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Heart flow


As I rest in heart-crushing sadness, it is the ancient sadness of witnessing – of FEELING – a fellow soul choose fear instead of love; limitation instead of infinity; illusion instead of truth. My heart truly breaks to feel the asleepness, the loss. It is akin to being behind a glass window trying to communicate to a prisoner. So very much that cannot be heard, understood or communicated.

I accept this Being as a form before me, no different to “I”, mirroring aspects of Source incarnate. I get it. So the sadness over “him” is sadness over all the places and lifetimes where my “I” chose to stay hidden in the false safety of the ego. Every where I can still do so. There is a particular poignancy as this is someone I have loved deeply, over many years. But if true love is about anything it is about letting be. Letting the Beloved be exactly who they are. No matter if our soul cries at what is possible but remains unopened. There is great beauty in the tenderness of acceptance.

And through it all I whisper internally, “I love you” ” I love you”. At the foundation of everything is always the Love. The knowing and remembrance that THIS is who we are, dancing in these masks and these body suits for moments, we are infinite and already perfect. Already born.

Still I cry for all Beings. That we may wake to the knowing of our true nature. To our absolute magnificence as creations of Love and as Divine Masters, adopting the mantle of the ever so human experience for a few breaths in time.

I cry for us all.

So that in the depths of this ocean I will gasp for the air of Truth ever more passionately. Ever more compassionately. And we will swim hand in hand to the vast open-ness of the surface.

One of the richest invitations of waking up while on this planet is learning how to be with those who walk in different worlds. How to be a bridge of love and light; to keep doors open whilst remaining deeply authentic to our truth and to live in full integrity. No “one” is better, worse or even separate – just expressions of different places in the Cosmic journey of evolution. It is a delicate and challenging skill and can come with a lot of heartache as we may have to walk away from many loved ones who choose the world they believe to be true.

This is just one level of the sadness. A sadness so soft and deep it fills the atmosphere and calls to my cells. This past week many of us have felt the strength of what is being released and transmuted in collective consciousness, supplemented by the force and effects of solar activity. Many of us have felt knocked out as our nervous systems adjust to the alchemy.

In my own being I am finding the next level of service in how my body and energy can transmute denser vibrations more organically – as innately as the flow of breath. And part of the expansiveness of that is refining the skill of staying unengaged in any story. I could choose any of a number to attach to; to ascribe either sadness or joy to. But that is not truth.

Essence just IS. Love just IS. Pain just IS.

So this deep sense of heart crushing sadness feels simultaneously like the contraction required to stimulate a greater burst into life, with renewed strength and power as the heart rebounds with more vitality, more capacity for all this Life IS. More blood can flow. More aliveness. And more rawness.

And I bow in gratitude – to the One before me whose personality chooses to stay in contracted ego, for He is the Divine and I love the essence before me; to my soul tribe who so courageously open to Love no matter what; who reach out and hold my hand and my heart in any moment: to my body for its tremendous capacity and courage to serve Life; to the Great Mystery, which is throwing up so much turmoil on our beloved planet right now so we can writhe and shake and stretch and grow into higher realities.


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Falling into Love, I rise.

FB_IMG_1472852439400Falling into love, I rise.

Dropping  away the layers, I fall, cleansed, naked, revealed.

This love flows through me,

not “mine” to retain

nor “yours” to give,

but in our purification

and our dedication,


we are called to the crucible

And to BE the crucible,

Through our union.


A melding of alchemies

that sparks conceptions

and evolution .


There is a power that ripples across the Cosmos,

emanating from the belly of Mother

and the breath of Father.


In declaring a whole souled “Yes!” to the Divine Power,

Grace may reveal infinitely .

She fills my chest with countless galaxies; my eyes with brilliant stars.

My skin is enlivened with the dust of God, my blood richer with the fire of Love.

It is done. It is.


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Willow Arlenea - BIrth of a Galaxy Astarte

Willow Arlenea – Birth of a Galaxy Astarte

For nine months, from early spring of last year, I wandered as a nomad in answer to a soul call that had been gestating through this lifetime. This involved letting go of everything “external” – home, financial security, and being with my children to serve in wider, deeper and more unknown ways around the planet. The call was first to North America for a month and from there knowing only that every step was absolutely directed by the Mystery, by the Goddess, I did not know where home would manifest, nor where I would rest. I was literally taken around the planet as part of the magic and weave of Life. Hawaii, Glastonbury, Bali, USA three times, Germany, Czech Republic, Netherlands and Italy.

A seed quietly grew and whispered persistently as I was called back to be again in my lands of birth – feeling only enough in my belly to know this was the essential next step. For my personal path, my service and the Divine Feminine energetics to be alchemised and grounded in Scotland and for my soul agreements with my daughter. Nine months after that journey began.

Today I am struck that it is – again – nine months later – and at the anniversary of my earth birth – that the home that so gracefully appeared within twenty four hours of setting my intent to return – was sold. And so the next cycle beckons. One of even deeper completion – of many circles – personal and practical, familial, ancestral.

Several sittings with soul family in recent weeks has focused again on the absolute wonder and awe at the intelligence and elegance of the Divine. The countless synchronicities and interconnections that prod us, manoeuvre us and awaken us to the vastly more magnificent Cosmic play.

In the smallest of happenings – from being spontaneously guided to take a different route thus enabling a whole re-shuffle of appointments that allows a friend to have the space to be supported in her deep distress – to the grandest, some of which I have written of previously. Neither is more or less Divine, more or less inspired by the kiss of the Beloved.

We are loved constantly, fiercely, tenderly and piercingly to peel off the layers of density and disguise; to lay aside the seeming seduction of the familiar and sleepwalking through our lifetimes.

More than four human births occur on this planet every second. Every second. Yet no matter how many billions of beings come to join this earth school, the miracle of birth can never be any less wondrous. Every entrance is a pushing through safety and comfort into an absolutely new world. With love and gratitude for the Mother who nurtures creation, the Divine takes exquisite expression in order to pursue a path of evolution that can only be wrought by and through the donning of unique form birthed.

And so for every birthing and re-birthing in our human experiences. Into new love. Dissolving of friendships. The transitioning of parents. Falling away of jobs, homes and structures – all dancing and evolving into something more aligned to following our greatness. We are held in the belly of Mother, nourished by her love and overseen by Divine Source. We may wriggle and squirm. We may cry. We may emerge with a blissful half smile. But we ARE born. We always were.

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Alive to Love

feminie essence






How do we know when our heart is truly beating, unrestricted, unarmoured?

When do we feel our breath moving deeply into every cell?

Do we have the courage to just love, no matter what? Right here, right now. All of it.

Do I?

This journey only goes deeper. As mind and heart clarify and purify; as the body cells are washed and renewed, the choice in this breath is startlingly simple. Whatever the mind or the wounded ego parts may wish to tempt with. The choice is to love.

There is no “wrong” loving when we focus on clear intent and unconditional expression. There is no place for guarding or holding back. In fact it is the very fierceness, the relentless and the infinite tenderness of our loving that transforms the person we are with. And of course further purifies our own self.

I have written often that the path of the heart is not for the faint – hearted. It asks every last drop of courage. It asks that we are prepared to walk utterly alone with no seeming reflection of understanding or acceptance from any around us. It asks that we are willing to place EVERYTHING on  the fire. No exceptions made for our sweetest, secret dreams or our comforting life-plans. Nuh – uh.

ready to jump

Tears will come. Your chest may feel like it is ripping open. The intensity of Life – of pure Love can appear utterly devastating to the personality. Because it is ultimately. Pure Divine Love flowing through us in human form can only call us back to our true nature. Our balance and guardian is our own loving nature. The more generously and committedly we can extend this to all parts of our own self and embrace us, the more rooted our foundation from and through which to flow Divine Love.

Our aliveness never ends. Our essence is eternal and infinite. But in the precious gift of this human dance, the more we embody – fully allowing the experience of our bodies, our emotions, our sexual energy – NOT identifying with them nor being led unconsciously by them but absolutely opening to the richness of the human experience, we bring more and more of Source, Divine Love into form, expanding, expanding Life itself.

So when the heart is wide open and raw; when tears pour; when the mind spins or the body aches, in this breath celebrate that there is the gift of this lifeforce pulsing through us.

We are alive to Love.

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Awakened Mother

Magdalena - source George Yepes

Art – Georges Yepes

The sacred sexuality inherent in the Mother Goddess archetype is one of the most potent aspects of femininity being reawakened – or more accurately – reclaimed in this time. She – as mother –love- nurturer has been separated from the potency of the rich alchemical fire of eroticism for many, many generations. The patriarchal forces knew that this separation was a most effective way to “castrate” her; to neutralise the infinite fires pouring through Her in form.

As women today, we have the opportunity in safety and in Sacred circle and in the sanctuary of our own body space to reclaim our vehicles – every aspect of our physicality and sexuality. To touch every membrane, every cell and is doing so as a touch of pure unconditional love, to free the memories, thought patterns, wounds and sheer illumination contained in each.

Every being in human form came through a mother. Whether we have no conscious memory or experience of her, whatever our relationship has been or has not been she is the archetypal birther and destroyer; the nurturer and the Goddess. She holds us in our pain, rocks us tenderly, offers her mother’s milk.

And at her core, from her belly, is the incandescent, shimmering, fiery power of pure Shakti. The creative force, that which fertilises all into form. So many myths have been forged – of harlot- whore or ice maiden. So many distortions of the feminine cut off from the sexual- spiritual energy that literally is her beating heart, her pulsing rhythm.

Now sister, we call US home. All parts. No longer in any form of separation, of competition or judgement – all false structures designed to further separate and disempower the feminine.

Can we hold the sagging skin like an adoring lover?

Can we caress the mounds of flesh on our belly?

Tenderly kiss the scars on our hands that have tended so many? The wrinkles on our brow that mirror our never ending care?

Can we open our womb space to the purification of the fire? And dance as all burns?

Naked and as carefree as the young girl we once were;

as sensuously deliciously alive as the vibrant women we grew into;

embodying the wisdom of all grandmothers.

Beloved mothers, daughters, sisters, on this day I kneel on our Mother. I place my head on our flesh, her soil breathing gratitude with every breath. I honour Her. I honour you Beloved Sisters.

I honour you  Beloved Brothers. The endless sky that holds our earthly mother. I thank you for the gifts of this call home. Our returning, our purification, our fearless reclaiming of all of ourselves as Love. And we hold our hands to you, our partners on this dance, inviting you into the fire. All returning in to balance through the surrender to the fire.

Kaya ashee  aya mai te’y.

S’y koya tara ne ka

Meya ashee kara ne’y te’y

Se’y as a koh

Helen supports the expansion of light and anchoring of Divine Feminine frequencies in many ways including international gatherings, online events and light transmissions, one to one consultations and writing.  Connect with Helen through her site or facebook and sign up for an occasional  newsletter.



On Trust

bodiesA wise and extraordinary  teacher of mine often says “trust no-one, not even yourself.” When I first heard this I was surprised – coming from such an evolved and heart based being. The wisdom and depth of this teaching goes on….” trust what you can KNOW – the earth beneath your feet, the stars in the sky, the sun, the moon.”

My path at this time very much calls me in to places of woundedness that have – even with decades of dedication to personal growth –  been largely concealed in shadow my entire life. These places especially concern the masculine expression and aspect of me/Source and nurturing a healthy balance between my feminine and masculine. I have been embracing this exploration for many months, committing to it deeply for a number of those, yet only now I find myself truly stepping in to the mouth of the cave.

(It is endlessly surprising and humbling to observe oneself called again and again to the same cycles that have been worked with for decades only to reveal whole “new” layers as one progresses on the path. And of course illuminates the foolishness and absolute arrogance of ever thinking we are remotely “done” on a particular topic. No matter how much inner work we have done, we must prepared to be humbled in any second by what is unleashed and revealed by the ruthless Grace of Life.)

And a big piece in this shadow work relates to trust. The countless ways that trust has been decimated as spirit in the form of a female incarnated on this planet. Commonly by the masculine. In working on freeing myself from generations of control and manipulation, fully standing in liberation and sovereignty, the circles expand through not only my ancestral line but all beings. Personally and collectively. I – and many of us – especially females – feel and carry it all, precisely so that it can be healed and transmuted. And we are each called to find balance in union within, healing , owning all that we are – whatever gender – in Sacred equanimity. And the call to trust is in our ultimate connection with Source, the One.

I believe we have moved way beyond the days of “blaming” and judging either men or women for our roles in this dance. Yet there is still the invitation for deep forgiveness and healing. For an expansion of love that can hold and transmute all – within and as expressed through “other”.

In my role as a transmitter for particular frequencies of the Divine feminine, this service can only be truly fulfilled through bringing these energies fully into and through form and in healing not only the wounded feminine carried and expressing through this form but also – essentially – the wounded masculine.

So that both parts can see, honour and embrace each other in wholeness.

So the play in this particular life in recent months has been for Life to bring forth several men for intense, intimate relationship – under the “mantle” of Sacred union. And they have served greatly to direct me to the shadow places calling for my love and awareness. In the role of the “Divine awake masculine”– consciously or unconsciously bringing forth the woundedness, the distortions, the shadows, the manipulation – BECAUSE – they are but a mirror to those places asking for attnetion and more than anything unconditional love within me and my relationship with the Divine masculine, with “God” , as well as masculine in form.

And they are also manifestations of an outplacing of my desire to meet the wholeness of the Divine masculine in me/other. No matter the seeming evidence of consciousness and awakening work, where I see a significant gap  between what is projected and the reality of where consciousness and ego are, then I must dig deeper. This is also of course centrally where I study closely where this may be relevant to my own self and  focus carefully in discerning what serves my growth.*

So whilst my aching hurt and grieving personality at least briefly wanted to cry – “Again!! He has let me down again. The masculine cannot be trusted” – I  come to a place of gratitude pretty immediately at the perfection. There are many rich teachings and important ones on naiveté and trust. On the sophistication and intelligence of the darkness. On the complexity of shadow and woundedness. On listening more astutely to the promptings of the intuition. And – essentially – having the courage to let go of what is not real nor in alignment….and….trust in that letting go again and again to the unknown- of what may have seemed to hold promise.

Everything that shows up in my life asks for my careful attention. Everything is a mirror of both Divinity and ego. So I take all the gifts and challenges of these connections into the container of my inner reflection and awareness for contemplation and digestion. At the same time, applying careful discretion as to what aspects of mirroring I take as clear and resonant.

The invitation is also to delve deeper into those places  within me that have been too painful to even hold in the light – until now. And to nurture my own healthy masculine that can hold all – shadow and light – in the utter strength of unconditional love and presence. These souls are mirrors and teachers, as is every soul we encounter. This is about conscousness and peeling off yet further layers of illusion. Each shift in clarity and truth that any one of us creates, ripples through all consciousness.

Each experience with wounding, projection and a lack of authenticity I have encountered in my closest relationships has been a hugely powerful catalyst to awareness and growth. A great illuminator of the shadows and unconscious projections I still carry. And a vital invitation to honour my truth and authenticity and not give away my power to others’ expectation, however alluring. A relentless re-focusing on who I truly am and releasing roles, control and qualities imposed on me – and assumed by me (in many incarnations). And a catalyst to further jump-start and liberate even more my infinite heart and passionate body, the Sacred fires within me. The Love that I am is so beyond “personal”, so limitless. It has its home within me and this One calls to be absolutely embraced in this Love at the foundation of every movement, expression and relating.

So as the lessons show up, I learned more quickly this time and with less pain. I did not feel safe and my growing edge was to learn to keep myself safe(r). I did not feel respected, heard, held or revered. I did not felt fully met. Trust – in the human form – proved to be misplaced….So my invitation is to stand in those roles with love, compassion and dignity – no matter what – with all parts of me that show up. And to find the only place I CAN truly trust – God/Spirit.

And that means being – apparently – “alone” again. Alone with the Beloved and how the Beloved shows up in every single soul I encounter. How the Beloved expresses in my Being. With mySelf to go deep into the essential work that I am called to. Not pretty, not glamorous but oh so essential. Even with twenty years of self- development and exploration, these are whole other and vital layers in embodiment, growth and service.

Each soul has a journey in meeting, healing and embodying the Divine feminine and the masculine aspects within in order to come to wholeness. I know so many conscious women who are deeply frustrated at the apparent absence of equivalently  conscious and devoted-to-the-Divine men – open in their heart yet strong and balanced in their masculine self. We long to be met, heard, and held – as equals at all levels.  I don’t doubt this same seed of longing exists in the essence of many men also. The more each one of us – male or female – can love ourselves into wholeness, we literally (co)create new paradigms for this Sacred Union to be mirrored in the form of “other”.

For this one – as for many of us – at this time, my teaching – again – is to relax……to trust more completely what Life has in store; to take any longing inside – to my true and ultimate Sacred Union with the Divine. To nurture all of these qualities within and through me in that connection. And if it is in indeed – as it seems – Spirit’s plan for this wholeness and Sacred Union to embody truly in the physical then I am deeply grateful when that ultimately does show up in Truth.


When in hurt we have the choice to constrict, to be bitter and armoured or to embrace the learning with deep humility and grace and keep our heart wide open. I have made both choices in the past but now there can only be one choice. For the path of dedication to Spirit demands all, everything. Demands our wide open, cracked, bruised, blood spattered heart lain on the altar. Again…And again…

For now, the invitation is to trust That which is. Not any individual. Not any man. Nor woman.  And most certainly not my own mind. To trust more completely, utterly in the Divine. And thus see and experience each one of us as Spirit in form doing our best to navigate the challenges of duality, human needs and our projections.

It was demonstrated to me again very dramatically recently in a supremely intense incident – triggered by a bizarre set of circumstances, precisely choreographed by Spirit – that I cannot trust anything my mind offers (unless received fully and absolutely in and through heart and belly) – anything!  I can trust my heart and my body. But I know how quickly and subtly the human mind can intervene and distort anything. I experienced the hellish agony of what the mind can throw up. I touched into the depths of fear and pain that have been locked within. I could not trust anything my mind generated. I could not trust the person I was with. I could not escape the situation.  I could only turn everything to God, breathing moment to moment for what literally felt like my life and a tenuous grasp on sanity. It was an unequivocably powerful teaching that could only have been lived through my vulnerable and embodied experience. And calling in all parts of me to hold my self through it.

I watch very carefully for pride and ego showing up as obstacles to transformation. I have watched the dissolution of my most intimate relationships in this past year as a result of the projections of ego – both my own and theirs. My deep calling this year is liberation. From the illusions of ego, from ancient echoes of suffering. Liberation into Love and trust in Life beyond anything before. In knowing that the Divine is the true home of trust, that does not bring cynicism nor disillusionment but rather liberation from hurt and disappointment through misplaced trust and projection. And freedom to receive every one of us in deeper compassion in our human-ness – especially myself.

So I take my grief, my aches, any sense of betrayal and disappointment, my aloneness, my passion, my joy and aliveness to the Divine.

To the Beloved who is me/you/everything. Holding all places in Love.

I take my vast love.

My light. My shadow.

My longing and desire.

My surrender. My not knowing,

All that I am.

I give All to God.

This I can trust.

*I am aware that some of my sharings are deeply personal. I can only write what I am guided to and what comes from and through my heart. They are but my reflections of pieces of my dance, offered unconditionally as perceived and felt in this now, with humility, gratitude, respect and love for each soul playing any part. We are all actors in this earth school, serving Love. With this, it is my hope and intention that in sharing, the words and the energy in them may touch, awaken and inspire in even the smallest ways.

Helen serves consciousness and love through global events, international gatherings,  one to one consultations and writings. Please get in touch through her site or facebook.


Autumn Equinox and the blood moon eclipse gateways


Many light workers and awakening souls have been acutely conscious of the portals of the tetrad of blood moons, birthing April 2014 through to the pinnacle in September 2015. Each of us will hear the stirring of guidance flowing into our awareness and hearts and through the collective consciousness that all of humanity is being given the opportunity to shift in ways that have not been available before.

It has been noted that Divine blueprints through the past six months in particular are shifting as quickly as they begin to express. It’s not that our intuition or inner guidance was mistaken but rather than the continual flow of transformation multi-dimensionally has a constant and fundamental effect on the potentials emerging.  The highest vibrational Cosmic beings and ascended teachers are also in perpetual evolution. Some designs are as ancient as the first Universes. Yet at the same time, simultaneously exiting possibilities co-exist all equally valuable for the expansion of Source.

This particular aspect of choice is a striking emergence as consciousness grows. As co-creators in human form for a brief blink in time, it is clear that now we are being given even more free will to partner with the highest levels of Source in deciding which course of action to follow. I witness a number of us called powerfully to specific sacred locations or power spots, only to find this shifts just as quickly and in many cases the work can be done entirely etherically, remotely – again releasing our human selves to new levels of liberation and choice in service of Spirit. What is noticeable is that a number of choices CO-EXIST all equally valid and in alignment. Of course each will carry its own unique vibrational flow and consequences.

And we are gently and firmly guided to know even more the truth of our own Master teacher within. The only and eternal place of all knowing, wisdom and every resource we may wish to call upon on our journey.

Many souls presently living on Earth feel a deep affinity to Egypt within them. Always have without any conscious understanding of why. Many more are noticing a “sudden” emerging of a magnetic pull, an emotional stirring, a longing and remembering beyond words.

Egypt is one of the primary keys on Earth to the connection between Divine Source and human consciousness. A portal for awakening and ascension it is a massive channel for information and energetic codes and has been so long prior to the ancient civilizations of Khem, Babylon or Egypt. In these coming weeks there will be a surging of gatherings across Earth– in person and through intentional use of the internet to co-ordinate global meditations and transmissions. Some of us find we are indeed called home to Egypt physically, some will know they are to assist in the light work from their own home location.

This is the age of unity consciousness and what we are asked to keep not only in the forefront of our awareness but even more vitally in the centre of our heart is that we are ALL, always connected. Separation from “other”, from the Divine is and has always been an illusion. We “re-find” our Divine Truth in aligning in in Unity – with a levels of our own Being and with every expression of God that we encounter; with every other soul having a human experience on this Earth school.

And so it is that there are gatherings – at many sacred sites, grid points, places of ceremony and ritual. And many who will sit quietly in presence in their own homes. What we are asked to attune to with full awareness is the call and vital nature of worldwide synchronisation. The creation of a vastly potent field of intent. An energetic field that hold the vibration – the Cosmic blueprint – of the highest potential for consciousness at this “time” – not only for humanity but rippling through all galaxies, all Universes and all dimensions.

We are more than six billion incarnated souls on this one tiny planet alone. Many cutting edge spiritual practitioners and wayshowers have partnered with hard science to bring forth the unequivocal evidence of the effects of consciousness on both matter and energy. The power of what we can effect as a unified filed of consciousness is so far beyond our comprehension but our souls know. We know in that deep, still place within the absolute magnificence of the Divine power that is in each one of us. As we come into harmonic convergence with our Divinity, we synchronise, vibrate in resonance with that spark in another and another. Each creating entrainment to raise the vibration further and exponentially increasing that which becomes possible.

The key is to trust the voice of your own heart. For this we must develop our skills and sense in how we listen to it. How we discern the familiar voice of the ego and the mind from the truth of the heart. Not the emotional heart – which is the doorway to deeper connection to our soul – but to our Divine Heart. Our Sacred heart space. How can this be known one may wonder….As we diligently apply our intent with courage and humility to peel off the numerous layers of conditioning, protection and identification with our beliefs; as we choose to let go of our identification with our emotions or investment in attaching or believing any stories around them, we begin to be liberated more fully into our clear heart space.

It takes many approaches of inner work/play along with a core and complete commitment to God/Source/All That is – above all else. Requirements that many choose not to attempt and that is perfect. But for those of us who do say yes to the path of the heart, we are blessed to be in human form on this incredible planet at these times that offer absolutely unprecedented opportunities and gateways for growth, evolution and expansion of All.

In our dedication and commitment we will be tested – again and again. Our discernment, our ability to stand in alignment and truth without stepping out of Love; whether we will fall prey to the lures of identifying with and acting or speaking from the ego self. If anything these “tests” are heightened for many Lightworkers. Partnerships dissolve, paradigms shift, seeming “securities” – employment, home, health, financial, relationships can evaporate. I witness this particularly intense amongst soul groups.

Many timelines are opening and can be running in parallel. This occurs only because we are ready at a soul level and collectively to address, heal and release distortions from them. It takes real diligence on a consistent basis to be aware that we may be stepping into playing out these other timelines. The key is never the “story” – where we can simply get lost again in the circumstances our souls created for our growth – but the teaching. What is the healing, the lesson that is being made available for us to see and embrace in this now, freeing all involved?

Again and again we are invited to let go, more and more deeply. Of our attachments in all forms; our identifcation with our wounds and suffering; of our investment in “controlling” our life according to the dictates or our own limited beliefs and conditioning.

At the same time as our deepest guidance can seem to fluctuate on a frequent basis – it could be easy to feel adrift and confused. So what is the anchor? The zero point that we can come to in the midst of any “experience” in this realm? The place where our timeless Heart beats as one with the Cosmic Heart. Where the breath that moves in and out of our physical form is the same breath breathing universes into life.

Knowing only that nothing is known but Love. That everything – everything – is birthed and constructed from Love. Creator and created indivisible as Love.

And so it is.

Helen dedicates her life to serving a path of love and light. Connect through her site or facebook for individual consultations, light transmissions, and events worldwide.