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Circles of transition

moon shasta redding real estate

Life has had me intensely in Her grip in past weeks. As for many of us, it seems. Huge transitions have been in play in all levels of my world, much of which remain quiet, integrating within.  And I have come to realise that this is equally the intensity that is moving in the collective as polarities in consciousness actually are pulled together to explode into what is true.

It has been a time of the circle. Completions and beginnings both interweave and overlay; one and the same. Timelines merge. The layers opening in recent times across so many levels have called for every bit of my energy and sometimes more.  On the third day of landing in California, dissolution happened in a vivid way. What seemed almost insanely intense, I slowly came to sense was not only (or even) personal. Of course, I had been under immense stress and pressure – relocating my family five thousand miles and much more – but I came to hear and feel of soul family equally cracking, weeping, dissolving, immobilised with exhaustion with striking power.  In this, I am grateful for the reminding that we are ever and always droplets in a moving, breathing, shifting ocean, each both drop and ocean, which brings some gentle comfort to the burning soul and aching body.

I find the invitation ever more vivid to be fully present to exactly what is – the raging; the holy fire; the inability to summon energy to function; the fury, despair, tenderness, quaking vulnerability, and always, always pulsing silently or loudly, – Love. Now I am beginning to drop tendrils into the Californian soil, to exhale, to soften into this more deeply. I feel my soul dropping deeper into my physicality, many aspects of my Self aligning. The threads that weave the invisible sanctuary in which Being can thrive are mysterious and many.

In these past days, the moon rose in her fullness over Mount Shasta. In Capricorn, she heralds a time of decision making; decisions that bring us closer to who we are and anchor our essence in the material plane in how we live and act. I have also very much been feeling the feminine flow of gentleness and softness, amplified by the Sacred mountain, even in her unrelenting transformative potency. The Mother sings her embrace of Sacred cadence simultaneously as we are lifted to make real life-directing decisions and to act upon them. The balance of the masculine and feminine feels more rooted in life than ever before.

I am but a “newcomer” in this life to living in the embrace of the mountain, with aeons of learning to rediscover and forge anew. In this apprenticing, I observe in one day the movements between softest Grace and fierce fire. Opening up all the way to exactly what is showing up here and now, however discomfiting, opens us – parts of us we know well – to devastation. What feels like devastation can open in a breath. And what remains? What is beneath and around; caressing, whispering and wrapping its unyielding arms around all? The more fully one can BE right here, – without restriction, without the cloud of story, – the torrent of the Cosmos can wash away more stones, more dust, more veils of attachment to identity or belief.

What is left, is Life itself, without interpretation and the film of understanding.  Indescribable, indefinable beauty.  Direct. Alive. Without limit.

Dying and being reborn we are. Infinitely.

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Mother Moon

full-moon-over-water-at-nightFor the last two nights, I have slept with my curtains opened, to allow her light to pour onto me through the night as she moves by my window. The clear, cold night allowed her to show her true beauty, luminous and timeless. I felt such excitement to feel her and see her so close. I lay in bed in the early morning hours before dawn, feeling my veins being filled with moonlight, pouring softly through me, pulse by pulse.

For a few days there has been a quiet inner brewing and today, the light shines upon the change. The urgency is gone, the frequent underlying pressure – of so much to do. Even when I seem peaceful with it, there is a constant back story of so, so many things “to do”. Mark Nepo reminded me a few days ago that “ a sense of urgency is a terrible illusion, a trick that happens, again and again, because life inside our skin and outside our skin are forever different….” He continues “What we need is always harshly and beautifully right before us, disguised in the wrapping of our nearest urgency. We just refuse to accept this, because it feels so difficult to face. ..The doorway to our next step of growth is always behind the urgency of now.”

I notice a softening within, that has just ever so gently emerged, like the first crocuses through the winter soil. It is organic, from deep within the earth. It feels very different from those times when I go slow through procrastination or avoidance or tiredness. Instead it feels like deeper self-nurturing. It arises from a different and deeper part of me and feels effortless. I choose to stroll into the town on an errand; I choose to go for a cycle in the beautiful sunshine, I choose to lay in bed and be caressed by the moonlight. And she does, my sister moon.

she is travelling

Mark offers “Life always feels vacant and diminished when I accelerate beyond my capacity to feel what is before me. ..I’ve learned quite simply, I must move at the pace of what is real.”

What have I created in my life? What is real?

A very, very rich life – filled with five children and a partner, a busy household, a commitment to serve spirit on a much wider scale through my healing and teaching and any other way I can help spread light on the planet, that I can fulfil my being on this Earth. Life is never – ever – going to be empty, dull! So there is always the space for choice, for letting go into what is real. The pace will vary yes – and there are times where much is called for – but can I stay in touch with my reality? Can I feel the life inside my skin as well and the life outside?

I learned in my past –at the cost of the total loss of my health – the price of pushing, grabbing onto urgency, striving. I soften into this depth inside with a sigh of freedom and spaciousness. It feels so welcome, so nurturing. Mother moon is holding me well, showing me the true meaning – again -of strength. She is softly showing me Her way of Being, again, as I forget and remember.

I slow down – within – and I expand. The stillness I can connect to much more regularly as my truth – permeates more fully into my physical body, into my active self, in the world.

In this space I also notice the absence of the rage that has been flaring up for many weeks now, full of fire. For now, there is peace.

Kissed by the sun today and blessed by the moon, I over flow with riches. The wealth of the Mother, filling me whole.

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