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Mother of all



Divine Mother,

Mother of all form

Blessed be your expression through every mother on this planet. Every human being in form has been birthed from a mother, whether we have never known their form or however our relationship has unfolded.

May the infinite bonds of loving nurturing be healed and strengthened in the heart and cells of every Being. May both mother and father come in to wholeness in loving nurturing protection.

I offer infinite gratitude to my mother in this life, I honour your strength, sacrifices, love and kindness;
to each of my five children who are my greatest, fiercest teachers; to the biological mother of my Ethiopian daughter – I bow to you and thank you for the honour of being guardian of this soul ~ our Hearts are One;
to the mother who helped caretake my oldest daughter since she was six years old, an angel who chose to serve by taking a form that requires lifelong care;
to my grandmothers and their grandmothers, the generations upon generations of wisdom keepers, I bow.

I am feeling all the Sisters who inspire me; whom I love; who change the world and beyond; whom I have held close and those I have never met in the flesh but who reside deep in my heart. Whether you see these words or not, we feel each other.
I think of all the women whose daily lives are a struggle in grinding poverty, feeding and caring for children, holding families and communities together under the most testing of circumstances. I feel the young warrioresses roaring against the machine, eyes unwavering from truth. I feel the grandmothers steeped in wisdom sitting on the earth listening and singing their prayers. I feel the mountains and stars and oceans dancing with us.
Mothers, daughters, sisters, lovers. Goddesses, maidens, crones. We all chose to be part of this spectacular exploration here on planet earth.
To all the brave, beautiful, fierce and tender women that hold and create Life – in our wombs, through our hands and our hearts, I bow to you. We are interwoven across and through everything.
Love everyone, anyway, as much as possible. Love wholly, completely and fearlessly, in the sweet short precious moments we are privileged to share with one another. 
This is what Life is, what permeates everything, whether we believe we are alone or have beloveds we can pull close and caress. This is the fire and air that fills us.
Be bold and tender; fierce and utterly vulnerable; be You; shakti soaked, earth shaking; deep, dark and blinding light; unafraid of our vastness. Celebrating Her presence in us all.

Creating new paradigms around mothering is at the heart of my soul’s mission. As this touches every being on this planet, it is a path that demands all and that brings forth the most ancient patterns.

Each day – not just “Mother’s Day”, may we pause in our breath, in our hearts, inviting the full expression of the Divine Feminine to move through our beings and into Gaia, her grids of light and beyond. May She do so in balance and union with the all encompassing Loving Presence of Divine Father.

And so it is.
And so it shall be.


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Falling into Love, I rise.

FB_IMG_1472852439400Falling into love, I rise.

Dropping  away the layers, I fall, cleansed, naked, revealed.

This love flows through me,

not “mine” to retain

nor “yours” to give,

but in our purification

and our dedication,


we are called to the crucible

And to BE the crucible,

Through our union.


A melding of alchemies

that sparks conceptions

and evolution .


There is a power that ripples across the Cosmos,

emanating from the belly of Mother

and the breath of Father.


In declaring a whole souled “Yes!” to the Divine Power,

Grace may reveal infinitely .

She fills my chest with countless galaxies; my eyes with brilliant stars.

My skin is enlivened with the dust of God, my blood richer with the fire of Love.

It is done. It is.


Helen serves consciousness. This appears through one to one consultations, global gatherings, light transmissions and writings. It would be a delight to connect through her site, where you can also sign up for very occasional mailings or on Facebook.

Success and purpose


Consider the yew in the image. At least 2000 years old. He exists, in his magnificence. With all the evidence of different periods of growth, of stagnation, of movement in a new direction, of just being. His essence defines his value.

How do we measure worth in our lives? What is success? A defining characteristic of the human ego is “I am not worthy”. Not enough, never enough. It is created from subscribing to a limited paradigm and understanding of self and the Universe(s). True Self knows itself as infinite and unbounded; limitless and undefinable and always as Divinely perfect.

I have received some really valuable discussion on how this relates to men (or rather our masculine aspects) in particular – (thank you James Greenshield). And this has been delved in to more through the incredible field of 200,000 women joining the “Art of Love” series. Amongst many topics, with a central focus on smart, “successful, conscious women”,  it has further prompted me to explore the notion of success(ful) and what that could even mean. John Gray and Arjuna Ardagh offer some absolute jewels from their experience of “Conscious Men” that has certainly deepened my own appreciation of  the masculine fundamental orientations towards active purpose and sparked my enquiry further.

Success is defined as :

  1. the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.
    the attainment of fame, wealth, or social status.
    a person or thing that achieves desired aims or attains fame, wealth, etc.
  2. the good or bad outcome of an undertaking. (Oxford English dictionary)

Success is clearly most commonly defined externally in the masculine paradigm, relative to achieving outcomes and goals. That is entirely commendable but also a very constricted perspective. As conscious awakening beings, are we really going to be limited by an old paradigm of “success”? Many women have understandably ( and often unconsciously) aligned to this in the effort to be accepted, productive and rewarded in the existing culture. So there is an inherent drive to achieve tangible results and productivity; clearly measurable end goals. And none of this is fundamentally “wrong” or unhealthy.

Where we get lost is getting out of balance. Masculine and feminine out of balance and pulled into the shadow and distortions of both.

For conscious women especially, it is our invitation to observe these imbalances and call home our feminine power. To celebrate equally our feminine qualities and essence. And value absolutely the activities of child birth and rearing, nurturing  and relationship as much as any “professional” career. Can we remember and practice when to rest and how to create from that place of love and fulfillment? Conscious men are waking up to their emotional and spiritual selves and seek guiding lights to bring all parts of Self into healthy expression, without losing their unique masculine aspects. Together we are rewriting entirely new roles as Divine co-creators in partnership that expand and nourish all Beings.

As we – female or male – can embody the innate value of our Being and essence as well as our service, work and contributions in the world we create a rich model for true wholeness and fulfillment. A loving acceptance of self that radiates out a new template into the collective consciousness.

A question that comes up for me for contemplation relates to purpose. And , linked to this, “individual” purpose and collective purpose. We came to earth to take form, as Spirit on form. To have a human experience. To be able to move, touch, build, create. To effect change at physical levels as well as spiritual and energetic. So whether building a shelter from the elements or closing a multi national corporate takeover, we move towards our chosen goal and feel satisfied and fulfilled on its achievement.

Or do we? Often it is immediately to the next target, the next achievement.

This is where our Divine nature as Being comes in to hold us. The resting place of knowing All is here. All is done. Time does not exist. Form is a dream. And we are Master Manifestors playing in Earth school for a nanosecond.

Divine Beings who generally do not incarnate, such as the angelics, have tasks and missions; assignments to complete. But are aware that their nature and value is not defined – or even influenced by whether the goal is reached. The path – of eternal evolution and growth – is what matters. From a “starting point” of Divine perfection, of pure Love and only expanding and expanding Divine consciousness eternally.

Success is Being. And in this case, right now, if you are reading this – Being alive in human form. You will still be worthy when you transition back into the formless. You have succeeded because you are.

Allow the Mother to hold our hollow-ness, our striving and our restlessness in the deepest embrace of Her heart. To slow the breath to her own, to feel our heartbeats as one. We are not passive but receptive, balancing creating and assimilating.

We can be and we can do, we can rest and we can create – all in balance, knowing we are always, always good enough.We are miracles of the Divine. No more no less.  Perfect – in our unique, alive human form; in our infinite multi dimensionality. We are.

Loving each of us for exactly who we are, in this now.



Helen expands and anchors light on Earth and beyond through various expressions. She is available for one to one consultations as well as gatherings globally. For more information, to sign up for occasional newletters to keep you informed of events please do get in touch with Helen through her site or facebook

Come Closer

Come closer

Come closer Beloved

closer again…
Let’s breathe,
yes…no words
deeper, slower
breath by breath,
our heartbeats merge with the One heartbeat.

Come closer Beloved
I am ready.
Let us dive into the deliciousness
of pure Presence.

Come closer my soul,
for I see and know you.
I hold you as my own.

May I feel the warmth of your breath caressing my neck,
the tenderness of your touch,
the strength of your grasp.

Come closer
for I surrender in trust.
it is time to know
the truth of the masculine
standing before me in pure knowing.
We do not look away,
will not turn away,
but breathe fully into the fire.

I stand in my full Light and power
as the Eternal Goddess,
fully restored.
For now, you are ready to stand with me once more,
our limbs to entwine,
our hearts as one mist of Love.

In our Divine dance , we heal All
and merge in the delight of Oneness to ever greater serving.

I place my trust once more
in the Heart of the Cosmos,
in the all-loving Source that holds us all
Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Lover of mine.

I place my trust in you.
not in my foolish mind,
nor your wounded memories, not in the distortions nor the veils.
I place my trust in the One
That we Are.


Come closer Beloved,
till there is only breathing..
only Life…
two hearts
one breath.

And all is completed
once again.

Helen Luminosa Quail 12 April 2015

Helen serves the way of love and light globally and beyond through light transmissions, gatherings, writings and individual consultations. Contact through facebook or her website.

Across Universes

star brothers and sistersOh my love, my Soul

We were blasted to opposite corners of the Universes

My arms reaching out

Calling for you, calling

From the depths of my Being

But you could not hear


And so we continued,

always in service,

always the light,

traveling through time and space


Until this moment when we find each other once again in form on the earth plane.


Oh the bittersweet miracle of finding Beloveds from across the stars

to meet in the one heart,

beyond all time

only to have to let go once again.


For you are not fully here

only small fragments of the vastness I know you to be

of all I experience you as

cloaked in the garments of humanness as we all are


Can I keep this raw heart wide open

no matter what?

to find you…to let you go again and again?


In knowing the Love that you are

that we are

my human heart breaks a little that once again you cannot hear

cannot see

but glimpses…


In New Earth there is no wanting,

only Being

and so my heart becomes the Cosmos

and I release you once again,

as I have done before

to be free

to be the light that you are


In truth, releasing my own self

from the false ties to human-ness,

knowing there is never any separation,

that we are perfect Love.


For Love is infinite letting go

into That which Is

and has always been.


Helen Quail 25.1.15

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Brothers – an invitation

This is one is for you – the men, the “boys”, the males. Yes, you.

All this talk of Awakening, healing and restoring the Divine Feminine and this is precisely why YOU are who I wish to hear these words.Because this is about You. I. All.

We are – many of us – becoming familiar with the understanding that we are on a ride to heal and integrate the masculine and feminine aspects within. The extremes of suppression and abuse that have manifested externally on Earth have simply been mirrors to internal imbalance. This is the time of the Goddess. No question. But it is Her in all her infinite Divinity in full and equal partnership with the masculine expression. She requires to be illuminated because she has (attempted to have) been hidden and silenced but Her voice sings alongside His.

Mother and Father. Shakti and Shiva. Magdalena and Yeshua.

As we heal the primal male and female archetypes, we explore intimate relationships as a massively rich resource for coming to know Self. A greater wholeness is embodied as Divine masculine and feminine aspects are fully seen and embodied. The only relationship is ultimately with Self. All are mirrors – holograms (as we ourself are) to expand consciousness. To return to Love. We have an ever expanding relationship with ourself through Being Love.

Some of us on the path of evolution have found that we have connected to our twin soul physically or etherically – as I did – and ultimately merged into Oneness. And yet, even with this wholing and healing, whether through the container of sacred relationship in the physical or rigorous inner exploration, as humans we still seek intimacy and companionship with other souls of course. So we can engage in the dance of relationship from a place of our own wholeness, freed from illusion about what “other” will bring.

homeSt Germain, through Meline Lafont says:

When being in a state of knowing that in fact all is already within you and that your companion is another expression of you on various levels, you can share, create and have wondrous moments in resonance where much creation, inspiration and Love will flow from that relationship as to where respect and freedom is pivotal. It is lingering in a sense and an awareness of the power of co-creation when you unite as one Source and bundle your energies. When all is vibrating in Love from the heart, anything is truly possible and this type of relationship is what marks the new world of being and living.

In this Golden Age, the potential being birthed is infinite. Divine co-creation. Today I send out an invitation to all men.

So many sisters are blooming, reclaiming their infinite Divine power and ancient wisdom. None of us can become whole without the healing of “other”. For you are I. I am you. Male. Female. And healing, wholing and balancing of all aspects of the Divine expression in human form is the invitation we are called to at this blessed time on earth.  Just as She is finding her expression again, human consciousness cannot evolve without the freeing of males from the illusion of false power, the devaluing of the truth of the heart; distorted sexuality and sexual expression;  the soul-less prison of material provision and consumption….

On my path and my service, I am so blessed to meet and connect with stunning goddesses across the worlds; wise women; medicine women; angels; siStars….And amongst the community of light, I am now too connecting with the most exquisite Divine males – awakened to their heart, committed to Life unflinchingly. By my side utterly. Growing up in central Scotland, with three brothers, this has been a revelation. My breath is taken away by what is mirrored as the possibilities for us all in wholeness. And these outstanding mirrors have taken me deeper into seeing of Self. Digging out further shadows of my insecurities and projections, allowing these to be held steadily in simple Presence.  Holding space for release of ancient griefs and wounds carried in every womb. And all returns to Love.

But these have been so very few. A precious trickle. A tantalising display of what is possible.

Women are in many ways leading the forefront of the Awakening now flowing unstoppably through humanity. But you are needed beloved.  Your voice. Your Presence. Your vulnerability. Your strength. All of you to show up for the ride. Heart and mind. Body and soul. Trembling and uncertain. But showing up.

And I know you are there. I know you are here with us. Perhaps just trying to find your way out, forward, through, just as I am. I feel you….We do this together.

You have some awesome wayshowers – Jeff Brown, Arjuna Ardagh and Jeff Foster for example – who wholeheartedly embrace the richness of the spirituality of now; not entrenched in rigid patriarchal doctrines but embodying the loving soft strength of Divine Father; the intuitive richness of the path of the heart,  the communion of sacred sexuality Sacred mind and sacred heart, fully embodied through the belly of Life.honour

But you are needed. Yes, you. You would not have been gifted this incarnation at this time if you didn’t possess the seed of Divine wholeness. Let it be watered by Goddess and root in the Earth. Life is calling. Will you answer? This is the time Brothers. Will you join us?

Helen serves to anchor and expand the Divine Feminine through the Way of the Heart and Light. she facilitates consultations, gatherings and global transmissions. connect on facebook or through her website.

Love merging

beauty heartA few days ago was the anniversary of the birth of this body onto this earth. It was a powerful day for many reasons. A day of reflection and gratitude of course but also of sadness.  I was reminded how birth days have become potent openings for emotional and spiritual flow these past years. There are a number of reasons for this, which is for another time.

My heart was very open and so I moved between tidal waves of love and sobbing; between joy and peace and singing at the top of my voice. And watching quietly. A lot.

Observing  impulses to sadness. To self pity. To alone-ness. Arising but dissipating. Sinking into the love and appreciation bathing over my pores. Reflecting quietly on the unfoldings of my earth journey thus far. All of it.

As I washed the dishes I had a revelation of clarity. As can happen ! That these feelings which had been dropping strongly the previous day or two were clues to deeper realization. I felt more transparently and starkly than ever before the ancient and pressing longing of my soul to be with soul flames; beloved brothers and sisters. To simply “be” in a soul community where love and acceptance are unconditional and where all are awake to and fully committed to Being That which we Are. I recognized the timeless ache of being away from “home”, my place of origin.  And I heard with greater clarity than before the piercing cry of this soul to honour what it came here on Earth to fulfill. And each birth day is a wake up call at a deep level to meet that grief, to hear, harness the fire, to align more and more completely. To stop holding back.

I have been so immersed in love throughout these days by my family of light. I have written of this before . One of the most precious gifts ever growing and unfolding over the past year especially is the magnetizing together of soul and star family. Beloved ones who I may not have met in the physical but where there is instant and soul deep love and recognition. This had been occurring occasionally over the past few years but since (exactly) a year ago there has been a steady stream and at times a delicious flood of such reunions. And the joy that flows from such soul connections is truly nectar, Divine elixir.

Just this past weekend, Life orchestrated for three of us to come together and in this trinity, this perfect alignment, such love, such magical expansion is birthed. The shared joy is so beyond words. so timeless.  I am being brought together one after another with my beloved family and when two come together in this way, a third force enters – of pure Grace, the Holy Spirit.

Speaking with other light and service workers, so many of us are delighted at how Source is now orchestrating the physical reunion of so many ancient souls. This is the essence of Oneness and this age. Our unique Divine sparks truly seeing and knowing Love simply in a different form and so coming to expanded realization of Self and All.

As Judith Kusel wrote recently: “…When the heart is opened up so much, as is the soul, we can only see LOVE within the other soul.  All else fades into oblivion!

It is soul and love energy connecting and uniting with soul and love energy.

There are no physical bodies, and no human emotions, no illusions, no stories coming in the way anymore: – there is just total and Divine SOUL LOVE!

It is soul energy fusing with soul energy.

It is heart fusing with heart.

It is soul flame merging with soul flame.

Interestingly when this happens, the Holy Spirit flame is ignited.  The flame of Eternal Love, Power and Wisdom = yet the access to this flame only comes in total ONENESS.

When one experiences such total love, one is brought back to LOVE in its creative form.

It is Love without boundaries.

It is cosmic love.

It is eternal love.

It is the truth of love.

In its true form, as it was first created.”

And this is what we are all capable of uniting in one another. For sure some souls come from the same family, the same star and so share many more common strands from our numerous embodiments. But we all share the same Divine essence of pure Light, however it may be “disguised” , forgotten or gently layered.

Soul to soul. Heart to Heart. This pure connection and merging brings exponential expansion and remembering as we come together in Union timeless, infinite and unending.

And this is how it is.  A return to Love. To the Goddess , holding us all, guiding us all back to Oneness.

Helen serves to anchor and expand light through consultations, groups and worldwide transmissions. Do connect on facebook or through her website.