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Willow Arlenea - BIrth of a Galaxy Astarte

Willow Arlenea – Birth of a Galaxy Astarte

For nine months, from early spring of last year, I wandered as a nomad in answer to a soul call that had been gestating through this lifetime. This involved letting go of everything “external” – home, financial security, and being with my children to serve in wider, deeper and more unknown ways around the planet. The call was first to North America for a month and from there knowing only that every step was absolutely directed by the Mystery, by the Goddess, I did not know where home would manifest, nor where I would rest. I was literally taken around the planet as part of the magic and weave of Life. Hawaii, Glastonbury, Bali, USA three times, Germany, Czech Republic, Netherlands and Italy.

A seed quietly grew and whispered persistently as I was called back to be again in my lands of birth – feeling only enough in my belly to know this was the essential next step. For my personal path, my service and the Divine Feminine energetics to be alchemised and grounded in Scotland and for my soul agreements with my daughter. Nine months after that journey began.

Today I am struck that it is – again – nine months later – and at the anniversary of my earth birth – that the home that so gracefully appeared within twenty four hours of setting my intent to return – was sold. And so the next cycle beckons. One of even deeper completion – of many circles – personal and practical, familial, ancestral.

Several sittings with soul family in recent weeks has focused again on the absolute wonder and awe at the intelligence and elegance of the Divine. The countless synchronicities and interconnections that prod us, manoeuvre us and awaken us to the vastly more magnificent Cosmic play.

In the smallest of happenings – from being spontaneously guided to take a different route thus enabling a whole re-shuffle of appointments that allows a friend to have the space to be supported in her deep distress – to the grandest, some of which I have written of previously. Neither is more or less Divine, more or less inspired by the kiss of the Beloved.

We are loved constantly, fiercely, tenderly and piercingly to peel off the layers of density and disguise; to lay aside the seeming seduction of the familiar and sleepwalking through our lifetimes.

More than four human births occur on this planet every second. Every second. Yet no matter how many billions of beings come to join this earth school, the miracle of birth can never be any less wondrous. Every entrance is a pushing through safety and comfort into an absolutely new world. With love and gratitude for the Mother who nurtures creation, the Divine takes exquisite expression in order to pursue a path of evolution that can only be wrought by and through the donning of unique form birthed.

And so for every birthing and re-birthing in our human experiences. Into new love. Dissolving of friendships. The transitioning of parents. Falling away of jobs, homes and structures – all dancing and evolving into something more aligned to following our greatness. We are held in the belly of Mother, nourished by her love and overseen by Divine Source. We may wriggle and squirm. We may cry. We may emerge with a blissful half smile. But we ARE born. We always were.

Helen serves through a range of vehicles as guided – energy healing, gatherings globally, individual consultations and her writing. She would love to be connected further if you feel a resonance.  Please explore her site. You can sign up for very occasional mailings or link on facebook.


Opening Doors


Lauren Kristin - love is sitting in silence and feeling the other

Image  Lauren Kirstin

A favourite family memory is of how  the toy pram I loved to push around contained not a doll but books. Since I was a young girl I knew that I was on earth to write a (at least one) book. Fascinating that only at this stage in my life is that first book  to come to physical form. This absolute knowing of this call was prior to any sense of conscious awakening to the greater wonder of life and a path in service to the Divine.

The avenue of writing is a door that has been patiently held open for me since childhood, awaiting as much of me that I choose to bring through it. And other key gateways have one after another come into view – or I have found myself stepping through.

I spent many hours as a girl in my own company, quiet and thoughtful and unsure of this place I found myself in. Often reading and writing or being in nature. I was actually being deeply prepared energetically and vibrationally, but this did not come to my knowing until decades later. Church left me bored and deadened and my only calling to anything “spiritual” were daydreams about being a nun like my beloved aunt  with whom I always had a close connection.

I  was little in my body actually and certainly took upon myself beliefs that I was not athletic, strong, vigorous or courageous in my physicality. I remained largely in my consciousness and elsewhere, dancing dimensions, awash at a physical level in the vibrations of the conditioning of family and culture which felt so “alien” to my essence as  a Cosmic being. Born under Leo I also carried a deep shyness as well as wild passion and courage and a strong call to lead.

My blogs are always inspired by my journey and my most intimate experiences and learnings. For several years I have been travelling internationally as guided, offering events, retreats and gatherings. My work is entirely guided by Spirit and my highest aspects so it is very intuitive and unstructured. It asks that I show up one hundred per cent, aligned, present and in trust – with each being who has felt a call to co create and show up. In this alignment there is – as much as possible – no “personal”, only trust and surrender to the Divine. But of course I am human and egoic as well as Divine – as are we all – so we are  present and relating to consciousness through the degree to which in any moment we are in these filters and the degree to which  we are capable of aligning with highest level of pure consciousness, One mind, One heart. If that is our choice.

After a huge nine month journey of creation, expansion, loving, letting go, moving, resting and retreating, my focus since the September Equinox gateway, which I experienced in Giza, Egypt, through the dark womb of winter and onwards, is deeply on inner  work and letting all notions around forms of expression dissolve. My attention is particularly with healing core wounds between the masculine and feminine which reside unresolved in my being, and in the collective consciousness. This is a critical key in the next stage of both my personal growth and wholeness and service, as well as a service to Sacred union manifesting and being accessible to all on earth. Whilst I have been deeply committed and actively working with all aspects of my self for twenty years, my being is now insistent on a deep, deep dive and the fuller embodiment that is possible.

An essential approach in this shadow work is fully turning towards that which shows up – and loving it in wholeness as the Divine speaking to the Divine. At the heart of this for my soul, the core wounds relate to those between the masculine and feminine and the energies that have been distorted in endeavours to control and stifle sexuality in the collective.

It has been brought to my awareness that, due to the astrological alignments at my birth, part of my role is to manifest the most private, personal and sensitive parts of my soul publicly, in the world. Not an easy calling for any of us. I place great value on authenticity and integrity in all my work. And in honesty. This does not come without a price.

In earth incarnations , I have lineages in the Isis and Magdalene mystery schools; as a Priestess of the Moon; in the highest temples of Atlantis and, very close to my heart resonance, in Lemuria. This is relevant in that, through these experiences, amongst others, I have deep cellular knowledge and memories of many things (we all do) and part of those skills, teachings and gifts are in sacred sexuality as a pathway to the Divine.

In the deeper and freer engagement with my fullness in form, it is my realization now that – with whatever openings, deepening and expansions I have been involved in personally over a number of years, and in my sharing through my writing, I  have not expressed “this aspect” of me publicly through my work and writing. My deep, alive Sacred sexuality.

I fully appreciate that many of us don’t discuss our sexual selves openly. The oppressive weight of conditioning when it comes to sexuality is deadening. Raised a Catholic in the west of Scotland, I can assure you that tantric practices and sexual bliss were not anywhere to be found on the curriculum. (Think martyrdom, repression and sex only in marriage and for the sole purpose of baby making!) And as a young woman who was pregnant and unmarried at age seventeen, I again tasted these ancient distortions and projections first hand.  I was also struck by the level of hypocrisy and repressiveness around sexuality in America in the time I spent there last year. Scotland is not particularly liberal but seems somewhat more honest and real in relation to our bodies and the earthiness and reality of our sexual selves.

Just as our relationship with the Divine is deeply intimate yet utterly Universal, our sexuality is a deliciously unique expression of this relationship – and of our relationship with being in this life and form. But as spirituality has been attempted to be strangled and controlled through most orthodox religion, so has sexuality been dragged behind closed doors, repressed, hidden and painted with fragrances of shame to keep it deeply buried and “private”.

Particularly for women today, to reclaim our bodies, energy and power as Sacred sexual beings also means facing and healing the many generations of pain we have experienced  – from rape, torture and death to emotional and mental abuse. Whether as temple priestesses or young woman of the village; as wife, daughter, mother and lover. Beloved Sisters I bow to you for your depth of courage in loving so fiercely, so tenderly; in accepting this call to heal now. And Beloved Brothers I honour you also for your massive bravery, in opening to unknown and uncharted ways; for slowly but surely creating spaces of safety for the healing of your Beloved ones and for yourselves. As Claire Zammit articulated perfectly in her discussion of “Feminine Power” “together we have the power to participate in creating the future of relationships and the highest level of intimate relationship possible in history.” That is a truly huge and inspiring consideration.

In my own opening of deep inner doors, I am compelled to open this door, here, “publicly”. To declare my willingness to bring all parts of this one to expression. In opening this door to sharing more of such an integral part of my essence and humanity, it is a gift to my own wholeness and in this, it is my prayer that these reflections may – if it is to be – gently nudge open a door welcoming our greater realization.

If it’s not for you, perfect. I can – as I often state – only write that which I am called and guided to (whether the “I” likes it or not). Displaying vulnerability too is a massive gift – to ourselves and to all. It speaks of a foundational trust in the benevolence of Life itself IF we are moved to show this vulnerability without egoic agenda and simply in naked truth. (No pun intended). We carry out this journey as only each of us can, directed by our souls, whether we listen and align or not. But we do it together as expressions of the one force that is all. Love.

And one of the richest and most potent gifts and purposes of choosing to incarnate in human form is to have a body that can channel, move and share life force. That can create and give birth to biological life itself. That can create bliss, union and transformations of consciousness through the conscious application of sexual energy. We can touch. We  feel the tingle of warm skin alive to our caress. The pungent aromas of sweat, the salty taste of tears. We can move body and soul through the enlivening and directing of shakti and sexual energy.

As the Feminine reclaims her voice and her power, she also reclaims her body and sexuality. And she does it in partnership with the masculine. As he is invited to reconnect to his vulnerability, to his emotional core; to his true sensual and sexual nature and  to the softness in his strength, together we can explore the worlds of joy, depth, healing, power and transformation available through being Spirit in very human form. Each one of us – whatever gender, whatever sexual preferences, has this invitation and capacity first and above all with our own self, our own energies and body. Then to further this growth as can only be done in direct, embodied intimacy with other beings. Sexual,  emotional, mental and physical beings, blessed with all the gifts, challenges and sensuous experiences of having this particular form.

So with all my years of cutting through and shaking off these binds, of breathing more deeply, moving more freely – I am stepping through another door. My voice may just echo that vibration within you, as within many sisters at this time  who are bursting into far deeper, freer expression. And with the brothers who are so empty from the meaningless ideas of sexual conquest and performance and the lack of authentic models of emotional balance and maturity, awakening to spiritually fulfilling sexual intimacy as an expression of all that we are.

The limitless love of the returning feminine requires a deeply safe container and this is the Divine masculine presence which each of us – whatever gender – is called to cultivate. The feminine in turns brings the deepest love and nurturing to the strength and force of the masculine aspects, receiving him fully, with compassion bathing any  bruisedness, softening rigidity and opening his Sacred heartspace.

The only way I can move into and through my present work is through this healing and harmonizing taking place through my beloved body and in direct, authentic and intimate relationship – with myself and others. To the degree that each one of us as souls-in-body increases our capacity to be and express Divine Love in wholeness, we bless our world with that joyous alignment and vibrational increase in consciousness.

I invite us to lean in to a deeper intimacy and to get naked together.

I love you.

Helen is a love and light worker, energy healer and writer serving consciousness. She offers  worldwide events, retreats and one to one sessions as well as her writings. If you are interested in knowing more, or in details of the 2016 programme as available please see her site, fb or sign up for an occasional newsletter.





Thflute laughis past month I have been on a journey of not only this lifetime, a culmination of many in some ways.

I sit in an airport on the long journey which takes me back to my children in Scotland for a time. There is no possible way I could begin to express or surmise what this trip -through Florida, Mount Shasta and the Sequoia forest in California then on to Hawaii and Kauai islands has been or brought. Especially in my present sleep-deprived state! That will come in time.

Allow me to share but one reflection in this now. I have written several times about the acceleration, depth and preciousness of soul connections being facilitated globally for many lightworkers, usually through the medium of facebook and the internet. In the past year or two it has become clear that one component of my service is to assist in the drawing together of soul families, through the co-creative gatherings I offer. And this is absolutely what occurred – spectacularly so – in US and Hawaii.

Claudia and BAba and meDSCN0364








All were people who who had not met in the physical yet. Some of us knew each other to various degrees as facebook friends. For those of us exploring consciousness and its evolution,  we have been aware and grateful for the power and ease with which we can form deep connections with people all over the planet. What was reflected again and again was the unpredictable and massive power that can be unleashed through meeting in the physical. We not only feel each other in a whole different way, we exchange energetic keys and activations spontaneously simply by being in presence together.

Ray 14Those that were called to our gatherings then became key anchors in the ongoing work and sharing of light at a whole new level. Each of us “dispatched” to various locations, spreading the frequencies and keys with beings and land alike.

The LOVE that can open up is like nothing I have experienced. The richness of physically being together, knowing we have come so very far, across galaxies and Universes, to find each other in this moment and dimension. And where we also sit in knowing, as we did in Sacred Mount Shasta, that the circle had been destined for aeons, that we are – at so very long last – fulfilling that which is written, and we do this TOGETHER – this knowing, remembrance and gratitude brings many tears of joy.

The “normal” parameters around timeDSCN0801 or social conditioning become totally redundant. The depth and strength of soul connection and love that can open up in a foew hours – even immediately is so, so wonderful.

Yesterday, on my last afternoon in Kauai I sat on the rocks, facing the Pacific, heart wide open, tears flowing. The hona – sea turtle honoured us again and again with his wisdom and medicine – bobbing his head up out of the ocean. The land and I exchanged such a flow of love and honouring . Gratitude to be together again, mingled with the remembrance of the pain of so many of us leaving these ancient Lemurian lands. The day before, at Anahola portal, I had made my ceremonial commitment to return to Mama Kauai. As my newly found soul brother and sister sang mantras and played guitar at the ocean, it felt almost too much for my soul to bear to have to leave Beloveds once more.

But the sweetness of these tears is the Love they are. My beloved brother held me close like a child in arms, soothing the tears. We know, on this path we serve, that all is perfect- where we are called, how the steps weave. And we know that when we are given the gift of finding each other in Love on a small blue planet hurtling through space, we are blessed to the core of our souls.

I am so grateful and I offer this love and gratitude to the waters, to All. That we remember. Remember why we came. Remember who we are. And All that is.

Helen serves the way of the Heart, offering gatherings, events, virtual light transmissions, writings and one to one sessions globally. Contact via her website or facebook

Not waiting…Being

art seaIf you will not honour me
I must honour myself.
But what a gift!
for this is a choice
I must always make for my soul

Not waiting for any other form
to open their heart
acknowledge the love that they are
or stand in truth,

I must be my own mirror
my own guard
my own protector
my own lover.

And in this I meet
in wholeness
as one

© Helen Howie November 2014

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Holding Space

ARTIST Peter Westermann  Visual MathematicsMany of us have – with varying degrees of conscious awareness – been working through the layers of the “Trance of unworthiness” as Chameli Ardagh terms it. Having just emerged from a personal 21 day Magdalane sadhana, coming to fullness exactly the day before I travel on pilgrimage to southern France, I reflect on the nature of the personal and collective layers of unworthiness that are particularly – but of course not exclusively – held in the feminine consciousness.

Wading through the dense layers of illusion that have been constructed to disconnect us from Truth, so many of these in women are entangled with stories about both the body and sexuality. The container for essence in this human experience. The cloak of ego in all its shapeshifting forms has been wholly adopted by mass media and consciousness as powerful and pervasive tools of control and oppression.

But as we wake up – individually and collectively – to the toxic dreams of these stories we own our courage – as spiritual warriors – to stand in all our vulnerability, in all our uniqueness, and in our power – to be seen and heard.

In the journey of this “one”,  this pattern – of “unworthiness” has been strong. The classic strategy of the ego to attempt to deflect us from the magnificence of unlimited Being. As light and consciousness expand, the shadows, the wounds, may evolve, ease, purify but may not – necessarily – dissipate. They may remain – for days, weeks, years, lifetimes.  Yet nonetheless, we can come to see more and more that really there is less and less “separation” between personal and collective in that in each moment that one consciousness, one soul, chooses to deeply witness and alchemise whatever is playing out, all consciousness takes a breath of expansion.

And the layers of space that emerge – in our Being, around us and through the collective offer a rich and fertile landscape for the nurturing of That which we are and have always been. As the temporary fetters of forgetfulness fall away, there is only space. And only Love. Both. One.fire of life

When you are able
To make two become one,
The inside like the outside
And the outside like the inside,
The higher like the lower,
So that a man is no longer male
And a woman, female,
But male female
Become a single whole-
Then you will enter in ~ Gospel of Thomas

What anchors and embodies is the Truth of Being, That is the Love that we are. The infinite knowing of our Self as a child of the Living  Spirit.

This is ALWAYS there. Always available. Male, female, child or elder. And in the dance of human-ness we can make the choice EVERY moment. Towards the tightness of denial; the contraction of turning away or to choose Love. There is always the space of the breath and the vastness of the Sacred Heart which meets and holds every vibration that it encounters. Seeing it, acknowledging it in all its stickiness and shame. And in that, it too is Love.

We can refuse to be no less than Love. No matter how often the shadows and inner confusions call. We can hear,  turn to face them and  know that we are no less than Love.

Holding this space. Always.


Open the Gates

Open the gates my love
Fling them open wide
And let the light stream in.Magdalene - Karmie Varya

Open the gates my love
The gates of your Heart.
For now is the time
Never to depart.

No turning back into the night.
No struggling longer with fear,
Or with doubt.
Now is the time.

May sunlight caress you,
May moonlight bathe you.
May you be held in the arms of the ancients,
Adored once more.

May you know your magnificence.
May you know your All.
May the light shine brightly,
To dissolve all walls.

No more illusion.
No more insanity.
Only the opening,
To Truth and love

© Helen Quail, Orgiva, Spain  2014

Helen assists with the expansion of consciousness and light though individual sessions, groups, workshop and global light transmissions. Contact her through her website or facebook,

Love merging

beauty heartA few days ago was the anniversary of the birth of this body onto this earth. It was a powerful day for many reasons. A day of reflection and gratitude of course but also of sadness.  I was reminded how birth days have become potent openings for emotional and spiritual flow these past years. There are a number of reasons for this, which is for another time.

My heart was very open and so I moved between tidal waves of love and sobbing; between joy and peace and singing at the top of my voice. And watching quietly. A lot.

Observing  impulses to sadness. To self pity. To alone-ness. Arising but dissipating. Sinking into the love and appreciation bathing over my pores. Reflecting quietly on the unfoldings of my earth journey thus far. All of it.

As I washed the dishes I had a revelation of clarity. As can happen ! That these feelings which had been dropping strongly the previous day or two were clues to deeper realization. I felt more transparently and starkly than ever before the ancient and pressing longing of my soul to be with soul flames; beloved brothers and sisters. To simply “be” in a soul community where love and acceptance are unconditional and where all are awake to and fully committed to Being That which we Are. I recognized the timeless ache of being away from “home”, my place of origin.  And I heard with greater clarity than before the piercing cry of this soul to honour what it came here on Earth to fulfill. And each birth day is a wake up call at a deep level to meet that grief, to hear, harness the fire, to align more and more completely. To stop holding back.

I have been so immersed in love throughout these days by my family of light. I have written of this before . One of the most precious gifts ever growing and unfolding over the past year especially is the magnetizing together of soul and star family. Beloved ones who I may not have met in the physical but where there is instant and soul deep love and recognition. This had been occurring occasionally over the past few years but since (exactly) a year ago there has been a steady stream and at times a delicious flood of such reunions. And the joy that flows from such soul connections is truly nectar, Divine elixir.

Just this past weekend, Life orchestrated for three of us to come together and in this trinity, this perfect alignment, such love, such magical expansion is birthed. The shared joy is so beyond words. so timeless.  I am being brought together one after another with my beloved family and when two come together in this way, a third force enters – of pure Grace, the Holy Spirit.

Speaking with other light and service workers, so many of us are delighted at how Source is now orchestrating the physical reunion of so many ancient souls. This is the essence of Oneness and this age. Our unique Divine sparks truly seeing and knowing Love simply in a different form and so coming to expanded realization of Self and All.

As Judith Kusel wrote recently: “…When the heart is opened up so much, as is the soul, we can only see LOVE within the other soul.  All else fades into oblivion!

It is soul and love energy connecting and uniting with soul and love energy.

There are no physical bodies, and no human emotions, no illusions, no stories coming in the way anymore: – there is just total and Divine SOUL LOVE!

It is soul energy fusing with soul energy.

It is heart fusing with heart.

It is soul flame merging with soul flame.

Interestingly when this happens, the Holy Spirit flame is ignited.  The flame of Eternal Love, Power and Wisdom = yet the access to this flame only comes in total ONENESS.

When one experiences such total love, one is brought back to LOVE in its creative form.

It is Love without boundaries.

It is cosmic love.

It is eternal love.

It is the truth of love.

In its true form, as it was first created.”

And this is what we are all capable of uniting in one another. For sure some souls come from the same family, the same star and so share many more common strands from our numerous embodiments. But we all share the same Divine essence of pure Light, however it may be “disguised” , forgotten or gently layered.

Soul to soul. Heart to Heart. This pure connection and merging brings exponential expansion and remembering as we come together in Union timeless, infinite and unending.

And this is how it is.  A return to Love. To the Goddess , holding us all, guiding us all back to Oneness.

Helen serves to anchor and expand light through consultations, groups and worldwide transmissions. Do connect on facebook or through her website.




I find it is often when travelling, waiting at airports or arriving in new locations that I am moved to write. (A glance over my blog posts will confirm this!) Physically travelling from the place I usually live on a day to day basis helps me step out of the blinkers of conditioning and opens me up more to the reality of Life itself. In this moment there is a deep, soft tide of sadness, and some lighter tears, quick to spring to my eyes. Much has happened in the hours since waking, any one event of which I could look at to “explain” my tenderness. Rather, I breathe – (yes, I eat chocolate too – I am human!), I sit, and also I write.

I sit on the cusp. Of what I cannot know. Life has brought a succession of profound and momentous inner changes at an ever increasing pace over the past three years. Change I could never have predicted nor understood. Perhaps life looks little different “on the outside” but truly every moment opens up. There are blessings and divine gifts beyond imagining. Challenges to my core. Light and shadow. Heaven and earth.


I feel a sense of being “lost” in this particular moment – not in any way uncomfortable, rather,… expansive. An invitation – to stay lost…to wander in unknowing. I am moving into deep personal retreat. The collective Sacred Healing Retreat I offered has transformed into a deep retreat with my own Spirit. Something of a card trick by my spirit helpers!! So I am here, about to travel to the deeply nurturing lands around Orgiva, where I shared such miracles with my fellow souls last September.

I am being held – so tenderly – in a soft and empty space. Last year I was given a stream of guidance on the purpose of the sacred work – ceremonies, meditations, and practices. In this moment I am simply being guided to go deep into myself, my own vast universe. To sit here, to explore and from this place of deep visioning, the next steps will emerge, like a newborn child, in their own time. My intent is as strong as ever but in this moment, I am to truly be with the space, the tender tears and rawness of my own heart, the bliss, the shadow, the unknowing.

When I first went on my own short personal retreat for a few days in Scotland at the beginning of last year it was a profound manifestation of my intent and commitment. I was not going for a workshop or teacher; not for some new “technique”. I was simply bringing myself to “god” who of course has never been anywhere other than within and all around me! I was honouring my soul longing to simply go deeply into our love together; our divine connection. And the blessings I received were incredible. Now I make the step to go much further (physically) and for longer and my soul recognises the shift in what I am laying on the table. It is deeply grateful and this is the softness I now feel flowing through my veins, as tears sting softly.

self love

Of course, I know the cosmic joke…. I do not need to go anywhere to find my essence. I am not yet at a level of consciousness where I can stay deeply connected to my divinity through the ordinary tasks and challenges of daily family life. Though, more and more I see my children for the incredible teachers they are who continually invite me to live with more authenticity and courage, in order to sustain and nourish my soul, I need the support of committed daily spiritual practice. At this point, I still need to craft out periods of stillness and quiet, time for inner connection and visioning, to help me drop into myself more and to balance the pace of activity and doing of family life.

So, I leave behind my young children, my husband and family. I leave behind my roles in my work, in my community. I leave behind my personality and my past. I shed the scales of old beliefs and invite the fierce sun of Andalucia to transform me into a being who lives in alignment with her own divine light, breath to breath, step to step, heartbeat to heartbeat. I ask to step into my calling to help all souls to remember who we are. To return our beautiful earthly home into the paradise it was created as. To bring in the light that has always been, will always be. I hold our brothers and sisters in Turkey and Syria close in my heart, bathing all in light and praying for the remembering and awakening to our truth, in peace and love.

My wish for you, dear soul, is to remember. And when you forget, to remember again. An infinite journey of expansion and wonder. Journeying into the light, all radiates brighter than a billion stars. Together.

You can find out more about my work on my website  and please do connect on  facebook.