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Love merging

beauty heartA few days ago was the anniversary of the birth of this body onto this earth. It was a powerful day for many reasons. A day of reflection and gratitude of course but also of sadness.  I was reminded how birth days have become potent openings for emotional and spiritual flow these past years. There are a number of reasons for this, which is for another time.

My heart was very open and so I moved between tidal waves of love and sobbing; between joy and peace and singing at the top of my voice. And watching quietly. A lot.

Observing  impulses to sadness. To self pity. To alone-ness. Arising but dissipating. Sinking into the love and appreciation bathing over my pores. Reflecting quietly on the unfoldings of my earth journey thus far. All of it.

As I washed the dishes I had a revelation of clarity. As can happen ! That these feelings which had been dropping strongly the previous day or two were clues to deeper realization. I felt more transparently and starkly than ever before the ancient and pressing longing of my soul to be with soul flames; beloved brothers and sisters. To simply “be” in a soul community where love and acceptance are unconditional and where all are awake to and fully committed to Being That which we Are. I recognized the timeless ache of being away from “home”, my place of origin.  And I heard with greater clarity than before the piercing cry of this soul to honour what it came here on Earth to fulfill. And each birth day is a wake up call at a deep level to meet that grief, to hear, harness the fire, to align more and more completely. To stop holding back.

I have been so immersed in love throughout these days by my family of light. I have written of this before . One of the most precious gifts ever growing and unfolding over the past year especially is the magnetizing together of soul and star family. Beloved ones who I may not have met in the physical but where there is instant and soul deep love and recognition. This had been occurring occasionally over the past few years but since (exactly) a year ago there has been a steady stream and at times a delicious flood of such reunions. And the joy that flows from such soul connections is truly nectar, Divine elixir.

Just this past weekend, Life orchestrated for three of us to come together and in this trinity, this perfect alignment, such love, such magical expansion is birthed. The shared joy is so beyond words. so timeless.  I am being brought together one after another with my beloved family and when two come together in this way, a third force enters – of pure Grace, the Holy Spirit.

Speaking with other light and service workers, so many of us are delighted at how Source is now orchestrating the physical reunion of so many ancient souls. This is the essence of Oneness and this age. Our unique Divine sparks truly seeing and knowing Love simply in a different form and so coming to expanded realization of Self and All.

As Judith Kusel wrote recently: “…When the heart is opened up so much, as is the soul, we can only see LOVE within the other soul.  All else fades into oblivion!

It is soul and love energy connecting and uniting with soul and love energy.

There are no physical bodies, and no human emotions, no illusions, no stories coming in the way anymore: – there is just total and Divine SOUL LOVE!

It is soul energy fusing with soul energy.

It is heart fusing with heart.

It is soul flame merging with soul flame.

Interestingly when this happens, the Holy Spirit flame is ignited.  The flame of Eternal Love, Power and Wisdom = yet the access to this flame only comes in total ONENESS.

When one experiences such total love, one is brought back to LOVE in its creative form.

It is Love without boundaries.

It is cosmic love.

It is eternal love.

It is the truth of love.

In its true form, as it was first created.”

And this is what we are all capable of uniting in one another. For sure some souls come from the same family, the same star and so share many more common strands from our numerous embodiments. But we all share the same Divine essence of pure Light, however it may be “disguised” , forgotten or gently layered.

Soul to soul. Heart to Heart. This pure connection and merging brings exponential expansion and remembering as we come together in Union timeless, infinite and unending.

And this is how it is.  A return to Love. To the Goddess , holding us all, guiding us all back to Oneness.

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On Truth…

Oh this bright and beautiful morning; a morning of space, light and love. I offer a few reflections. As always unsure of what will through through this voice. This is the eve – for me of another important healing and light event – tomorrow – 3.3. at 3pm . In this case – for 333 – relating to the throat chakra. A week ago I was part of a stream of light with some 500 people. The energies created are held in a pool etherically above Glastonbury Tor, at the Earth’s heart chakra and being added systematically to the earth’s grids. What??? You may say!! Hey, I know…but its happening. You are probably feeling it regardless of the mind’s protestations! I have never experienced such an immensely powerful experience of collective energies.

The lessons that Life unfolds before us truly take my breath away. Last summer I became caretaker of a particular crystal skull and within days was guided to begin free global sacred healing transmissions, every month or so. Way out of my “comfort zone” but I am now well aware we don’t get to reside there any more (other than momentarily!)  if we are committed to a life of Love and service to the higher plan. I can’t begin to describe the unfoldings, miracles and changes that have occurred in even just the past six months – my blog gives snapshots here and there – but a stream of souls have come into my life, reawakening memories and deep understanding of who we each “are”. Returning soul aspects so that I/we can be all that we came to be.

A few month ago I connected to Sally Phillips weekly free healings online – knowing it was EXACTLY what I needed at that precise time of deep change. Fast forward and Sally is guided to involve me in “something” for 222, on 22.2. More information comes to us and Ramaso Atlantis Sun is the third anchor. So now a whole process of transmissions – and more – is emerging. I am now co-hosting the weekly Wednesday night healing spaces and there are seeds for various “physical” events planted.  From these experiences a multitude of other shoots, connections, (literal) journeys and doors are opening.

What is important is not the specifics of my particular experiences, – so many of us could tell wonderful stories  of synchronicities and transformation – but rather the deep and  awe-inspiring wonder that occurs when we witness the much, MUCH greater wisdom and force of Divine flow moving through us and our lives. And this is happening to more and more of us. As we align to who we truly are and we cast off the labels and limitations imposed on us. A good many of us have found this a fairly traumatic and life-altering experience in recent times – perhaps being asked to let go of long term relationships, jobs, family , health. Whatever no longer resonates with our highest good. All of this bringing us to a much deeper and clearer place of knowing Truth.

In one particular re-connection (and we two have not yet even met in the “physical” this life), the gifts of Truth have been particularly profound. On several occasions my body has summoned me to take what felt like a huge risk – of vulnerability – and speak my deepest Truth. The force of this call being too strong to ignore; the consequences of doing so too painful, I took a deep breath and shared. And….miracles, expansion, consequences rippling out that are so much vaster than one, or two, but affecting all (of course).

The joy that comes with placing oneself – finding oneself – in alignment with our deepest Truth is so deep and undefinable. Sure as we step into more and more unknown places there can still be temporary fear; the ego may be rebel, but in choosing Truth there is a fulfilment and Divine wholeness that cannot be measured. We find ourselves lining up to be and do exactly what we came here for, the mind somewhat baffled at how this can be, the soul sighing softly, eternally.

What is Truth? It is the beating of your Heart, the echoes that move through your blood cells, calling you, calling you. It is the fluttering in your belly that beckons you home. The lightness across your chest that invites risk and openness. Be daring. Be you….

So whether its a subtle whisper, a gripping in your belly or a quickening of your heart – on this bright morning, the world need Your Truth. No-one else’s. Not the safe story. Or the silence. But the truth of your beautiful, precious, unique Divine Heart and Life.force in the universe

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Sailing on the Sea of Infinity

Life is a miracle. Full of surprises from moment to moment – when we drop down, stop trying to control, when we touch that eternal place that maybe we had lost or forgotten. When we open our eyes, wide, drop into quietness and open to that which we are born unto. Five years ago I first met a man – a beautiful, beautiful man – who has touched my soul and helped return me home, in ways I could never have imagined, nor yet describe. I was not looking; not searching. I had heard friends talk of him for a year or two. I was open, curious to find out for myself if there was anything there…

I knew immediately that this was something special and deeply powerful and felt the effects ripple through me and my life for months, but it was two years later when my whole perception experienced a massive and spontaneous expansion.  I suddenly found myself with “a teacher”; never having considered that I was looking, nor “ready” for one. I also found myself travelling away from my family to other countries to experience the workshops with him, with no idea of what would unfold. I wept at beauty beyond anything I had conceived of. I experienced Divine Love flooding my bones. I was swept in the storm of remembering and never again wanting to forget, yet knowing I would. I am so profoundly grateful to experience a dance like no other.Image

The past years since those moments of seismic shift have brought gifts, transformation and miracles beyond anything I could have conceived. Life just expands and expands. As I dip my toe in, with more and more joy and freedom and curiosity, I feel the ocean, limitless, of which I am.


We are all on this  blue planet, a small boat, hurtling through space. I look up at the stars, knowing my body belongs to this earth, but where did I come from? Where will I go when I leave this boat?

Whilst on this planet, I am here to express what is in my heart and soul and I do this best, it seems, through writing. It can feel overwhelming to attempt to express not only the deeply personal but the un-knowable, but it also feels important to offer something of my truth, as I can, in this moment. Ask me who I am and I can only say I am of Life. I am Life. Infinite. Un-knowable. Ask me what he is to me and all I can say is that I touch a tiny, tiny drop of who he is and what this experience brings forth and what I do not know is so much vaster. I glimpse his phenomenal understanding of how the mind works , and what the body is, and he is so deeply in his bones and blood that through him can flow a vastness that takes my breath away. And thus he shows me Life/the Universe – what is in me and of me.

All I can say I know is that he brings me home. For this my love and gratitude are soul-deep and eternal.

Emaho, you have helped this soul, my soul. That you can know.

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