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Birth day eve reflections

When I feel back into moments of this life
– as a sensitive, quiet five year old;
a rebellious fifteen year old;
as a single mother at eighteen;
severely ill at thirty;
and so many more….,
deeper places of tender compassion arise for the beauty of a Cosmic soul feeling lost in this world and what it appeared to be.

There was always an inner vibrating that knew, that knew, somewhere. A light that could not extinguish. But for many years it was not possible to even begin the infinite reconciliation of what it is to be a limitless Being of the Cosmos inhabiting bones, blood and skin.

Even as the journey of wholeness and  awakening moved along it was many years before the descent could begin. For the ground to be here. 

And in this, we are brought to everything. There is no where to go. Every place in our own system and psyche and to all the peaks and pools of human consciousness.

For so many of us, it has been so much easier to stay in other realms. With lifetimes of wisdom, and capacities that are vastly outwith what exists on this planet at this time it can seem incomprehensible that what we are can fully come in here. And thrive.
And some can’t.

Yet, for those who stay, we said yes.
We said yes Beloveds. So we come all the way. We are in this Mastery school , this gorgeous playground to come fully into this play as consciousness, as Divine Love, as Source.

We teach what we need to learn and so this core of embodiment has come more and more into the center of my work, and my joy to serve.  As I guide and support Beings to come home in our multi dimensionality, right here , I come more and more home to my own soul song.

We are embodied light, meeting every wave, every movement, every tear, every breath.
So as I enter the celebration of this life, of being born, I honor each of us in the dance that has no end, nor no endpoint. We weave, expand, forget, remember, grow, love and live. As notes in one Cosmic song that echoes throughout eternity.

I love you.

Thank you from my heart for being here.

Helen assists in our embodiment as multi dimensional beings through sessions, energy healing, embodied light events and retreats. She currently lives in Mount Shasta, Northern California. Connect on her site or facebook.


The innocence of gratitude

Mist over the Pacific Ocean, Northern California

I am welcoming the undercurrent of gratitude that has been a theme of recent weeks and, approaching my family’s first Thanksgiving celebration in USA, it feels especially timely to share some gentle reflections on this theme. California is moving through a very turbulent episode with wildfires devastating hundreds of thousands of acres, claiming land, lives and homes alike.  The US political system is more evidently in need of foundational overall than ever.

So it is exactly here,  and now where we can choose gratitude. Not for a second as a numbing or bypassing of feelings of grief, rage, loss or whatever may be moving through our system. All are welcome in ample spaciousness. Not at some future point when the world looks more in harmony; when our lives meet our expectations. But to excavate and feed gratitude as the ocean that lies beneath everything. It is our deeper and consistent “Yes!” to Spirit, to Truth, to the lessons that wake us from the sleepwalk and call us to LIVE in nothing less than full integrity.

Gratitude is a quality of the flow and alignment that is always present beneath the cementing of conditioning. Our true nature is one of Love, profound contentment, at-one-ment and appreciation. Not “because” of any “thing”. Love is not conditional. Our true nature is not conditional. Appreciation just is.

Western contemporary society is rigorously structured to defend and remove us from this state. Gratitude – if we feel it – in our over stimulated, materialistic driven modern world, is inexorably entwined with things or achievements. With the illusion of doing and the one who is doing.

But we ARE. And Here there are only rivers and rivers of rightness and appreciation for the perfection of everything – whatever form that may take in manifestation.

There can though be no sidestepping, no shortcuts for what is arising. Let us witness the ebbs and flows of feelings and thoughts  – without thinking this is who we ARE. And given space we can return to deep and permeating peace, contentment and wonder at the brilliance and intelligence of the Mystery.

So practice is required. Just as many of us find a nourishing foundation in meditation practice and our sadhana, practising gratitude on a consistent basis in our day and our life is another pointer home.

Gratitude is the gatekeeper from judgement or criticism of another being or of circumstance walking us into alignment with the holy wisdom of Life itself.

In noticing that sadness and grief float gently around where an “other ” cannot be present, meet, or feel us, gratitude flows forth in realising what is actually occurring is a further dying of this one’s attachment to identification. There is no person here to hold expectations of any other “person”. Just Beings, playing in form. The temporary movement of grief is welcomed. The greater movement into freedom is welcomed.

Let us practice in meaningful ways dropping into this aspect of true nature. Not only when things are going well in the eyes of the person(ality) but recognising that every experience, every interaction and every stripping away is a Divine messenger, a holy ally created by our own Selves to illuminate the light of Truth.

Helen meets in one to one sessions globally to facilitate wholeness. Please explore her site for a deeper taste and to book an appointment.
Sessions are offered in person and online from the Sacred transformative location of Mount Shasta, California, root chakra of the planet.
You are also welcome to connect on facebook. Helen will be offering a programme of group gatherings in 2019.


Gratitude, like Love is often triggered as an emotional response within us to something occurring or someone’s action or presence. The sun touching our skin. The feeling of strength and freedom walking up a hill. The endless silence of an unfilled moment. Gratitude is often “for” some thing.

Consider appreciation. Consider that it is not a movement or feeling but rather part of our essential nature. Just as love is. And we can consciously generate feelings of appreciation, as we can cultivate the grace of love. It has been found over all time to be one of the most potent energetic frequencies for instigating transformation and raising vibration.

Often we wait, going through our day until something – seemingly “external” may happen to trigger this response.

What if we don’t wait for a moment? Shift focus to see ourselves as appreciation? That this quality is our Being?

So we meet each moment from a standpoint of wonder and awe. Of receiving. Observing. Holding every encounter in this vibration of appreciation. So there is no need for even involvement of the mind or a thought process but simply a dropping deeper into a truer experience of Life.

A richness without limit. A nourishing of the soul, that emanates outwards, kissing everyone in its path.

I am That.

My sense of God is not a deity but a profound sense of  wonder – Albert Einstein

© Helen Quail 2014

Helen expands and anchors light through groups, individual sessions and transmissions available globally. Connect on facebook or her website.

sunset stunning

Healing the world….

Ouch. The title makes me flinch. Makes me want to hide underneath a pillow. The sniff of arrogance. Who am I? Who is anyone to think they could “heal the world?!” When my blogs come, they come. They flow through me, guided. The words and the title. I am moved to write and I open to the channel. And trust. Allow myself to be seen. To be heard. This is the time for us all to shine our Light and share Truth.

Healing the world, to me, takes me firstly to the Universe within, where all healing originates. As we re-align with Source, we express our being in the external world, bringing more Light and Truth and supporting the healing of each being,  of All. It can be oh too easy to dive into the suffering expressed across the planet, as a means to flee from the suffering within. Yet as we heal our wounds of imagined separation, we bring our wholeness to this world. We can bring our embodied Divinity to restore peace and love to the earth and blood of the world in which we exist.

planet ascending

So, today it feels right to share on how I was recently guided to bring through a free distant global healing. Within minutes of “creating” an event on facebook, what was only  guidance in consciousness was reality and people were on board. A few moments of trepidation quickly flowed into excitement and joy. I have been so blessed along my way to receive from many wonderful teachers and healers. Teachers who look only at the heart and do not allow a lack of financial abundance in the moment to be a barrier to spiritual growth.  So it truly is a particular and deep joy for me to give back in this way. In truth, I am am not giving, simply offering a little of my time and giving my being as a vehicle for Spirit to bring through the highest healing vibrations for the good of each soul drawn to the circle. But it is a deep honour to know that I can be a vehicle for the Light in this way. I have been guided that my path is in bringing in Light in the planet, on a wide scale, for a number of  years. My ego could not comprehend. But as Spirit does, I find again an opening spontaneously unfolds and smile within as I realise what I have stepped into the heart of. And Life knows how to get me to where I need to be!

Working through the sacred LIght Grids Healing channel has been a profound gift in holding deep transformational healing space for groups and it now comes into all I do. I bring all aspects of myself, and my healing tools to the space. For days before the first session, I could sense people in my energy field and was aware of the importance of taking care of my space. I have been involved in healing work directly for some fourteen years and have learned again and again through this time and the many people with whom I have been blessed to have worked, deeper ways to truly take care of all aspects of my being. As I moved into the healing space, the energies were phenomenal. I experienced strong pain at the back of my heart chakra through most of the session and the intensity of holding space for around seventy people.

healing isnt fixing

The deeper I dropped into trust and open-ness, the more I was, and am, flooded with joy at being able to offer this, to be this channel and also wonder at how easy it is for “one” to create something that can touch many. I received many reports back from those who had taken part, with wonderful experiences and shifts. A deeply humbling experience, which truly touched my heart. By having the courage to open to Spirit, and to open myself as a tool, fellow souls are touched and healed with love.

As soon as this came into being, I sensed it would be happening again, on a regular basis.  And so it is…The next healing is this Sunday, 11th August, 9pm UK, 10pm European time, for thirty minutes. All that is required is your intention to connect. Open your heart, breathe deeply into your centre to quieten your mind, rest comfortably with the intention of receiving the perfect healing for your soul and receive. I would be honoured to hear from you if you have any experiences you would like to share. Just know that whatever your experience, it  is perfect for you in the moment.

It truly is my joy to share this space and support its growth. In my own small way, this is my offering, in this moment, in the world. In love. If I touch even one soul, the world grows…We all grow.

You can explore my offering more through my website and facebook page. I would love to hear from you and share our musings as we walk together on this healing adventure.

Sailing on the Sea of Infinity

Life is a miracle. Full of surprises from moment to moment – when we drop down, stop trying to control, when we touch that eternal place that maybe we had lost or forgotten. When we open our eyes, wide, drop into quietness and open to that which we are born unto. Five years ago I first met a man – a beautiful, beautiful man – who has touched my soul and helped return me home, in ways I could never have imagined, nor yet describe. I was not looking; not searching. I had heard friends talk of him for a year or two. I was open, curious to find out for myself if there was anything there…

I knew immediately that this was something special and deeply powerful and felt the effects ripple through me and my life for months, but it was two years later when my whole perception experienced a massive and spontaneous expansion.  I suddenly found myself with “a teacher”; never having considered that I was looking, nor “ready” for one. I also found myself travelling away from my family to other countries to experience the workshops with him, with no idea of what would unfold. I wept at beauty beyond anything I had conceived of. I experienced Divine Love flooding my bones. I was swept in the storm of remembering and never again wanting to forget, yet knowing I would. I am so profoundly grateful to experience a dance like no other.Image

The past years since those moments of seismic shift have brought gifts, transformation and miracles beyond anything I could have conceived. Life just expands and expands. As I dip my toe in, with more and more joy and freedom and curiosity, I feel the ocean, limitless, of which I am.


We are all on this  blue planet, a small boat, hurtling through space. I look up at the stars, knowing my body belongs to this earth, but where did I come from? Where will I go when I leave this boat?

Whilst on this planet, I am here to express what is in my heart and soul and I do this best, it seems, through writing. It can feel overwhelming to attempt to express not only the deeply personal but the un-knowable, but it also feels important to offer something of my truth, as I can, in this moment. Ask me who I am and I can only say I am of Life. I am Life. Infinite. Un-knowable. Ask me what he is to me and all I can say is that I touch a tiny, tiny drop of who he is and what this experience brings forth and what I do not know is so much vaster. I glimpse his phenomenal understanding of how the mind works , and what the body is, and he is so deeply in his bones and blood that through him can flow a vastness that takes my breath away. And thus he shows me Life/the Universe – what is in me and of me.

All I can say I know is that he brings me home. For this my love and gratitude are soul-deep and eternal.

Emaho, you have helped this soul, my soul. That you can know.

You can contact Helen or explore her work on her website or on facebook



So now I find myself, quite literally, “on top of the world”. I look upon the sun above the volcano, the wash of the ocean surrounds me, a wave of peace sits above the meditation garden. I am alone and yet so utterly “not-alone”. Surrounded – above and below beyond all my imaginings by the gifts of Life, seen and unseen. And now this knowledge is in my heart. It is in my cells. I have – truly  -allowed the Light in – through clearing away the lower vibrations of doubt, insecurity, lack of trust, lack of self belief. Now I invite it ALL. I welcome it ALL. I live in my body, a full and brilliant spirit, here to embody and share Source and all His/Her brilliance.

I have no pull or desire to go back into the past right now. I am so much more able to BE in the present moment, with WHATEVER it brings. What are the teachings of the present? Can we pause, sink down into our hip bones? Breathe into each of our cells? What is below my feet? Where is the earth? The body will bring me into the now. And in the now, I am freed to open and receive gifts beyond imagining.

This week – of Light Grids with Damien Wynne on Tenerife, at the foot of Mount Teide – has blasted every cell withthe highest vibration of Light energy available to us on the planet. I have bathed in a bottomless ocean of unconditional love, so deep, so expansive, I could only breathe deeper, let go, falling into it, sobbing at times, becoming one. At times every muscle in my body has vibrated, pain has come suddenly and gone too, ancient fears and traumas brought to the light. And through it all, I was truly, for the most part, HERE. Present. Willing. Alive.

Though this work reaches and brings in the highest energies, it is very much about how we live, in the day, in the moment, in the nitty-gritty of our lives. So for a week, I was held softly in a nurturing, earthy, damp dark room, with no light, no view and tree energy painted strongly on the wall by my bed. Now I have been given yet another gift – raised up to the huge rooftop terrace, the ocean sweeping before me and above is the volcano (the mountain where I had my bag, money, cards and all my “identity” stolen last week..) Oh and this room, that Damien occupied  before me, is called..”Atlantis”. I think I get it Life…!!

The gratitude flows out from my cell membranes permeating the soft air next to my skin, carried by the breeze, which is calmer now after a day of stormy winds and heavy rain. I feel the open-ness, the pregnant quality of the atmosphere of me. I am -deeply -ready. Resistance has floated off, almost unnoticed at times, but the teachings remain. New awareness feels strong within my biological cells, my core.

In “showing up”, being here and meeting whatever has arisen 100%, I have moved up -and home- to bathe in the Light, in the magnificence of all. There are no words to express my gratitude -to Damien, to every single soul I have connected with, not just here but across all lives, to the Great Mystery, the Divine and, importantly, to myself -for doing the work with courage and integrity. This  especially at such a critical time in our collective transformation and evolution, for honouring my essence and its expression on this planet, for being HERE, more than ever before, having relaimed lost fragments of my soul power from across time. More whole, more ready and able to embody and use my Divine Power on Earth, I am ready to serve. The lessons of my pasts have opened their teachings so I am clearer and freeer than ever before to be All that I am. As we clear the issues, I receive the gifts of Atlantis and beyond,  being with it all, in the now.