, expanding. Everything – everything – is contained within. And of course the human paradox is firstly to remember that which we are then to surrender to the infinite exploration of the Great Mystery, mirrored in every tree, child, flower, sunset. Through incarnating in the physical we have a continual dance between “inner” and “outer” between different dimensions and experiences of “reality” which of course are not separate.

Where we can get caught as humans with egos is in missing the golden treasure within our hearts and souls. Every dance with the “outer” simply guides us back in and down, down to the sacred fruit. To She. To All.

Make everything in you an ear
Each atom of your being
And you will hear at every moment
What the source is whispering to you….
You are, we all are,
The beloved of the beloved,
And in every moment,
In every event of your life,
The beloved is whispering to you,
Exactly what you need to know. ~

So I can let these words come. And with one “click” of my keyboard, hundreds,… thousands of people may read and hear them. A massively powerful tool for connecting and communication. But one to be held with great care and wisdom so that the voice of the Teacher is always paramount, the voice within.

So I listen to my own invitation. The voice of my soul.

We Shall not cease from exploration

And the end of all our exploring

Will be to arrive where we started

And know the place for the first time.                                     – T.S. Eliot


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