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Choice point


We are in the Dark Moon, midway in a truly epic gateway (15 – 17 March) and approaching Spring equinox, a time of great transformation; of coming into balance; of opening more than ever before to the Divine light which returns through the portal of the dark times.

The shift yesterday was very palpable, embracing us in new levels of Cosmic light. Today there is the opportunity to offer up that which no longer serves. We are called to deeper and deeper levels of mastery in meeting what is in or through our bodies and forms. It is a time of great collective release – just look at the passion and power of the young people leading the way on societal change and gun laws in USA .

It is also suggested this is the completion of a 6 year cycle into our wholeness. So you may be witnessing emotions, stories, pain physical, emotional or spiritual rolling through your inner landscape, much of it far more ancient than your life here on this planet.

We are so lovingly invited not to dampen down or push away anything. Nothing is unacceptable. Give every voice full space with full and unattached Presence. And bring the openness of our hearts to it all. Release any investment in blame or judgement of any other- including our own self. We feel what we feel.

And then …in the graciousness of Love and time and Presence we can truly choose truth, our deepest, purest truth. Choose wisely and release all the way. And each moment, all through our daily life, we breathe and drop into this again. Let our choice be as conscious as it can be, right now and setting the template for this now and for the coming half year cycle.
We get to choose. We get to create.
And best of all, we get to be together in this wild ride.

So much love.

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To hold the truth of essence without abandoning Self

Loving couple holdind on the hands and sunset

The Heart of the Goddess loves infinitely. She nurtures. She embraces all in this love. A vital distinction in the path of the awakening feminine is to hold space and call forth the masculine BUT not at the expense of her own integrity, safety, growth, evolution and freedom.

This is a matter firstly of revealing and softening the conditioning and archetypes; of breaking through outdated distorting and suffocating structures and reclaiming the freedom of who we know ourselves to be. Humanity and all creation has witnessed many repeating cycles of power flowing between masculine and feminine expressions of Source in form. We are in an epoch where it is possible to reclaim the Divine feminine and – I believe deeply in my body – for this to be received and find balance with a healed and whole expression of the masculine energies of Divinity. This is a point in “time” arrived across millions of years of evolution. It is the gateway we exist in where Divine Union truly is possible.

And it is a matter of LOVE. In our deep abiding love, especially as women, we can give so much, care so much. One of the first lessons showing up for any who enter a path of spiritual learning and growth is that of loving oneself. The cliché that we can only love others to the extent that we love ourself is very true. But many of us have received models of pouring our love outwards to others without an even greater in-pouring inwards – that seems to function to a certain degree – and is certainly the accepted “norm” in the world around us. And this can continue in the spiritual world as we open our heart and become more loving. What we find is that the deeper we go – the more we evolve – the more we are also called BACK. Back in and down to love more and more our OWN Self.

What we are relearning is that the deepest core expression and celebration of love lies in our own Being and loving our own heart. In all its crackedness, bitterness, shadowy places. In all its glory and magnificence. Its’ fury, its’ power, its’ tenderness. Its’ scars and tender places.Because we are experiencing love as the higher dimensional energy that it is, loving the 3d heart and all expressions of human-ness from and as the infinite one love.

Love is not sugar coated and fluffy but fierce Grace that flinches from nothing, holds nothing sacrosanct – no belief, no relationship, no behaviour. It calls us out again and again, with a compassion and laser focus that has no equal. Turn to me. Turn to me and do not turn away. Bring all of you.

So we are asked to look at again at all the places that have learned to love and be loved, to give and receive. And to stand naked ready to meet all those we do not know.

The more deeply and fiercely we liberate our essence as Love, we offer liberation to the unseen and unknown parts of our being. The wounded places that have remained in our subconscious until such a point that the love present calls them forth. Calls them forth AS love. As perfect expressions of the Divine speaking to the Divine. And we can find a place in us to truly, deeply welcome these limping, spitting, bleeding parts. We commit to not turning away in shame or judgement but stepping towards, embracing with pure love. With gratitude. Again and again.

The feminine collective consciousness is actively bringing to light the oldest of patterns and imbalances expressed through the (distorted) masculine. As awakening beings – especially for women – longing to return to the deepest knowing and experience of the Love that we are, we have commonly been conditioned to lose our identity, independence – emotional or financial – in romantic partnerships or marriage. In this now, we have the opportunity to completely redefine true healthy relationship – founded on whole and loving relationship with our own self  and mirrored in a much more healthy and rigorous balance with our Beloved partner.

So can we stand in presence and in our hearts, holding the knowing of who we are, and the mirror of Divine presence to the “other ” before us, and not drop back into the old, old patterns of giving everything for this love? We are asked to hold our own integrity above all else. This arises not only from getting clear on our core moral values and the meaning we ascribe to this life experience but from a deep and unconditional presence of love. For our self and for who Life has placed before us. Right now. And this is not emotional love, romantic love nor restricted by mental concepts of love.

Love – like “enlightenment” or the Divine – is by its very nature limitlessness.

At the heart is our deep self care. We are learning to create a sanctuary that is impenetrable by anything that is not Love.  One that holds both inner and outer being in safety, deep love and strength at all levels. To wrap safety around our tissues and fields that does not carry even the feintest trace of restriction or repression, that has no connection with fear; nor seeking security or control; that is rooted and grounded utterly in trust in Source itself. This is the safety we are held in as women (and men). If we choose it.

So we are tested and given the practice to walk with again and again. Can I hold this being in love yet not compromise my own light? Can I love myself deeply and whoever is before me as Love in form, yet not compromise the honouring of either of our essences?

As expressions of the Divine feminine can we continue to shine a beacon of light; radiate limitless love with neither expectation that the masculine will do or be “anything” nor hooking ourselves into any “outcome”? Can we do this yet know when to walk away at physical an emotional level for our own wholeness (and so theirs)?

Can I hold the truth of this man’s essence, let him be where he is without abandoning him or myself?

This Beloveds is our invitation.

Helen is a love and light worker, serving consciousness. She offers writings, worldwide events, retreats and one to one sessions. If you are interested in knowing more, or in details of 2016 programmes please see her site, fb or sign up for an occasional newsletter.



Perfect Love

These are the days of our lives, the moments we came here to experience.
Not when we are greater, clearer, kinder, more ready. This is IT now, Beloveds.
Whatever plays out in the circumstances of this coming year in your life-school, the essence of you remains timeless, infinite and essentially unchanged.

You see your very existence IS Divine Love. So you are already perfection.

Every Being on this tiny blue planet, hurtling through space is an expression of Divine Love. Love in form. As are the trees, the birds, the grasses, the mountains….Can you feel it? Every creation an outpouring of Love.

fire of beginning

Trouble is we are so familiar – and often comfortable – in an uncomfortable-used-to-suffering kind of way! with identifying with our ego that we see only its’ displays of confusion, grasping, wanting, separation. We need this beautiful construction in order to be able to function in this world, on this earthly plane, but this egoic clothing is but that.

In our core, in our very vibration we are – Love.
There is no truth simpler nor more profound.

As one earthly year flows into another, there is no need to change anything. To “fix” anything. Let go of any illusion that you are not good enough exactly as you are. You are a Divine expression of Love. No less. So how can you be anything but perfect?

We spend our lives wanting that which we already are. Running in fear from that which we are. What we long for most, we most fear. Until, exhausted by our efforts, we stop. Perhaps only pausing for a moment and somehow, in an instant, we are caught. Breathless by the magnitude, the utter unknowability of our Being. There is no going back…

There is a place in every Being that has never forgotten. That never can. This spark that contains all the Universes, all the cosmos. The seed of Cosmic Love that is the kernel of everything. That fuels our every heartbeat.

When we align to our Sacred Heart, to our very Beingness as Divine Love, we touch unlimited Truth.

Love contains All – all emotions, all experience, all Being. All shades of the rainbow. It does not waiver. It does not discriminate. You do not have to earn That which you are, nor to become worthy of simply embodying that which you have always been and will be forever.

Oh and be assured, Love is ruthless in its focus. It is not afraid of darkness nor confusion nor fear itself. It does not falter in its knowingness as Love. All that is not Love will be brought to the fire. All illusion and delusion. We are constantly and continually redirected back home. No matter what. And in this power is a compassion that both contains and surpasses all expressions of Mother. Holding all fiercely and tenderly in the same instant. Caressing us relentlessly till we surrender.

Love has neither beginning nor end. We walk through these moments of time, on a planet called Earth, whilst love flows and weaves across all dimensions. If we sit quietly enough we can hear it whispering and dancing through our cells, tinkling like fairy bells in the space between us, blowing through the chasms within Universes. Cascading echoes of all that has ever been, to fall like tender sprinklings of dust onto our skin.

The human ego can only “take” so much. The mind most certainly can only take so much before it feels overwhelmed. The Love that we are has no limits. Truly. In your liberation as Love, you will find the old self free-falling through space. There is no longer any comfort zone for the identified self but the One, the timeless One, recognises how it is held by the very fabric of all existence.

You are seen as love. Whatever your clothes, your form, your actions. There is no hiding. There is nothing that you can ever do – or say – that will change the Love that you are constructed of. You will always be met – sooner or later – by the Love that created you, the Love that breathes you.

The small self is so ridiculously, immeasurably outmatched!
So in this moment, in these times of turning, on the brink of the gateway of 1.1, if there is any resolution, make it only this.

To surrender to Love.
Perfect Love.
And so it is.
I meet you as the Love that we are.

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love hand


Love is Infinite

Love is infinite. Love is kind, yet it is also ruthless. Its mercy lies in its’ flowing from the Divine Sacred Heart which holds the wisdom of the all.

In today’s cultures there is a great predilection to glamourize one way of being over another; one path; one key; one size fits all. Yet we are all absolutely unique expressions of Divinity, forming and reforming across time in an endless exploring of Oneness and expansion. And so there can be no “one size fits all”. There can however be one Universal guide and that – beloveds – is the Sacred Heart.

The journey – if there is one – is in purification of both heart and mind – so that this deep still voice can be heard both with clarity and without distortion. It is so easy for the human mind to sabotage and distort anything that it encounters, until it has been through the layers of purification. The fires of Truth. And even then my loves, there is always vigilance.

Whose voice is this that speaks? Soul or mind?

And so we guide you to a practice of becoming. Through the body and through the Sacred Heart.

Take your breath to the centre of your being.

Take your Presence to the centre of your vast heart chamber.

In this place you find an endless opening of space. Of luminous Presence. White light perhaps – or you may encounter it in another form.

In the centre you see an intricately decorated throne. Place yourself upon this regal throne. Observe this Being, your Higher Self. Notice what you look like. How are you are clothed? What are your movements like? Vividly engage your senses. Are there intoxicating fragrances? It there silence of any vibration of sound? A low hum or other notes?

As you sit, merge with the frequency of this sanctified chamber.

Dissolve into this space. Do not just witness it, or feel it. Dissolve into, become it, be it, Merge utterly with the infinite chamber of the heart.

Know yourself dear one.

Just be in this space for as long as you like. Be open to the deepest truths arising through the Sacred Heart.

And when it feels time to bring this gently to a close. Be aware of yourself AS this.

Carry this cellular recognition, this Divine quality into each of your movements and encounters in your day.

Breathe deeply. Love is Infinite.

With love  Helen x

Where the heart is, that is where the Temple and its’ treasures are – Yeshua

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i am the light



Know yourself as Love

Know yourself as Love.

I am Love.

All other that is arising is the dissolution of ego ( a messy business!)

Do not keep seeking outside.

The Gateway is indeed Within.

The Gateway to Bliss.

To Her…..

~  Mary Magdalena fall in love

Through Luminosa, Helen is a Keeper of the Light, supporting the return of the Divine Feminine through Gaia and beyond.

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willHow interesting that we can have the “same” realizations – again and again, happening upon the understanding in a luminous moment of clarity. A thought we’ve had before, sometimes many, many times yet, in this moment, the smoke clears and it drops deeper, more into our core. Its the essence of the human condition in many ways. In that space of profound knowing and realization, we feel that we can never forget the truth we have touched. But we do.

I have known for years that I completely identified with my intellect in the first part of my life. As a child I was defined (within my experience) by my intelligence. It was who I was. Fortunately (or not!) I never doubted – or had any cause to doubt this intelligence. Top of the class right through primary school and much of secondary school, my memory was fantastic, my ability to learn and retain information really never fully challenged. I could rely on this identification utterly.

At the same time, I believed I was completely non-sporty with no skills in using or moving my body. I was also sure that no-one could want to speak to me. I believed  in fact I had nothing to say and absolutely no sense of my own value.

The little self-esteem I had was completely entwined in my academic achievement (which of course was never “enough”). When I later dropped into years of healing – through my body giving me the great gift of deep and long term illness, these intellectual abilities evaporated. I could not concentrate for more than a few seconds at times; my memory was gone and I found learning or retention of any information very difficult.

In disidentifying with my mind, I began to find first my body, then my emotional body and ultimately my long-buried soul. As my intellectual gifts disappeared, I could neither rely on them or define myself by them any more. I was also stripped of my ability to work, to socialise, to function “normally” – all huge gifts in taking me in, to meet my long-denied core.

I realize now, more clearly again, that this desperate clinging to my idea of self as my intelligence was not just conditioning but also a deep strategy of my ego to disconnect me from my much, much greater being and the Light I am here to bring. So any attachment to ideas of who we are are merely further ego strategies to limit what is limitless. We are of course beyond knowing . My mind still likes to play with “forgetting” – my realizations, my wisdom; forgetting what it cannot ever encompass but I see it – somewhat like a mildly misbehaving and soothe it, reassure it.

As we realize our Self, layer by layer, moment by moment, our alignment and relationship with our soul becomes stronger. We dance the dance, day to day, always dropping, longing, waiting, being. And so it continues. Moments of deepest realization – then forgetting – touching the remembrance of our infiniteness – then feeling it slip away. The dance of all humanity, to simply remember who we are and what we have always been. To realize fully, deeply and infinitely our divinity and light.


A Shift of Perspective

How interesting the times when chunks of our words “disappear” from the computer, as just happened to me for perhaps the third time today, including a more or less completed blog…!

For a week or two, I have been experiencing waves of resistance of a depth and intensity unknown to me previously. Storms of negativity that I find myself swept in yet just as quickly can be gone. I notice layers and layers of  resistance – to beautiful people coming from their heart, to my very life and its circumstances, and to Life itself.  Judgement, intolerance and explosive rage. Yet in between, I am happy, motivated, passionate. Interestingly, I have not encountered direct resistance to my own spiritual practices. So the cloak of the ego slips further and I see more clearly the ploy to lure me into swallowing the old beliefs, strategies, the twists and tricks to separate me from myself/others.

Life has been so very full and I am taken aback at the pace of time. So it has been particularly difficult to create any space to just be with myself. I have felt this keenly when I so long for inner space. Nevertheless, to the best I could, I connected to the full moon the last few nights, in ceremony. She only showed herself for the briefest of moments last night, allowing the clouds to part and shining her light upon me. Those few seconds remind me of Truth, of Light. That I am much, much more than my internal struggles.

This morning I chose to go for a short walk before my meditation class, feeling apathy and frustrations and not good about my lack of patience and kindness with my daughter. A view down through some trees to a river catches my eye and I decide to follow my intuition. I walk down and find myself in a place I have never before been, despite living in this town eight years and knowing it for decades. As I follow the river along, the land opens out into a beautiful green space and off to the side a waterfall gushes, fed by the melting of recent snows. I reflect on how a turn of the head or shift of viewpoint can open up a completely new horizon and experience. This has always been right here.

I stand before the waters letting them wash though me. As I gently shift into a more allowing attitude towards the storms within, I notice they have gently and effortlessly dissipated. And in the space is more softness, gentle opening, and even a sense of appreciation and wonder towards the bare trees silhouetted against the low morning sun, the light playing on the water, the sticks and mud under my boots.

At the same time I realise that even through turbulent storms within, there is an absence of a desire to seek answers or “fixing” by someone or something. I realise that I have quietly somehow  come to know and accept of my own inner teacher, my own Master, more than ever before. I have all I need within. Sometimes we are just called to go a bit deeper, to shift our perspective again and again.

As I gaze out of the window now, some hours later, I see the trees sway in the winds and the rain batters against the window panes. The storm may not be far away but I know I can choose to shift. To shift my viewpoint. To realign with myself – my deepest self, the one who is becoming unborn, unknown, and infinite. In truth who always has been.Image