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The new balance – Accountability, Communication and The True Voice of the Feminine




Robby Donaghey – Namaste



There has been a swelling tide of unheard voices the past five months, now echoing across this blue planet. Women have spoken out, perhaps as never before in the his/her/story of humanity, against the socially acceptable and cultivated epidemic of diminishing and defining females through the abuse and distortion of sexual energy and power.#metoo. Men too have spoken who have also been victims of the misuse of sexual power, whether by either gender.

In some arenas, brave men have come forward and owned their transgressions, from subtle misjudgements to devastating actions.  I have also read women fiercely taking responsibility for their part in misusing sexual and emotional energy in relationships. This is not the space to dive deeply into this, other than to note that, in the circles I connect with globally, I have witnessed the conversation evolving to one of honouring the power of this voice and transparency and then moving to the next step – TOGETHER – of how male can support female; how the Sacredness of sexuality can be reclaimed by all beings, whatever gender or sexual orientation; how each sex can forgive the other, and her/himself. And most key of all, how the distortions inherent within each expression of Source – as predominantly “feminine” or “masculine”- beyond personal stories – can be more fully revealed, met in compassion and love and alchemised.

This wave has a mighty wake, moving through the entire collective, not only those in conscious reflection but the vast majority who are not. The key themes are

Accountability and Communication

leading to the third – Speaking up –

the voice of the True Feminine, clear, strong Loving, liberated and evolved to be the transmission of the Feminine Divine Herself.

I am not describing victim energy nor one of blame – not in its purest motivation and how I have experienced its rising. It is a very, very long suppressed expression from deep and vulnerable places and, in the courageousness and purity of this, is a genuine invitation for accountability. Note,  accountability does NOT have any trace of blame, shame or judgement. It is CLEAR, CLEAN and authentic. It is fully honest. This last point can be generally missed.

If we hold invitation and space for another being to be truly accountable, we are neither seeking to apportion blame on them; to hold onto anger, resentment or other emotions. Accountability is deep liberation for each party. The one owning their words or actions has the opportunity to integrate shadow aspects, to find compassion, forgiveness and greater love for one’s own self. The recipient may find it easier to rest in acceptance and possibly, in their own time then find their way too to forgiveness, compassion and some form of peace. These principles apply whether we are talking about a minor disagreement or horrific abuse. The scale of the suffering is the primary difference.

Accountability supports freer communication. I often see the flow of the infinity symbol (figure eight) in relation to so many aspects of Life. As so for communication, expressing and receiving, with natural pauses for integration and inner reflection. Meeting in the centre, the zero point. S.T.O.P. – Stop, think, observe, pause. ( Deepak Chopra).

And so, as we go deeper into this field, beyond blame; through the personal; through the gateway of embracing pain more wholly than before; through even more expansive Love, we engage in a “new” conversation with the Cosmos itself; a new sense of relationship that (perhaps) we are tentatively touching on. Re-membering wholeness.

This is the time for BALANCE of male and female energies. Our next evolutionary step as a species – or at least one of them – is founded on Divine Union – healing the split between the masculine and feminine.

“The true “twin flame” is a climactic turning point in Creation, a turning on the heel, a re-direction home. A liberation from bondage. A wild and surreal, ancient song that heals the entire Universe, right in the place that it’s heart was broken, so it could speak again.

Together, we can hold the earth and sky, and as guardians and ancient seeds we will fulfill the promise we made at the beginning of the world, and go home together, unified with the whole of Divine Creation with Love.” – Alison Nappi

Divine Union creates the pathway for the next upgrade in consciousness itself through this embodied quest. We can only do this in form. Here and now. And in relationship. And – given that aeons of wounding and distortion are releasing for transmutation – it is a path that demands every molecule of devotion in the most grounded ways. It requires great clear-sightedness if we are not to get blinded by the sea of unconscious patterning that is thrown, up nor find ourselves unwittingly replaying them.

“We want close relationship more than anything, and simultaneously we want nothing to do with it. The archaic fears of abandonment and engulfment circle in the psyche of the personal and the collective.” – Matt Licata

It requires a willingness to open the heart again and again in the face of the energy of betrayal, abandonment and separation that lay in the beginnings of this path. Not the very beginning, the point where this wound came to be.

My deep inner knowing is that it was before Lemuria and Mu. Before Yeshua and Magdalene – yet these times and Beings have been some of the points in space and time where some of this work has been done.  It was – most likely – at the first breath of differentiation into form and has been carried into and explored through every cycle of the evolution of consciousness. Aeons of work that have been preparing for what is now possible.

There have been many Sacred partnerships on Earth and elsewhere across time and space. Yet it is my sense-knowing that it is only in this now that the male-female aspects of Divinity can whole and evolve. We cannot know the numerous Cosmic factors why this is so,  yet the human experiment is at an unprecedented point where this has the potential for success.

The Christ essence is returning to Earth. Not as a man but in the Sacred spark within each being. And the Divine Feminine Christ is anchoring, heart by heart. She is Here. The two are of course not separate but two emanations of the One and in their embodiment, Divine Union has, now, the chalice to come forth.

Drop all illusions that Divine Union is any fairy tale love story.  Rather, it will cleave us to our core, shatter us into innumerable shards and rebuild us from the very stuff of Life itself. New and yet unknown. Never before birthed in form. We are the carriers, the forerunners that can lead the flowing wave; the charge of light upturning the citadels, burning the false Gods, courageously diving into the fire and darkness and thrusting the new earth through the Cosmic yoni into the luminous adoration of Ma. We are the Ones we have been waiting for.

Blessed be on our courageous hearts.

To be continued….

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Honour of Self

bow of graceMy words are always somewhat of a “thinking out loud” the simple reflections and expressions of my heart as I am in this moment. If they can be of assistance to any I am grateful.
I find myself using the verb “honour” again and again at the moment. As each soul encounter is an ever deeper invitation to know Self, my calling has been to a greater honouring of myself, to greater self Love. To be aware of and present to my own energy. To know myself as love. To be and do in ways that support my truest Being. No matter what.
And in recognizing where another form is not capable of this, the opportunity to stand in my own Being and respect and hold space for myself. Where another turns from presence, I look more carefully at my own capacity to hold presence.
Where another offers unconditional love without limit, I observe the part of me that is overwhelmed. I hold her gently, reassuring her that all is well.
When my heart does not validate any experience, I stop and listen. No matter the external experience, no matter the thought processes, what is my heart saying?
When I look at how the word honour– as a verb – is defined I find:
– To regard with great respect
– to fulfil (an obligation) or keep (an agreement)
How interesting….this points me directly back to the agreements I have made as and with my soul. And the degree to which I – living out this human life and experiences am fulfilling my soul’s contracts.
At this time my teaching – and it is fast and rich – is largely, intensely and wonderfully coming through the form of deep, instant and at times almost overwhelming soul reconnections. Each relating opens me more, shines light on those unseen and unhealed parts of me and, in this, invites me to come more and more into wholeness.
Through many tears as well as vast amounts of love, I have watched my experience move more and more to relating to Self. And when I experience the presence of an ”other” so very deeply, or appreciate a particular quality –such as strength or presence or joy – I move much more quickly into the knowing and experiencing of this AS me. Letting the projections fall and accepting that what I meet is me. And owning it as such.
I let drop all notions of relationship (as best I can) and align with relating – in the now moment – with my own presence and with the soul in communion with me as truly a mirror. The only relationship is that with Self as Divine. This dedication is deepened with every teaching, every heart ”break”, every piece of apparent confusion, with every meeting in love.
Flo Aveida Magdalena offers this description of the way of relating we are moving in to in the Aquarian age
“.. by claiming the self, you learn how to stay in a dedicated space of ritual with your own being. It means that everything you’re living makes sense because it honours everyone at the same time.
It honours you and it honours the other person. It frees them from responsibility to make you happy, to have sex with you, to marry you, to give you children, or to be in some way present for you – supporting you financially, emotionally or in any other way. It says. “I’m going to do all this for myself. I’m going to live this in a way that makes sense to me. Every moment from this time forward, my own honouring is my primary focus. If I honour my field in integrity. I live in a fullness that makes me awaken all the time to my own capacities and potentials.”
You are creating a reality so that the other person can respond to you from that set of circumstances.”
I return again and again to honour this Being, this expression of God, learning and growing and remembering each day that She is and has never been anything other than whole, perfect and Divine
The more deeply I see, know and honour my Being as whole, I meet and receive you as Divine. I thank you for your reflections, teachings and gifts. I meet you as pure love, without “need” or fear – in this moment.
I love you. For this is who we are.

Helen Quail               November 2014
Helen serves through light and love. Contact through facebook and her website