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1111 Awakening through Life


As I returned to my writing screen, it was 11.11 – a significant portal for the awakening frequencies of the Divine to be received and integrated by humanity. The 111 codes ask us to be utterly conscious of our dreams, our thoughts and our words and to ensure that our movements in the physical realms, whether word or action come from our highest expression and awareness of consciousness.

I always feel 111 and 11.11 related to new beginnings. For of course consciousness is the Creator, the beginning, the manifester. And simultaneously completely outwith any concept of time. The reality which is present in every breath is heightened – that we are given the chance to begin afresh. This, not in terms of denying exactly where we are and all the circumstances we have created to be at this precise point, but rather arising FROM every thought and action that has gone before. As every nutrient and day of gestation creates an entirely new Being in human form on the planet when a baby is born, so all our choices and seeming failures to act in the highest alignment create the perfect, optimum conditions for this deep birthing.

It is also now eight days since my mother passed from her human body.

And six since America voted for Donald Trump to be its president.

None of it unrelated.

One of the gifts of these last days at my mother’s bedside is the knowing which may previously have drifted into being more intellectual, that EVERYTHING in my experience, in my world, is interconnected. This has dropped right down into my belly. Into absolute knowing.

My mother’s transition and the profound experiences that took place towards it; the water protectors and protests at Standing Rock; uncomfortable tensions with my siblings; my deep soul love and alchemy with my partner; my children expressing challenging responses and behaviours; my ex husband not showing up fully as a father; a dear soul sister leaving the country; the political coup in Turkey and the American elections.

All of it.

Let me breathe this circle.  Sit with me here. In the centre. When we return to this still point, we feel our column of light anchoring both into Gaia’s heart and that of Source. We reclaim our infinite strength as Divine beings playing in this human movie for a few moments. From here, we can watch the dance of all that is playing out in these movies on the world stage and on the more “personal” stage of our private lives.

A tricky and essential distinction to navigate is that of witnessing and knowing this is all illusion yet not falling into spiritual bypassing. This is sold seductively in new age thinking and often can creep into us without our noticing. At the other end of the loop is getting caught in the drama of the collective and letting ourselves believe any of it is actually real. How to acknowledge and honour pain in any Being without losing sight and knowing of what is real? Can we remember that everything is created by Divine intelligence for the evolution of consciousness?

We – as embodiments of Divine Source are here as co-creators, with free will and living in form surrounded by the density of soul amnesia. This earth school journey is one to bring Divinity into form. To live it in our human-ness – our ability to FEEL intensely; to cry and dance and laugh and make love. What a magical, majestic and joyful play we are in!

Dancing this balance is an art form that requires practice till the moment our essence leaves this plane. We can never be complacent, for the cumulative weight of conditioning rains into our bones and cells each and every day. We never become immune to that but hopefully, with dedicated intention and practices, we learn to soften it, to understand it and – crucially – not to identify with it. Perhaps we may even learn to love the healthy ego structures that allow us to function as human and in community. And anything that shows up on our personal or global horizon as manifestations of that which wishes to be acknowledged and loved into harmony.

We are all in uncharted waters in these new lands. Four years on from the 2012 gateway, we have another especially heightened window through to 1.1.17 to receive and embody higher Divine frequencies. None of this can be done when our inner work and our shadow work is not addressed at ALL levels. All are equally essential. So in the face of political instability and extremes; natural “disasters” and personal experiences of loved ones choosing to leave earth or relationships dissolving, we do our work. We walk our talk.

We let go of the temptations to judge, to feel ever so subtly “right”, vindicated or superior. We accept that every being on this planet is an equal expression of the magnificence of the Divine. That is why we are required to practice our mastery through every moment of our day (and night). Use the tools that best nourish you – particular meditations; body practices; time in nature and KNOW that you are part of a soul tribe, whether you know them directly or not. We have our families of light – many on earth, many more on other stars and galaxies. Remember to sing to each other the song of our hearts. To radiate the light of our souls, thus lighting the way for all of us who find it hard to see through the shadows at times.

Let light shine upon every heart awakening us to our true nature.

And so it is.

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Willow Arlenea - BIrth of a Galaxy Astarte

Willow Arlenea – Birth of a Galaxy Astarte

For nine months, from early spring of last year, I wandered as a nomad in answer to a soul call that had been gestating through this lifetime. This involved letting go of everything “external” – home, financial security, and being with my children to serve in wider, deeper and more unknown ways around the planet. The call was first to North America for a month and from there knowing only that every step was absolutely directed by the Mystery, by the Goddess, I did not know where home would manifest, nor where I would rest. I was literally taken around the planet as part of the magic and weave of Life. Hawaii, Glastonbury, Bali, USA three times, Germany, Czech Republic, Netherlands and Italy.

A seed quietly grew and whispered persistently as I was called back to be again in my lands of birth – feeling only enough in my belly to know this was the essential next step. For my personal path, my service and the Divine Feminine energetics to be alchemised and grounded in Scotland and for my soul agreements with my daughter. Nine months after that journey began.

Today I am struck that it is – again – nine months later – and at the anniversary of my earth birth – that the home that so gracefully appeared within twenty four hours of setting my intent to return – was sold. And so the next cycle beckons. One of even deeper completion – of many circles – personal and practical, familial, ancestral.

Several sittings with soul family in recent weeks has focused again on the absolute wonder and awe at the intelligence and elegance of the Divine. The countless synchronicities and interconnections that prod us, manoeuvre us and awaken us to the vastly more magnificent Cosmic play.

In the smallest of happenings – from being spontaneously guided to take a different route thus enabling a whole re-shuffle of appointments that allows a friend to have the space to be supported in her deep distress – to the grandest, some of which I have written of previously. Neither is more or less Divine, more or less inspired by the kiss of the Beloved.

We are loved constantly, fiercely, tenderly and piercingly to peel off the layers of density and disguise; to lay aside the seeming seduction of the familiar and sleepwalking through our lifetimes.

More than four human births occur on this planet every second. Every second. Yet no matter how many billions of beings come to join this earth school, the miracle of birth can never be any less wondrous. Every entrance is a pushing through safety and comfort into an absolutely new world. With love and gratitude for the Mother who nurtures creation, the Divine takes exquisite expression in order to pursue a path of evolution that can only be wrought by and through the donning of unique form birthed.

And so for every birthing and re-birthing in our human experiences. Into new love. Dissolving of friendships. The transitioning of parents. Falling away of jobs, homes and structures – all dancing and evolving into something more aligned to following our greatness. We are held in the belly of Mother, nourished by her love and overseen by Divine Source. We may wriggle and squirm. We may cry. We may emerge with a blissful half smile. But we ARE born. We always were.

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Love in Action


This is the age of the heart of surrender. As we look around and witness the extremes playing out on Earth that can seem so far from truth. What we are witnessing is the final and desperate writhings of old patterns thrown up to surface so that they can dissolve. The great Cosmic soup coming to simmer and the dissonant lower vibrations floating up so they can evaporate back in to the oneness.

We also incarnated on this planet at a time when Divine Union is possible as never before. Union within between our highest Divine light and the depths of our shadows; between our masculine and feminine aspects – Shiva and Shakti; between inner and outer worlds and consciousness; between earth and Source.

The old paradigm and distortions of the masculine are based on driven, ego based action with no heart. The distorted feminine templates base in unconscious acting out of emotion, manipulation, hysteria. Our wholeness is safe, strong and centred in presence married with a wide open heart and flowing intuitive senses.

So love in action, union in expression can be found in a simple yet profound approach to every moment, to Love. Divine timing and inspired action.

This balance is ever more subtle.

Many beings are awakening in consciousness. Some rapidly, some incrementally over many years. But the falsity of the emptiness, the illusions are becoming more impossible to ignore for millions.

At some point we have to go through the initiations of the heart which can be brutal and leave our ego shredded in an ocean of not knowing . And what beauty there is in this! And the surrender can only deepen and deepen. Finding edges and cloaked limitations and surrendering again.

The path of the heart demands everything –  total and utter surrender.

BUT it also asks for action. Decisive, concerted, fearless action.

Personally I feel my passion and dedication and when something shows up strongly in my knowing and guidance I say yes. And there is an impetus to move, act and honour that knowing. Yet there is a practice as we become more and more discerning; as trust deepens of really feeling deeper. Is action called for NOW? Or is my invitation to really rest in presence, nurture my vibration; be.

If I am not acting is it through denial or fear? What is moving me? So the invitation is to feel deeper and to trust deeper. In this, whatever we are feeling we know we are safe and loved to move or not move – to honour whatever is showing up.

Where this has been illuminated for me very recently is in my calling to my Beloved in form. Many souls are walking a path of service and expansion through (re) union with Beloveds – whether defined as soul mates, twin flames or other. I have known and more importantly felt deeply that this is a key in my path and felt his presence coming for five years. Along the way I have been given the perfect practices to rip off my blindness, call forth unseen and loved places into the core of my Heart and Being and learn more about my own feminine- masculine balance.

And I came to a place or real peace, surrender and trust. No attachment. I came home to myself as Beloved. And from there to an even deeper trusting that life will take care of all which of course it will.

In that surrender, and trust in the Divine, another level of realization has sparked.  Of what Love in action can really mean.

Two analogies come to mind. The joke about the man who goes to the temple every day and prays to win the lottery. Again and again. After many weeks, he falls to his knees in despair. “Why oh Lord did you not answer my prayers?” And God responds, “I did. You didn’t buy a ticket.”

If you lost your job tomorrow, and have a home and children to support, would you go home lie on a sofa and say,  “God will manifest the perfect career and abundance” and do nothing? We can hold and vibrate that knowing and intention absolutely – but we would combine this with action. Sending out cvs, networking, letting people know what we are looking for and applying for jobs. The old paradigm was built on the second part of that equation- of action – but arising solely from the mind and ego. Not birthed deeply from surrender and trust in the Divine perfection of whatever Life brings.

So with the vibrational template and intention in place, we ARE Love in action.

And so I realised I also needed to combine knowing , trust and surrender and deep internal work with action. Thousands of us have found each other through the internet  – as soul family and friends and also lovers and life partners. It calls for a certain degree of vulnerability in declaring publicly – “I am ready and looking for my Beloved.” And it calls for rigour to scrupulously ensure our fields and intention are as clear as possible. That we are already in the key relationship with ourSelf as Beloved. With the One in form. And it is only in and through this that we are now ready to meet that reflection in physical form and dedicate fully to the fire of conscious partnership.

This action from and as Love is what is called for. This ever so delicate dance and balance of Being and action.

This approach – Divine timing and inspired action – action arising fully and wholly from our foundational commitment to Source and to serving Love – is a template, not only for intimate relationship and partnership of course, but for Love in action, for how we engage this Life dance. We are Divine Love and agreed to this incarnation to experience the catalytic opportunities of duality; to resolve separation and bring oneness – union fully embodied into form, thus expanding all consciousness.

There are times to rest and radiate. To deepen in to Presence and simply be as the light we are, reminding all souls of the light we all are emanations of. As we develop and integrate our Beingness more and more into form , we bring this into our daily practice of living. Into our engagements with the very mundane and ordinary aspects of life. Our businesses, families, relationships, our daily tasks.

Can we do so without losing flow? Can we sustain the intimate connection with all action moving from Source; from our Divine awareness?

It can come down to how well we listen. How well we know our heart. And the depth of our trust. Then how we walk. As all our choices, movements and actions move from this place we are shown the measure of how deeply we Love. And that mirror is the most powerful gift we can offer our own Being and all Beings.

And so it is.

I love you.

Helen serves Love light and the Divine through transmissions, consultation, events, retreats and writing. Connect through her site or facebook to find out more.

Perfect Love

These are the days of our lives, the moments we came here to experience.
Not when we are greater, clearer, kinder, more ready. This is IT now, Beloveds.
Whatever plays out in the circumstances of this coming year in your life-school, the essence of you remains timeless, infinite and essentially unchanged.

You see your very existence IS Divine Love. So you are already perfection.

Every Being on this tiny blue planet, hurtling through space is an expression of Divine Love. Love in form. As are the trees, the birds, the grasses, the mountains….Can you feel it? Every creation an outpouring of Love.

fire of beginning

Trouble is we are so familiar – and often comfortable – in an uncomfortable-used-to-suffering kind of way! with identifying with our ego that we see only its’ displays of confusion, grasping, wanting, separation. We need this beautiful construction in order to be able to function in this world, on this earthly plane, but this egoic clothing is but that.

In our core, in our very vibration we are – Love.
There is no truth simpler nor more profound.

As one earthly year flows into another, there is no need to change anything. To “fix” anything. Let go of any illusion that you are not good enough exactly as you are. You are a Divine expression of Love. No less. So how can you be anything but perfect?

We spend our lives wanting that which we already are. Running in fear from that which we are. What we long for most, we most fear. Until, exhausted by our efforts, we stop. Perhaps only pausing for a moment and somehow, in an instant, we are caught. Breathless by the magnitude, the utter unknowability of our Being. There is no going back…

There is a place in every Being that has never forgotten. That never can. This spark that contains all the Universes, all the cosmos. The seed of Cosmic Love that is the kernel of everything. That fuels our every heartbeat.

When we align to our Sacred Heart, to our very Beingness as Divine Love, we touch unlimited Truth.

Love contains All – all emotions, all experience, all Being. All shades of the rainbow. It does not waiver. It does not discriminate. You do not have to earn That which you are, nor to become worthy of simply embodying that which you have always been and will be forever.

Oh and be assured, Love is ruthless in its focus. It is not afraid of darkness nor confusion nor fear itself. It does not falter in its knowingness as Love. All that is not Love will be brought to the fire. All illusion and delusion. We are constantly and continually redirected back home. No matter what. And in this power is a compassion that both contains and surpasses all expressions of Mother. Holding all fiercely and tenderly in the same instant. Caressing us relentlessly till we surrender.

Love has neither beginning nor end. We walk through these moments of time, on a planet called Earth, whilst love flows and weaves across all dimensions. If we sit quietly enough we can hear it whispering and dancing through our cells, tinkling like fairy bells in the space between us, blowing through the chasms within Universes. Cascading echoes of all that has ever been, to fall like tender sprinklings of dust onto our skin.

The human ego can only “take” so much. The mind most certainly can only take so much before it feels overwhelmed. The Love that we are has no limits. Truly. In your liberation as Love, you will find the old self free-falling through space. There is no longer any comfort zone for the identified self but the One, the timeless One, recognises how it is held by the very fabric of all existence.

You are seen as love. Whatever your clothes, your form, your actions. There is no hiding. There is nothing that you can ever do – or say – that will change the Love that you are constructed of. You will always be met – sooner or later – by the Love that created you, the Love that breathes you.

The small self is so ridiculously, immeasurably outmatched!
So in this moment, in these times of turning, on the brink of the gateway of 1.1, if there is any resolution, make it only this.

To surrender to Love.
Perfect Love.
And so it is.
I meet you as the Love that we are.

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love hand


Honour of Self

bow of graceMy words are always somewhat of a “thinking out loud” the simple reflections and expressions of my heart as I am in this moment. If they can be of assistance to any I am grateful.
I find myself using the verb “honour” again and again at the moment. As each soul encounter is an ever deeper invitation to know Self, my calling has been to a greater honouring of myself, to greater self Love. To be aware of and present to my own energy. To know myself as love. To be and do in ways that support my truest Being. No matter what.
And in recognizing where another form is not capable of this, the opportunity to stand in my own Being and respect and hold space for myself. Where another turns from presence, I look more carefully at my own capacity to hold presence.
Where another offers unconditional love without limit, I observe the part of me that is overwhelmed. I hold her gently, reassuring her that all is well.
When my heart does not validate any experience, I stop and listen. No matter the external experience, no matter the thought processes, what is my heart saying?
When I look at how the word honour– as a verb – is defined I find:
– To regard with great respect
– to fulfil (an obligation) or keep (an agreement)
How interesting….this points me directly back to the agreements I have made as and with my soul. And the degree to which I – living out this human life and experiences am fulfilling my soul’s contracts.
At this time my teaching – and it is fast and rich – is largely, intensely and wonderfully coming through the form of deep, instant and at times almost overwhelming soul reconnections. Each relating opens me more, shines light on those unseen and unhealed parts of me and, in this, invites me to come more and more into wholeness.
Through many tears as well as vast amounts of love, I have watched my experience move more and more to relating to Self. And when I experience the presence of an ”other” so very deeply, or appreciate a particular quality –such as strength or presence or joy – I move much more quickly into the knowing and experiencing of this AS me. Letting the projections fall and accepting that what I meet is me. And owning it as such.
I let drop all notions of relationship (as best I can) and align with relating – in the now moment – with my own presence and with the soul in communion with me as truly a mirror. The only relationship is that with Self as Divine. This dedication is deepened with every teaching, every heart ”break”, every piece of apparent confusion, with every meeting in love.
Flo Aveida Magdalena offers this description of the way of relating we are moving in to in the Aquarian age
“.. by claiming the self, you learn how to stay in a dedicated space of ritual with your own being. It means that everything you’re living makes sense because it honours everyone at the same time.
It honours you and it honours the other person. It frees them from responsibility to make you happy, to have sex with you, to marry you, to give you children, or to be in some way present for you – supporting you financially, emotionally or in any other way. It says. “I’m going to do all this for myself. I’m going to live this in a way that makes sense to me. Every moment from this time forward, my own honouring is my primary focus. If I honour my field in integrity. I live in a fullness that makes me awaken all the time to my own capacities and potentials.”
You are creating a reality so that the other person can respond to you from that set of circumstances.”
I return again and again to honour this Being, this expression of God, learning and growing and remembering each day that She is and has never been anything other than whole, perfect and Divine
The more deeply I see, know and honour my Being as whole, I meet and receive you as Divine. I thank you for your reflections, teachings and gifts. I meet you as pure love, without “need” or fear – in this moment.
I love you. For this is who we are.

Helen Quail               November 2014
Helen serves through light and love. Contact through facebook and her website

Not waiting…Being

art seaIf you will not honour me
I must honour myself.
But what a gift!
for this is a choice
I must always make for my soul

Not waiting for any other form
to open their heart
acknowledge the love that they are
or stand in truth,

I must be my own mirror
my own guard
my own protector
my own lover.

And in this I meet
in wholeness
as one

© Helen Howie November 2014

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Heart of Love

be like a roseIt is in the Heart of Love that we meet Truth.

It is in the gentle unfolding of petals we come to the heart of the rose.

It is in the rising of the sun that light is shone

and the glowing of the moon

that enlightens the shadows

of darkness.


There is no separation

Between what “she” feels and what “you” feel,

between what “he” feels,

For she is you.

You are she

He is you.

He is she.


Face Truth fearlessly, from the Heart of Love,

always from the Heart of Love.

This is the way that enlightens all pathways and all confusion,

returns us Home.

As One.


© Helen Quail      Glastonbury Oct 2014

Helen supports the way of the Heart and Light across the planet and beyond. Connect with Helen on her website or facebook