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Cosmic Warriors of Light


We walk together through the spaces between stars,

feet landing on fresh green shoots of grass and on scorched earth both.

Our hearts’ echoes are the drumbeat that we march to, calling us into formation,

laser sharp through the black space.


There is a vibration we know as intimately as an out breath

and in sensing it or hearing it in another form, our inner flame ignites.


Art : Robby Donaghey ~ Becoming Love

Together we burn brighter and more fiercely, devouring all that is not true

and cleansing tracts of land far and great.


Warriors of Light, I sing to you, come forward.

It matters not if you are




It matters not that there is no map or pathway clear.


It matters only that you hear,

and, in the hearing, step,

placing body and being in service

to the Greatest Calling of All.


Emptied as the clear flute, through which Spirit may play,

the melody grows and dances through the skies,

whispering at more ears,

more hearts,

more souls.

“Come home.”

“Remember we are One.”


Whether head bowed over newborn babe,

ploughing fields,

constructing bricks and mortar

or walking barefoot on pilgrimage,

let the music dancing at your heart’s door enter and consume you.


We are called.

We are called.

Let us dance to the Divine melody of our Call.


For Alan.


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Holding Space

ARTIST Peter Westermann  Visual MathematicsMany of us have – with varying degrees of conscious awareness – been working through the layers of the “Trance of unworthiness” as Chameli Ardagh terms it. Having just emerged from a personal 21 day Magdalane sadhana, coming to fullness exactly the day before I travel on pilgrimage to southern France, I reflect on the nature of the personal and collective layers of unworthiness that are particularly – but of course not exclusively – held in the feminine consciousness.

Wading through the dense layers of illusion that have been constructed to disconnect us from Truth, so many of these in women are entangled with stories about both the body and sexuality. The container for essence in this human experience. The cloak of ego in all its shapeshifting forms has been wholly adopted by mass media and consciousness as powerful and pervasive tools of control and oppression.

But as we wake up – individually and collectively – to the toxic dreams of these stories we own our courage – as spiritual warriors – to stand in all our vulnerability, in all our uniqueness, and in our power – to be seen and heard.

In the journey of this “one”,  this pattern – of “unworthiness” has been strong. The classic strategy of the ego to attempt to deflect us from the magnificence of unlimited Being. As light and consciousness expand, the shadows, the wounds, may evolve, ease, purify but may not – necessarily – dissipate. They may remain – for days, weeks, years, lifetimes.  Yet nonetheless, we can come to see more and more that really there is less and less “separation” between personal and collective in that in each moment that one consciousness, one soul, chooses to deeply witness and alchemise whatever is playing out, all consciousness takes a breath of expansion.

And the layers of space that emerge – in our Being, around us and through the collective offer a rich and fertile landscape for the nurturing of That which we are and have always been. As the temporary fetters of forgetfulness fall away, there is only space. And only Love. Both. One.fire of life

When you are able
To make two become one,
The inside like the outside
And the outside like the inside,
The higher like the lower,
So that a man is no longer male
And a woman, female,
But male female
Become a single whole-
Then you will enter in ~ Gospel of Thomas

What anchors and embodies is the Truth of Being, That is the Love that we are. The infinite knowing of our Self as a child of the Living  Spirit.

This is ALWAYS there. Always available. Male, female, child or elder. And in the dance of human-ness we can make the choice EVERY moment. Towards the tightness of denial; the contraction of turning away or to choose Love. There is always the space of the breath and the vastness of the Sacred Heart which meets and holds every vibration that it encounters. Seeing it, acknowledging it in all its stickiness and shame. And in that, it too is Love.

We can refuse to be no less than Love. No matter how often the shadows and inner confusions call. We can hear,  turn to face them and  know that we are no less than Love.

Holding this space. Always.


Open the Gates

Open the gates my love
Fling them open wide
And let the light stream in.Magdalene - Karmie Varya

Open the gates my love
The gates of your Heart.
For now is the time
Never to depart.

No turning back into the night.
No struggling longer with fear,
Or with doubt.
Now is the time.

May sunlight caress you,
May moonlight bathe you.
May you be held in the arms of the ancients,
Adored once more.

May you know your magnificence.
May you know your All.
May the light shine brightly,
To dissolve all walls.

No more illusion.
No more insanity.
Only the opening,
To Truth and love

© Helen Quail, Orgiva, Spain  2014

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I’m choosing to stay Here 

In the field of the Unknown
Above the endless molten crater of the searing volcano
over the vast, liquid lake.

I choose this place of the unknown
That is my Home.
The remembering so familiar.
Beyond all.

I am choosing to stay Here.
In the Home of my Heart.
Wildly, utterly unpredictable as she is freed to limitlessness,
To the edges of Creation, and more

I am choosing to stay
In the Unknown,
the unknowable.
In the Heart of All.


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Waiting for God…or…

We sit. We live. We get caught in the details. The years roll past and there – may – come a point where we feel the emptiness, the longing. For what? It cannot be filled with “things”, with doing. It calls to be met, this space..

I was lucky enough to meet this place in me much earlier in my life. And my body took me into such incapacitating illness that I had no choice to carry on “as normal”. Truly I am grateful for I was taken into that place of enquiry, deeper and deeper until there was no turning back. The journey of my (conscious) healing has unfolded as a return to soul. Remembering, remembering – piece by piece as “I” am ready. And realising that there is no “I”. Every time I think I know, all is shattered, lovingly.


It is not to be comfortable but rather to set free, in abandon, knowing I am always held by the sea of Life. The Love that is all around, that permeates the membranes can no longer be kept at bay, for it is “I”. It is.

The mind begins to relax, knowing it is loved; it is appreciated. But now it has a different role. The Being that is timeless, formless and limitless is in “this” body. It is remembering and in remembering healing – Self, All.

For – of course – there is no separation. All idea, all thought, all experience arises from the one source. Every ripple touches all being.

We are only waiting for what is already there – and has always been here. We are the Divine – manifest, embodied and (often) lost under the weight of the veil of forgetting. Yet we are…God.

“I” know “you”. We are.

In Love, Helen

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We are all made of Stars

Dropping into the heart of the Universe.

made of starsWhere is it? It is within.

The atoms that make up the cosmos,

My skin, and bones, are made of dying stars.vibrate within in my cells.

There is no more truth than this.

The past few weeks have dropped me into another journey of letting go. Deeper questioning of Who am “I”? Who is the “I” who has memories? Who or what is the “I” that feels in this body? I have discovered – again – the illusory trap of identifying with ANYTHING – including the soul. I used to have the C. S. Lewis quote on my emails ~ “You don’t have a Soul. You are a Soul. You have a body.” Now I question this too. I am not a soul. I am not a body. I am not a mind. I am unknowable. Pure consciousness – limitless, undefinable, vast beyond all knowing. And I am , of course, nothing.

All of this, we are, a spark of divine consciousness, of pure Life, choosing to embody and experience a life in a human body, on a planet called Earth that floats in this galaxy. A galaxy that hurtles through space at a million miles an hour.

In experiencing a conscious realization that I am – again – not who I thought I was (ha!) nor can I ever know- I see how easily the ego-mind simply shifts its alliance to another form of identity. So I work to let go of the conditioning, the personality, but the ego still wants to identify with something – the soul, the spiritual identity. Another illusion.

cosmos 2

I witnessed the temporary turmoil of my mind as it was tossed upon unknown seas until I settled again into a vaster space. Yes, turbulence will arise again, the winds will come.

A space of unknowing and of being at peace with the unknowable. Yet open, always open. Quiet, watching, breathing, expanding.

Look up on the next clear night. Soak up the infinity above, below and all around. Look up. That is me. That is you. This is us all. Stars….

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