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Falling into Love, I rise.

FB_IMG_1472852439400Falling into love, I rise.

Dropping  away the layers, I fall, cleansed, naked, revealed.

This love flows through me,

not “mine” to retain

nor “yours” to give,

but in our purification

and our dedication,


we are called to the crucible

And to BE the crucible,

Through our union.


A melding of alchemies

that sparks conceptions

and evolution .


There is a power that ripples across the Cosmos,

emanating from the belly of Mother

and the breath of Father.


In declaring a whole souled “Yes!” to the Divine Power,

Grace may reveal infinitely .

She fills my chest with countless galaxies; my eyes with brilliant stars.

My skin is enlivened with the dust of God, my blood richer with the fire of Love.

It is done. It is.


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Willow Arlenea - BIrth of a Galaxy Astarte

Willow Arlenea – Birth of a Galaxy Astarte

For nine months, from early spring of last year, I wandered as a nomad in answer to a soul call that had been gestating through this lifetime. This involved letting go of everything “external” – home, financial security, and being with my children to serve in wider, deeper and more unknown ways around the planet. The call was first to North America for a month and from there knowing only that every step was absolutely directed by the Mystery, by the Goddess, I did not know where home would manifest, nor where I would rest. I was literally taken around the planet as part of the magic and weave of Life. Hawaii, Glastonbury, Bali, USA three times, Germany, Czech Republic, Netherlands and Italy.

A seed quietly grew and whispered persistently as I was called back to be again in my lands of birth – feeling only enough in my belly to know this was the essential next step. For my personal path, my service and the Divine Feminine energetics to be alchemised and grounded in Scotland and for my soul agreements with my daughter. Nine months after that journey began.

Today I am struck that it is – again – nine months later – and at the anniversary of my earth birth – that the home that so gracefully appeared within twenty four hours of setting my intent to return – was sold. And so the next cycle beckons. One of even deeper completion – of many circles – personal and practical, familial, ancestral.

Several sittings with soul family in recent weeks has focused again on the absolute wonder and awe at the intelligence and elegance of the Divine. The countless synchronicities and interconnections that prod us, manoeuvre us and awaken us to the vastly more magnificent Cosmic play.

In the smallest of happenings – from being spontaneously guided to take a different route thus enabling a whole re-shuffle of appointments that allows a friend to have the space to be supported in her deep distress – to the grandest, some of which I have written of previously. Neither is more or less Divine, more or less inspired by the kiss of the Beloved.

We are loved constantly, fiercely, tenderly and piercingly to peel off the layers of density and disguise; to lay aside the seeming seduction of the familiar and sleepwalking through our lifetimes.

More than four human births occur on this planet every second. Every second. Yet no matter how many billions of beings come to join this earth school, the miracle of birth can never be any less wondrous. Every entrance is a pushing through safety and comfort into an absolutely new world. With love and gratitude for the Mother who nurtures creation, the Divine takes exquisite expression in order to pursue a path of evolution that can only be wrought by and through the donning of unique form birthed.

And so for every birthing and re-birthing in our human experiences. Into new love. Dissolving of friendships. The transitioning of parents. Falling away of jobs, homes and structures – all dancing and evolving into something more aligned to following our greatness. We are held in the belly of Mother, nourished by her love and overseen by Divine Source. We may wriggle and squirm. We may cry. We may emerge with a blissful half smile. But we ARE born. We always were.

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Alive to Love

feminie essence






How do we know when our heart is truly beating, unrestricted, unarmoured?

When do we feel our breath moving deeply into every cell?

Do we have the courage to just love, no matter what? Right here, right now. All of it.

Do I?

This journey only goes deeper. As mind and heart clarify and purify; as the body cells are washed and renewed, the choice in this breath is startlingly simple. Whatever the mind or the wounded ego parts may wish to tempt with. The choice is to love.

There is no “wrong” loving when we focus on clear intent and unconditional expression. There is no place for guarding or holding back. In fact it is the very fierceness, the relentless and the infinite tenderness of our loving that transforms the person we are with. And of course further purifies our own self.

I have written often that the path of the heart is not for the faint – hearted. It asks every last drop of courage. It asks that we are prepared to walk utterly alone with no seeming reflection of understanding or acceptance from any around us. It asks that we are willing to place EVERYTHING on  the fire. No exceptions made for our sweetest, secret dreams or our comforting life-plans. Nuh – uh.

ready to jump

Tears will come. Your chest may feel like it is ripping open. The intensity of Life – of pure Love can appear utterly devastating to the personality. Because it is ultimately. Pure Divine Love flowing through us in human form can only call us back to our true nature. Our balance and guardian is our own loving nature. The more generously and committedly we can extend this to all parts of our own self and embrace us, the more rooted our foundation from and through which to flow Divine Love.

Our aliveness never ends. Our essence is eternal and infinite. But in the precious gift of this human dance, the more we embody – fully allowing the experience of our bodies, our emotions, our sexual energy – NOT identifying with them nor being led unconsciously by them but absolutely opening to the richness of the human experience, we bring more and more of Source, Divine Love into form, expanding, expanding Life itself.

So when the heart is wide open and raw; when tears pour; when the mind spins or the body aches, in this breath celebrate that there is the gift of this lifeforce pulsing through us.

We are alive to Love.

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Die into birth

Xombie Xree


Time to fall in love

with Her

the Mother of All


The Void space

that is not head

that is not heart

that pulses both through her birth canal

in a frenzy of Love


Relentless, edgeless,

blood dripping




She asks for my tender forearm

the curve of my neck

the soft swell of my belly

the most, pungent places


That I have shown no-one.


She demands it all.

She devours it all.


She – I – replete in total disintegration

void and satied,

the birth canal is the total and complete yes,

the full owning of every pulse, turn, word


I die to Her.

I die into birth.



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Open Heart

surrenderIt’s easy to write about our heart being wide open but what really matters is how we are when we are blasted wide open – whether by an ocean of trembling love or by devastation and grief. What do we do with this raw, wide open heart before the world? Before the mirror of an “other”?

How easy it is to shrink back  to the land of known where – even though suffocating, even though slowly, inexorably shrinking, the wounded one feels safer.

Or we can stand barefoot on the grass, arms outstretched to the all knowing sky. We can throw our head back instead of down; unconcerned by the tears that may course down our cheeks. We can cast our howls to the wind and the stars – whether of ecstasy or pain – and feel them reverberate across the Universe.

We can stand in the love that we are and that we are continually crafted from. Wide open. Ready to meet another rising of the sun.

This is our invitation to love, Beloveds.

Close your eyes. Let your sweet, full breath fill your lungs. Watch as it moves outwards again, ever outward, back to Source.

You are the river of life, the flow of oneness that cannot be stopped. This love that moves through you, some moments exhilarating, some moments splitting your chest open. This love is your very essence.

Beyond and all experiences. Far outwith structures of “time”; of “you” or “I”.

This love is All, everything in this now and pulsing as the fabric of eternity.


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The Call of the Beloved

For now is the time that we open to love,

a fully balanced, received and expressed love,

one that is mature,

that seeks no “other” for completion,

that both radiates out infinitely and turns its gaze ever inward,

back to the seed, the flower and the ripening.


Now is the time that the Beloved is welcomed and honoured

as equal expressions of Truth,

not Master nor servant.

There is no betrayal, for this love is no Other

nor separation.


This love is the true kernel of all life.

the Birther and the Destroyer,

the Guide and the chaos,

the Beginning and the End.


This love is the still point at the centre of the Cosmos

and infinity that encompasses every moment;

the pounding heart that feels like it will explode

from the sheer joy of life,

The vibrancy of the colours.


The Beloved is calling us home to Love,

tenderly, forcefully with all the passion you can meet.

Turn your face to the Light,

your body to the heat,

let your knees drop to the Earth

and you will hear.


I am calling You.


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Abundance of Life

jumping offI am filled with gratitude.
I am filled with Love.
I am truly humbled at the depth and richness of the gifts this Divine experience on Earth lays before us in each moment.

And reflecting on how the experiences of bliss, abundance, joy, freedom…and so much more…are directly related to the depth of surrender to the Divine. And our alignment with Presence, with Love; with our true nature as unlimited Being.
Don’t be deceived by your mind – that my journey – on all levels – does not ask anything less than everything . Surrender of any personal “agenda” or will to Divine Will. To dive off with no (apparent!) safety net.

For then…..then…Life can REALLY flow in abundance ….

Maybe this is not for “you”.

Or perhaps, deep, deep inside, in a very quiet space there is a place that says “Yes”. That has always said “Yes”. In quietness, let your attention drop down and down. It is there, in a breath, in a heartbeat – in every one of us. In inexplicable moments of stillness it may surprise you by its appearance.

On this New Moon, our invitation is to the fullest experience of this incredible, magical Life.
To call deep into our core That which we are – which has NO limitations.
In love and gratitude, I call forth abundance on all levels in and through my life mission.
I align to this Truth – the only Truth – that All is without limitation.
Abundance is only restricted by our human ability to receive bliss; our trust in Source’s ever present support and our core acceptance of our Divine nature and thus of wholly deserving of all the riches of Source pours in and through us.
In other words – in fully and deeply knowing our essence as Love.

Helen dedicates her Life to a path of Love and Light. She offers individual consultations globally through skype; facilitates light transmissions, gatherings and events worldwide and offers Divine expression through writings in her blog and forthcoming books. Contact via her site or facebook.