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Love’s call


Let no one tell you who you are.
Let every wind, tree and bird show your deepest, vastest nature
beneath all the layers of skin,
hardened over years of pulling away from the inexorable vortex within;
the mirage of mirrors of clothing
and hats
and too-quick words
that lean us away from Love’s freefall,
into echoing despair.

Where is the pulse of your belly?
The ocean of your chest?
the Cosmos of your Sacred heart?
Oh let us free it all into wildness, together.

Let go into the infinite that has no definition,

only the tears of your cracking chest
the breath of your soul
that will pulse forever
like a beacon,
and a torch
calling always to truth.


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The new balance – Accountability, Communication and The True Voice of the Feminine




Robby Donaghey – Namaste



There has been a swelling tide of unheard voices the past five months, now echoing across this blue planet. Women have spoken out, perhaps as never before in the his/her/story of humanity, against the socially acceptable and cultivated epidemic of diminishing and defining females through the abuse and distortion of sexual energy and power.#metoo. Men too have spoken who have also been victims of the misuse of sexual power, whether by either gender.

In some arenas, brave men have come forward and owned their transgressions, from subtle misjudgements to devastating actions.  I have also read women fiercely taking responsibility for their part in misusing sexual and emotional energy in relationships. This is not the space to dive deeply into this, other than to note that, in the circles I connect with globally, I have witnessed the conversation evolving to one of honouring the power of this voice and transparency and then moving to the next step – TOGETHER – of how male can support female; how the Sacredness of sexuality can be reclaimed by all beings, whatever gender or sexual orientation; how each sex can forgive the other, and her/himself. And most key of all, how the distortions inherent within each expression of Source – as predominantly “feminine” or “masculine”- beyond personal stories – can be more fully revealed, met in compassion and love and alchemised.

This wave has a mighty wake, moving through the entire collective, not only those in conscious reflection but the vast majority who are not. The key themes are

Accountability and Communication

leading to the third – Speaking up –

the voice of the True Feminine, clear, strong Loving, liberated and evolved to be the transmission of the Feminine Divine Herself.

I am not describing victim energy nor one of blame – not in its purest motivation and how I have experienced its rising. It is a very, very long suppressed expression from deep and vulnerable places and, in the courageousness and purity of this, is a genuine invitation for accountability. Note,  accountability does NOT have any trace of blame, shame or judgement. It is CLEAR, CLEAN and authentic. It is fully honest. This last point can be generally missed.

If we hold invitation and space for another being to be truly accountable, we are neither seeking to apportion blame on them; to hold onto anger, resentment or other emotions. Accountability is deep liberation for each party. The one owning their words or actions has the opportunity to integrate shadow aspects, to find compassion, forgiveness and greater love for one’s own self. The recipient may find it easier to rest in acceptance and possibly, in their own time then find their way too to forgiveness, compassion and some form of peace. These principles apply whether we are talking about a minor disagreement or horrific abuse. The scale of the suffering is the primary difference.

Accountability supports freer communication. I often see the flow of the infinity symbol (figure eight) in relation to so many aspects of Life. As so for communication, expressing and receiving, with natural pauses for integration and inner reflection. Meeting in the centre, the zero point. S.T.O.P. – Stop, think, observe, pause. ( Deepak Chopra).

And so, as we go deeper into this field, beyond blame; through the personal; through the gateway of embracing pain more wholly than before; through even more expansive Love, we engage in a “new” conversation with the Cosmos itself; a new sense of relationship that (perhaps) we are tentatively touching on. Re-membering wholeness.

This is the time for BALANCE of male and female energies. Our next evolutionary step as a species – or at least one of them – is founded on Divine Union – healing the split between the masculine and feminine.

“The true “twin flame” is a climactic turning point in Creation, a turning on the heel, a re-direction home. A liberation from bondage. A wild and surreal, ancient song that heals the entire Universe, right in the place that it’s heart was broken, so it could speak again.

Together, we can hold the earth and sky, and as guardians and ancient seeds we will fulfill the promise we made at the beginning of the world, and go home together, unified with the whole of Divine Creation with Love.” – Alison Nappi

Divine Union creates the pathway for the next upgrade in consciousness itself through this embodied quest. We can only do this in form. Here and now. And in relationship. And – given that aeons of wounding and distortion are releasing for transmutation – it is a path that demands every molecule of devotion in the most grounded ways. It requires great clear-sightedness if we are not to get blinded by the sea of unconscious patterning that is thrown, up nor find ourselves unwittingly replaying them.

“We want close relationship more than anything, and simultaneously we want nothing to do with it. The archaic fears of abandonment and engulfment circle in the psyche of the personal and the collective.” – Matt Licata

It requires a willingness to open the heart again and again in the face of the energy of betrayal, abandonment and separation that lay in the beginnings of this path. Not the very beginning, the point where this wound came to be.

My deep inner knowing is that it was before Lemuria and Mu. Before Yeshua and Magdalene – yet these times and Beings have been some of the points in space and time where some of this work has been done.  It was – most likely – at the first breath of differentiation into form and has been carried into and explored through every cycle of the evolution of consciousness. Aeons of work that have been preparing for what is now possible.

There have been many Sacred partnerships on Earth and elsewhere across time and space. Yet it is my sense-knowing that it is only in this now that the male-female aspects of Divinity can whole and evolve. We cannot know the numerous Cosmic factors why this is so,  yet the human experiment is at an unprecedented point where this has the potential for success.

The Christ essence is returning to Earth. Not as a man but in the Sacred spark within each being. And the Divine Feminine Christ is anchoring, heart by heart. She is Here. The two are of course not separate but two emanations of the One and in their embodiment, Divine Union has, now, the chalice to come forth.

Drop all illusions that Divine Union is any fairy tale love story.  Rather, it will cleave us to our core, shatter us into innumerable shards and rebuild us from the very stuff of Life itself. New and yet unknown. Never before birthed in form. We are the carriers, the forerunners that can lead the flowing wave; the charge of light upturning the citadels, burning the false Gods, courageously diving into the fire and darkness and thrusting the new earth through the Cosmic yoni into the luminous adoration of Ma. We are the Ones we have been waiting for.

Blessed be on our courageous hearts.

To be continued….

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Open Heart

surrenderIt’s easy to write about our heart being wide open but what really matters is how we are when we are blasted wide open – whether by an ocean of trembling love or by devastation and grief. What do we do with this raw, wide open heart before the world? Before the mirror of an “other”?

How easy it is to shrink back  to the land of known where – even though suffocating, even though slowly, inexorably shrinking, the wounded one feels safer.

Or we can stand barefoot on the grass, arms outstretched to the all knowing sky. We can throw our head back instead of down; unconcerned by the tears that may course down our cheeks. We can cast our howls to the wind and the stars – whether of ecstasy or pain – and feel them reverberate across the Universe.

We can stand in the love that we are and that we are continually crafted from. Wide open. Ready to meet another rising of the sun.

This is our invitation to love, Beloveds.

Close your eyes. Let your sweet, full breath fill your lungs. Watch as it moves outwards again, ever outward, back to Source.

You are the river of life, the flow of oneness that cannot be stopped. This love that moves through you, some moments exhilarating, some moments splitting your chest open. This love is your very essence.

Beyond and all experiences. Far outwith structures of “time”; of “you” or “I”.

This love is All, everything in this now and pulsing as the fabric of eternity.


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Love merging

beauty heartA few days ago was the anniversary of the birth of this body onto this earth. It was a powerful day for many reasons. A day of reflection and gratitude of course but also of sadness.  I was reminded how birth days have become potent openings for emotional and spiritual flow these past years. There are a number of reasons for this, which is for another time.

My heart was very open and so I moved between tidal waves of love and sobbing; between joy and peace and singing at the top of my voice. And watching quietly. A lot.

Observing  impulses to sadness. To self pity. To alone-ness. Arising but dissipating. Sinking into the love and appreciation bathing over my pores. Reflecting quietly on the unfoldings of my earth journey thus far. All of it.

As I washed the dishes I had a revelation of clarity. As can happen ! That these feelings which had been dropping strongly the previous day or two were clues to deeper realization. I felt more transparently and starkly than ever before the ancient and pressing longing of my soul to be with soul flames; beloved brothers and sisters. To simply “be” in a soul community where love and acceptance are unconditional and where all are awake to and fully committed to Being That which we Are. I recognized the timeless ache of being away from “home”, my place of origin.  And I heard with greater clarity than before the piercing cry of this soul to honour what it came here on Earth to fulfill. And each birth day is a wake up call at a deep level to meet that grief, to hear, harness the fire, to align more and more completely. To stop holding back.

I have been so immersed in love throughout these days by my family of light. I have written of this before . One of the most precious gifts ever growing and unfolding over the past year especially is the magnetizing together of soul and star family. Beloved ones who I may not have met in the physical but where there is instant and soul deep love and recognition. This had been occurring occasionally over the past few years but since (exactly) a year ago there has been a steady stream and at times a delicious flood of such reunions. And the joy that flows from such soul connections is truly nectar, Divine elixir.

Just this past weekend, Life orchestrated for three of us to come together and in this trinity, this perfect alignment, such love, such magical expansion is birthed. The shared joy is so beyond words. so timeless.  I am being brought together one after another with my beloved family and when two come together in this way, a third force enters – of pure Grace, the Holy Spirit.

Speaking with other light and service workers, so many of us are delighted at how Source is now orchestrating the physical reunion of so many ancient souls. This is the essence of Oneness and this age. Our unique Divine sparks truly seeing and knowing Love simply in a different form and so coming to expanded realization of Self and All.

As Judith Kusel wrote recently: “…When the heart is opened up so much, as is the soul, we can only see LOVE within the other soul.  All else fades into oblivion!

It is soul and love energy connecting and uniting with soul and love energy.

There are no physical bodies, and no human emotions, no illusions, no stories coming in the way anymore: – there is just total and Divine SOUL LOVE!

It is soul energy fusing with soul energy.

It is heart fusing with heart.

It is soul flame merging with soul flame.

Interestingly when this happens, the Holy Spirit flame is ignited.  The flame of Eternal Love, Power and Wisdom = yet the access to this flame only comes in total ONENESS.

When one experiences such total love, one is brought back to LOVE in its creative form.

It is Love without boundaries.

It is cosmic love.

It is eternal love.

It is the truth of love.

In its true form, as it was first created.”

And this is what we are all capable of uniting in one another. For sure some souls come from the same family, the same star and so share many more common strands from our numerous embodiments. But we all share the same Divine essence of pure Light, however it may be “disguised” , forgotten or gently layered.

Soul to soul. Heart to Heart. This pure connection and merging brings exponential expansion and remembering as we come together in Union timeless, infinite and unending.

And this is how it is.  A return to Love. To the Goddess , holding us all, guiding us all back to Oneness.

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Being and Becoming


I already Am.

I am already Born.

And at the same time creating, shaping and contributing to the evolution of All that Is.

Who is this One?

Here is a body, so familiar. And the mind, producing thoughts, impulses. So known. The sea of known-ness. But it is not “I”.

What is this “I”?

Formless. It has always been. It has already been clothed within a personality, a culture, a social identity. But “this”, that spark, formlessness, has always been and is beyond all being in the Now. But can only be experienced and contacted in the Now.

How to stay connected? For One cannot hold on to any thing, any one, any moment. For Life Is.

Life is a movement. It moves. If flows. It is beyond time.

It is not “this”. What is it?

What is knowing? True unchanging knowing? Truth?

Know what you know until you know something else. Be alert for the mind seizing knowing and pushing it into a form or particular action. Allow knowing to come, to arise from the deepest, limitless One. Watch closely the different vibration of the mind and the heart to differentiate the true voice.

And knowing and Truth is there. It has never gone. Being is there. Here.

And in the Being is the becoming. And so it is.

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The Home of Essence

Throughout my journey is the theme of home. Perhaps because I have long had a sense of moving (back) into this place, within. So, yesterday morning, I stood before some one hundred and fifty people, in a hall and led them through a beautiful soul healing session. Again and again , I am finding myself paused in a moment, in a breath, where I know that all that has “gone before” has been leading to this point. This was one of these timeless, spacious moments.

To give you some context, when I was at high school I was the girl that was so scared to read in class or to have to speak in front of groups that I would panic and even devise various strategies to avoid the class or the reading. But that was, truly, a different person. Though I have committed to a path of spirituality and healing for many years and been teaching for many of those, a bit more than a year ago, I complied with the (forceful!) guidance from Spirit to begin offering workshops that were not under the umbrella of anything else – for example teaching Reiki – but were bringing through energies, teachings and practices that were coming through to me, that resonated with me, many of which I had been given to share. This was a  big step and certainly a necessary and precious one as I moved towards the incredible experience of leading the Sacred Healing Retreat in Orgiva, Andalucia, and beyond, deeper into the call of my soul.

Not to get lost in stories, but sometimes the mind say, hey, stop, remember and then look, really look and feel where you are now. What you are doing…. How this feels…. Wow! My knowing of why I am here drops deeper and deeper into my bones. My choices to align with this knowing flows more and more. And as I flow , “I” get out of my own way. Life puts me exactly, exactly where I am meant to be.


I first knew I am here to serve on a large scale  some fifteen years ago and though my mind could do nothing with this, my soul had no shred of doubt. This knowing has been woven through my strands ever since, as I dance more and more into the flow of my calling. There have been so, so many incredible steps and openings and these come faster than ever before. Yet even a year ago, If I’d been told, or shown where I’d be now I would have been totally incredulous… And yet, of course, as we choose, truly, in alignment with our Divine essence, the action is as effortless and soft as a feather falling to sand. And so it is.

So, joy and deep gratitude.  The beautiful soul that is Lorna Maclean, supported by many angels – physical and etheric, birthed another sacred gathering of Light, building a stronger community of Light in Scotland and it was a blessing to be part of this. We are given the opportunities when we are ready. I don’t know if any of the beautiful souls sharing a magical day of Light felt or could have guessed the layers of significance of this first “standing” for my soul in this way. I have been led to offer free healing worldwide every month and this has been an incredible experience. Over one hundred and forty souls aligned to the healing field last time – in America, Germany, UK..It is both a precious gift, a wonderful learning and a total joy to fulfill my call in this way. To bring in more Light. So no accident that I then find myself in body, face to face with a hall full of souls. And truly, what a joy.

My role is to hold a space that is totally open to the guidance of Spirit, the Divine channel and the beings that support this. So I am truly open and if I fill the space with words or plans I only limit and cut off the work. My heart swelled with the deepest appreciation, with Love and honour for every fellow soul and with gratitude for the infinite, ever flowing Divine support. I – we – are so utterly supported in this sacred work.

My role is constantly  – and now rapidly -evolving as a channel for Light codes and frequencies, sacred healing transmissions working with One Source Light. The incredible Light Grids channel is key in my work but it is taking me to a place where I now expand and integrate all my connections and teachings. I find my “own” way is expanding, owning timeless wisdom and Divine frequencies, to be shared with all who are drawn. Birthing the seeds of Luminosa – the Way of the Heart and the Light and bringing through the Light System. At this time, we are so blessed now to access and ground the most transformative sacred energies to support our deep soul healing. Together we bring in more light, clearing and raising our frequencies and allowing the true “Self” to step forward, embracing all of our Divine potential.

This sacred work holds a space for deep soul healing through our hearts. It is about truly coming home.  Working with energies at this level creates a powerful shift and brings about rapid change. We work on the frequencies in our energetic field, our soul blueprint and are enabled to go directly into our core. We bring in more light, more love and more of our soul and divine self into all of our cells, so that we can be who we truly are, timeless, formless, limitless Beings.

For some time I have felt that the path is not ascension but as my beautiful soul sister Mhairi echoes  “descension” – of the soul into the body. Owning and integrating more and more of our multi dimensional essence in this physical body and space. This is – of course (!) – exactly what my own focus has been over the past few months especially.  This past month I have experienced several deeply sacred healing initiations and each has been, in my cells, a remembering. It was already done. Moving outwith time, re-owning all that has always been. And standing, mike in hand, heart open, totally in the hands of Source, I was, again, home.

“The cells knew who I was and danced within the framework of their Universe and laughed in remembrance of their true being.” – Mary Magadalene, through Flo Aeveia Magdalena

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Oh how Life is smart, so, so smart.

I have heard my words again and again and I’ve supported a soul sister through deep challenges recently. To hold space for it all, to breathe with the rage, the storms, to allow the shadows and the light. And now Life brings this into my cells, to experience the practice directly again and again, deeper, deeper.

This week has brought a great deal of change, growth and clearing but this day in particular the intensity of the shifts has been new. Yet the shifts are quick and constant. Rage to tears to love. I feel the pull of the mind to attach energies onto people and situations; the lure of the familiar to drop into stories but I can see – I can see- that it’s all surfing – the waves, the movements of Life.  Again and again I have recalled who I am, remembering myself as a pillar of Light, radiating this Light.

I am aware of the cosmic context of the culmination tomorrow of the Grand Sextile  and the energies that are becoming available to us. “Personally” I opened another door on my expansion journey, with my attunement a week ago to Metatronia Therapy and the downloads and integration of this are but beginning. With this, and all I do, I am accessing the multi-dimensionality of my being more fully every day, and so bringing more Being into this body.

There have been many many sighs today, many challenges and through it all, gifts. The aliveness of change, of sailing those seas, the best I can, finding my rudder, seeing my sail. And I can sit in the Light, allow it to flow through my Being and remember that all is, always well. Heading towards the sun rising on the horizon and within my heart.

Love to you as you sail your boat.

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