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Alive to Love

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How do we know when our heart is truly beating, unrestricted, unarmoured?

When do we feel our breath moving deeply into every cell?

Do we have the courage to just love, no matter what? Right here, right now. All of it.

Do I?

This journey only goes deeper. As mind and heart clarify and purify; as the body cells are washed and renewed, the choice in this breath is startlingly simple. Whatever the mind or the wounded ego parts may wish to tempt with. The choice is to love.

There is no “wrong” loving when we focus on clear intent and unconditional expression. There is no place for guarding or holding back. In fact it is the very fierceness, the relentless and the infinite tenderness of our loving that transforms the person we are with. And of course further purifies our own self.

I have written often that the path of the heart is not for the faint – hearted. It asks every last drop of courage. It asks that we are prepared to walk utterly alone with no seeming reflection of understanding or acceptance from any around us. It asks that we are willing to place EVERYTHING on  the fire. No exceptions made for our sweetest, secret dreams or our comforting life-plans. Nuh – uh.

ready to jump

Tears will come. Your chest may feel like it is ripping open. The intensity of Life – of pure Love can appear utterly devastating to the personality. Because it is ultimately. Pure Divine Love flowing through us in human form can only call us back to our true nature. Our balance and guardian is our own loving nature. The more generously and committedly we can extend this to all parts of our own self and embrace us, the more rooted our foundation from and through which to flow Divine Love.

Our aliveness never ends. Our essence is eternal and infinite. But in the precious gift of this human dance, the more we embody – fully allowing the experience of our bodies, our emotions, our sexual energy – NOT identifying with them nor being led unconsciously by them but absolutely opening to the richness of the human experience, we bring more and more of Source, Divine Love into form, expanding, expanding Life itself.

So when the heart is wide open and raw; when tears pour; when the mind spins or the body aches, in this breath celebrate that there is the gift of this lifeforce pulsing through us.

We are alive to Love.

Helen serves the expansion of light and love in many ways including global gatherings, online healing transmissions and one to one consultations internationally. Please connect through facebook , Helen’s site or sign up for an occasional newsletter.

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Opening Doors


Lauren Kristin - love is sitting in silence and feeling the other

Image  Lauren Kirstin

A favourite family memory is of how  the toy pram I loved to push around contained not a doll but books. Since I was a young girl I knew that I was on earth to write a (at least one) book. Fascinating that only at this stage in my life is that first book  to come to physical form. This absolute knowing of this call was prior to any sense of conscious awakening to the greater wonder of life and a path in service to the Divine.

The avenue of writing is a door that has been patiently held open for me since childhood, awaiting as much of me that I choose to bring through it. And other key gateways have one after another come into view – or I have found myself stepping through.

I spent many hours as a girl in my own company, quiet and thoughtful and unsure of this place I found myself in. Often reading and writing or being in nature. I was actually being deeply prepared energetically and vibrationally, but this did not come to my knowing until decades later. Church left me bored and deadened and my only calling to anything “spiritual” were daydreams about being a nun like my beloved aunt  with whom I always had a close connection.

I  was little in my body actually and certainly took upon myself beliefs that I was not athletic, strong, vigorous or courageous in my physicality. I remained largely in my consciousness and elsewhere, dancing dimensions, awash at a physical level in the vibrations of the conditioning of family and culture which felt so “alien” to my essence as  a Cosmic being. Born under Leo I also carried a deep shyness as well as wild passion and courage and a strong call to lead.

My blogs are always inspired by my journey and my most intimate experiences and learnings. For several years I have been travelling internationally as guided, offering events, retreats and gatherings. My work is entirely guided by Spirit and my highest aspects so it is very intuitive and unstructured. It asks that I show up one hundred per cent, aligned, present and in trust – with each being who has felt a call to co create and show up. In this alignment there is – as much as possible – no “personal”, only trust and surrender to the Divine. But of course I am human and egoic as well as Divine – as are we all – so we are  present and relating to consciousness through the degree to which in any moment we are in these filters and the degree to which  we are capable of aligning with highest level of pure consciousness, One mind, One heart. If that is our choice.

After a huge nine month journey of creation, expansion, loving, letting go, moving, resting and retreating, my focus since the September Equinox gateway, which I experienced in Giza, Egypt, through the dark womb of winter and onwards, is deeply on inner  work and letting all notions around forms of expression dissolve. My attention is particularly with healing core wounds between the masculine and feminine which reside unresolved in my being, and in the collective consciousness. This is a critical key in the next stage of both my personal growth and wholeness and service, as well as a service to Sacred union manifesting and being accessible to all on earth. Whilst I have been deeply committed and actively working with all aspects of my self for twenty years, my being is now insistent on a deep, deep dive and the fuller embodiment that is possible.

An essential approach in this shadow work is fully turning towards that which shows up – and loving it in wholeness as the Divine speaking to the Divine. At the heart of this for my soul, the core wounds relate to those between the masculine and feminine and the energies that have been distorted in endeavours to control and stifle sexuality in the collective.

It has been brought to my awareness that, due to the astrological alignments at my birth, part of my role is to manifest the most private, personal and sensitive parts of my soul publicly, in the world. Not an easy calling for any of us. I place great value on authenticity and integrity in all my work. And in honesty. This does not come without a price.

In earth incarnations , I have lineages in the Isis and Magdalene mystery schools; as a Priestess of the Moon; in the highest temples of Atlantis and, very close to my heart resonance, in Lemuria. This is relevant in that, through these experiences, amongst others, I have deep cellular knowledge and memories of many things (we all do) and part of those skills, teachings and gifts are in sacred sexuality as a pathway to the Divine.

In the deeper and freer engagement with my fullness in form, it is my realization now that – with whatever openings, deepening and expansions I have been involved in personally over a number of years, and in my sharing through my writing, I  have not expressed “this aspect” of me publicly through my work and writing. My deep, alive Sacred sexuality.

I fully appreciate that many of us don’t discuss our sexual selves openly. The oppressive weight of conditioning when it comes to sexuality is deadening. Raised a Catholic in the west of Scotland, I can assure you that tantric practices and sexual bliss were not anywhere to be found on the curriculum. (Think martyrdom, repression and sex only in marriage and for the sole purpose of baby making!) And as a young woman who was pregnant and unmarried at age seventeen, I again tasted these ancient distortions and projections first hand.  I was also struck by the level of hypocrisy and repressiveness around sexuality in America in the time I spent there last year. Scotland is not particularly liberal but seems somewhat more honest and real in relation to our bodies and the earthiness and reality of our sexual selves.

Just as our relationship with the Divine is deeply intimate yet utterly Universal, our sexuality is a deliciously unique expression of this relationship – and of our relationship with being in this life and form. But as spirituality has been attempted to be strangled and controlled through most orthodox religion, so has sexuality been dragged behind closed doors, repressed, hidden and painted with fragrances of shame to keep it deeply buried and “private”.

Particularly for women today, to reclaim our bodies, energy and power as Sacred sexual beings also means facing and healing the many generations of pain we have experienced  – from rape, torture and death to emotional and mental abuse. Whether as temple priestesses or young woman of the village; as wife, daughter, mother and lover. Beloved Sisters I bow to you for your depth of courage in loving so fiercely, so tenderly; in accepting this call to heal now. And Beloved Brothers I honour you also for your massive bravery, in opening to unknown and uncharted ways; for slowly but surely creating spaces of safety for the healing of your Beloved ones and for yourselves. As Claire Zammit articulated perfectly in her discussion of “Feminine Power” “together we have the power to participate in creating the future of relationships and the highest level of intimate relationship possible in history.” That is a truly huge and inspiring consideration.

In my own opening of deep inner doors, I am compelled to open this door, here, “publicly”. To declare my willingness to bring all parts of this one to expression. In opening this door to sharing more of such an integral part of my essence and humanity, it is a gift to my own wholeness and in this, it is my prayer that these reflections may – if it is to be – gently nudge open a door welcoming our greater realization.

If it’s not for you, perfect. I can – as I often state – only write that which I am called and guided to (whether the “I” likes it or not). Displaying vulnerability too is a massive gift – to ourselves and to all. It speaks of a foundational trust in the benevolence of Life itself IF we are moved to show this vulnerability without egoic agenda and simply in naked truth. (No pun intended). We carry out this journey as only each of us can, directed by our souls, whether we listen and align or not. But we do it together as expressions of the one force that is all. Love.

And one of the richest and most potent gifts and purposes of choosing to incarnate in human form is to have a body that can channel, move and share life force. That can create and give birth to biological life itself. That can create bliss, union and transformations of consciousness through the conscious application of sexual energy. We can touch. We  feel the tingle of warm skin alive to our caress. The pungent aromas of sweat, the salty taste of tears. We can move body and soul through the enlivening and directing of shakti and sexual energy.

As the Feminine reclaims her voice and her power, she also reclaims her body and sexuality. And she does it in partnership with the masculine. As he is invited to reconnect to his vulnerability, to his emotional core; to his true sensual and sexual nature and  to the softness in his strength, together we can explore the worlds of joy, depth, healing, power and transformation available through being Spirit in very human form. Each one of us – whatever gender, whatever sexual preferences, has this invitation and capacity first and above all with our own self, our own energies and body. Then to further this growth as can only be done in direct, embodied intimacy with other beings. Sexual,  emotional, mental and physical beings, blessed with all the gifts, challenges and sensuous experiences of having this particular form.

So with all my years of cutting through and shaking off these binds, of breathing more deeply, moving more freely – I am stepping through another door. My voice may just echo that vibration within you, as within many sisters at this time  who are bursting into far deeper, freer expression. And with the brothers who are so empty from the meaningless ideas of sexual conquest and performance and the lack of authentic models of emotional balance and maturity, awakening to spiritually fulfilling sexual intimacy as an expression of all that we are.

The limitless love of the returning feminine requires a deeply safe container and this is the Divine masculine presence which each of us – whatever gender – is called to cultivate. The feminine in turns brings the deepest love and nurturing to the strength and force of the masculine aspects, receiving him fully, with compassion bathing any  bruisedness, softening rigidity and opening his Sacred heartspace.

The only way I can move into and through my present work is through this healing and harmonizing taking place through my beloved body and in direct, authentic and intimate relationship – with myself and others. To the degree that each one of us as souls-in-body increases our capacity to be and express Divine Love in wholeness, we bless our world with that joyous alignment and vibrational increase in consciousness.

I invite us to lean in to a deeper intimacy and to get naked together.

I love you.

Helen is a love and light worker, energy healer and writer serving consciousness. She offers  worldwide events, retreats and one to one sessions as well as her writings. If you are interested in knowing more, or in details of the 2016 programme as available please see her site, fb or sign up for an occasional newsletter.


The Wheel Turns

Mother - Gustav KlintThis blog is one of the most “personal” I have shared and many may wonder why I do so. The answer – as always – is that I share the words when they need to be shared. When the flow comes and when I know they have to be offered. It may be but one soul that can receive. No matter. What matters is the speaking of my truth, from the heart. This is at the core of my serving in this lifetime.

Several years ago, on getting to know a new/old friend and her discovering that I have five children, she commented, “Wow, you must really LOVE being a mother!” This remark struck something core at that moment and has echoed with me these years in its inadvertent wisdom and invitation to explore layers of my Being and experiences.

Many who know me reflect on my natural ease and grace in mothering. I do love being a mother. My children have taught me more about love than anything else on this planet. But this has not been the motivating force behind my mothering. That force, I see with greater and greater clarity is Source itself, of course.

In truth, no – this is not an innate, organic urge to reproduce and care-take that has always been with me. I had no desire to have children – quite the opposite!  I disconnected from any conscious impulse to be a mother. This was an absorption of my parents conditioning and experiences rather than my own clear response.

At seventeen, as a University student emerging from a very turbulent last few teenage years, I found myself pregnant, “unplanned”. Now I can see the perfection of this – as everything in this life. A deep unconscious desire to be loved and needed was met in a daughter who would require lifelong and constant care. An angel – with “Angelman Syndrome” who would show me what Love really is. And be my first and greatest teacher in the power and beauty of letting go – in and as love.

The details will come another time but in letting her go, my resulting swallowing of grief, guilt and pain and my denial of Self as Mother led me ultimately into the total breakdown of my health. By the time I was in a wheelchair and had job, home, relationships and much else stripped away, I was finally waking to another way of Being.

Part of that healing was returning to reclaim Mother in me. This took long years, chronic illness, even a journey through the legal system until I literally placed myself before the highest court of my country, and owned the truth that I was indeed a mother and a good mother. And through this healing of myself as Mother, came the very conscious conception and incarnation of my Beloved son, some seventeen years after my daughter.

Divine Mother

What has occurred throughout the time since has been a periodic calling,  a specific powerful awakening of this impulse to bring forth life, to mother, in order to consciously facilitate each of five very special and powerful souls to find their way into this world. In the case of my adopted daughter – very especially to place her in the circumstances she needed to be to fulfill her mighty soul’s mission. Each calling has met various degree of internal resistance for a brief period until coming into alignment and embracing. Other than the way in which the sacred adoption of my daughter came forth, which was so massively forceful there truly was no space for any resistance or hesitation!

So I know so deeply that each of “my” children” is truly a gift from the Divine. A message, a blessing, a service, a gift beyond riches. The love I have for my children cannot be anything other than unlimited, unconditional and vaster than any other. There have been innumerable moments of utter magic, joy, tenderness and a fulfillment that fill up my heart in unique and precious ways.

I could write many, many pages on the miracle that they are and the gifts that mothering offers. I would give my life in a heartbeat for any one of my children. And I believe they know so.


What has been germinating for actually my entire life – I just wasn’t conscious of it – is the knowing that my service involves Being Mother, in a way that both holds and transcends the personal.

After caring for my first daughter for the first two and a half years of her life, I was completely ready and committed to devote my whole life to her care which would be constant. I considered no other choice. Then a gateway opened. A long and immensely painful journey ensued – which again is for my book rather than here – but in essence I learned that the true meaning of love is loving without attachment. Loving someone enough to set them free, let them go. We gave each other this gift, my daughter and I – of the purest unconditional love. She has never spoken a word for she speaks the truest language of the heart and is one of the most masterly teachers I have encountered.

Flitting ahead through the years of birthing and raising three sons and my adopted daughter, and my marriage coming to an end, there has been a more conscious knowing for a number of years that in order to fulfill what I came here for, I would again be required to let go. To entrust my children to Mother. To Life. To allow us all to be supported and cared for at the highest levels, so that love can continue but I can also serve as meant. And so it is. And now comes to pass.

After many, many months of tears, exploration, processing I require to be ready to be wrong, to make a mistake, I require to take the risk of stepping into the third stage of my life that is much more than selling the family home and leaving Scotland. At a practical level, my children are very fortunate as they have a beautiful father who loves them and can provide a stable family home for them. They too have a mother who loves them beyond what is possible to measure and will always, always be available in the ways that matter most. They know how to feel me and that separation is an illusion. They know they are so loved and welcomed with both their father and mother and there is always a place with either parent as and when this feels the right thing for them.

And this will support all of us in the face of collective judgement, much of it unspoken. Much of it projection of our own deepest fears and wounds around Mother and Father.

It is not that it is not entirely possible to integrate a high level of spiritual service with being entirely grounded in family life and there are mothers and fathers the world over doing just this. This has been my richest teaching ground on patience, love, truly embodying what I learn and really being present.

It is – very simply – the path set out for this soul. Whether it can ever be understood at levels other than heart or soul, or not. My conscious awakening began some twenty years ago. I am not meant to defer my call for another fifteen until my youngest is grown. The work is too important and it is needed now.

So we enter a different dance. One that will flow and change as each of these amazing beings grows through different life stages; as my path of service unfolds. But we will weave this dance together – a lifelong dance of love.

My children are not “my” children” but as Gibran says

“They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.”

They come through me but not from me.

To deny my Truth is to deny my soul. I have to answer to what I know, no matter how difficult this may appear. I cannot teach my children to deny their soul. I will not. And I feel them – their souls around me – as we honour the contract we made before birth, knowing deep within, however the human part may respond, that all is in Divine perfection.

I give All to Mother. All is held by Her. We walk as One .


Helen Quail   2.1.15

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Fasting – One experience

embodied feminineI am drawn to share with you my recent experience of fasting which has been revelatory on many levels and deeply positive. Of course these are uniquely personal but perhaps will resonate and assist in some way. I was touched and amazed at the synchronicity as I decided to fast, of many soul family also doing so and the circle we hold for one another is ever present.

I had the idea to fast perhaps for a day, then maybe three prior to my forthcoming travels, but it became obvious in one moment that I was to go into fast in in alignment with the last full moon and also synching in with the fast of soul family also. They were fasting for seven days, which they had done previously just a few weeks ago. I believed this to be most likely way beyond something I would attempt. All perfectly orchestrated of course, so I had no time to pre-plan or think in depth, but simply flowed. I had witnessed a lessened appetite for a long time. Paradoxically I found I tended to overeat at times as I was not eating in alignment with natural hunger.

In my early twenties I had – like many young women – a period of issues with food and weight control – so I am cautious about how I move with any food “regime”, wary of control or prescriptive practices that only serve to dissociate from the rhythms of my body and Being. So my intent was very much to listen, to watch and to do what truly felt aligned for my Being in this now. The purpose was very much to prepare my physical vessel to hold higher light and new templates for the forthcoming light work and journey to US/Hawaii which I know is hugely significant.

And how fascinating and nurturing it was. Moment to moment.

I entered with no set “agenda” of time. I had three days shown to me but previously I had only fasted once for 36 hours so I aimed to have no expectations and truly align with my body and Being. My first fast was done in very supportive circumstances, on retreat, in silence, able to rest and flow as required On that fast I felt very weak, extremely slowed down and quite shaky. Nevertheless I could feel how good it was for all of me and felt motivated to fast on a weekly basis but was deterred at the reality of combining with family life and cooking for four children daily.

I found this a completely different experience and much easier than might be expected.One that my body truly embraced. Also that I went much deeper. The first day especially was very interesting in watching the mental patterns and habitual impulses to just reach out and put something in my mouth.  And the impulse towards food felt very light and superficial actually. I observed and experienced hunger – which was not acute – seeing how it comes and goes. I witnessed the programming and conditioning more clearly than ever. And the layers of emotional patterns interwoven with food. I felt good, bright and really energised. Not cold or shaky. I experienced very little in the way of physical detox nor hunger discomfort.

In my first fast I thought a lot about food and what I would eat! This time not so at all. Another releasing of attachments. I saw that my body welcomed the fast. I needed to eat much less than I might have believed.

From the day before full moon I had a three day period of intense emotional releasing. It was very educational to watch this when not eating – and the impulses to self comfort and soothe through food. Being asked to be with the emptiness and the pain fully.

And also observing what it is to remove “food” from one’s day…how much is structured around it and the empty space that comes in when it is not there.

For three days I had water and herbal teas only. And what appreciation grows for such simple pleasures, and the exquisiteness of cool fresh water. I found the second two nights I experienced great vibration through my body and didn’t sleep well. Extremely lucid dreams. And on night three strong womb clearing.

On waking Day 3 and 4 I was shaky and hot. The waves of heat surprised me as I tend to coldness, especially when not eating much but clearly there was intense releasing. Day 3 I was guided to first of all have lemon juice and hot water and then I was fine. Day four I knew my body needed something more grounding. The shaking was more extreme and uncomfortable. And I had a few spells of feeling overcome. I knew the experience should not be an ordeal and to honour what my body was revealing.

I only needed literally a mouthful – an oatcake and nut butter – to feel well. Not hungry but re-integrating. I had a wonderful supportive massage and with this realized I had not been so in my body. Also that I needed to be still, quiet and inward and to eat another snack to ground in. In flowed sadness, very different from the earlier intense releases – both heavy and light at the same time, and very ancient. I watched and felt it quietly and the call to deeper self love and compassion.

A long spell of self healing led me to follow guidance to eat something again grounding in the evening. Not that I was even hungry but it felt nourishing to my body. And brought me more to Earth. I noticed very much that part of this sadness was the call to come into the physical density. Timeless, without end. And my resistance to this…

Deeper release came – of low, negative web patterns and rage…into pure joy and peace later through facilitating my light group.

I slept noticeably better and had no expectations as to whether I would continue having eaten something. In fact I just went with the flow and my body wanted little. Day 5 and 6 I had a small amount of fresh juice at some point in the afternoon when my body asked, then a small, nutritious meal later which tasted Divine and so nourishing.

I watched the thoughts that said I am forever changed in my relationship to food, then laughed as a jar of marshmallows in the kitchen cupboard almost immediately caught my attention, making me smile at how quickly the ego can attach onto any belief.

The energetic, emotional and spiritual processes over these days were most fascinating for me. When the body was quiet, meditation was indeed effortless. The first day especially I wanted only to be looking inward, deeper and deeper. The inflows of energies were huge throughout and I was more acutely aware of the vibratory resonance throughout my cells and light body. I truly experienced myself more completely as light and vibration. I am so grateful for the circle that came together with soul family and connected daily for three days supporting our initiations, further light activations and unique yet wholly inter-connected journeys.

Most wonderful of all were the Himalayan salt baths which I had most days. I moved out of the hologram and though dimensions, dissolving, traveling. Day four I awoke to visual phenomena. Not hallucinations as such, just shifting perceptions.

I felt into the space inside –not in my “belly” but in my whole Being. Saw how much “I” can try to fill the space, can be fearful of it. The void….that can feel like such sadness and emptiness but also unlimited pure Source field. And how this feels much more aligned and natural than the many ways I – and many of us can disassociate, numb out and attempt to “fill” ourselves.

Kundalini activations linked into burning and constriction in the spine which continues after the fast. Yoga as always helps. Though my energy was great, I feel more strength now too having taken in some food.

I am being guided already to do another fast soon. With more of a focus on physical clearing. That this was a “warm up”… 😉 Our guides are so smart. I would have been amazed to think I could have done what I did so relatively easily. I also feel much more aligned to eating truly with my own flow. I didn’t have the luxury of clear and free space to support the flow of my Being which would be ideal yet still I was amazed to watch how it unfolded, how easy it was in many ways and how supported I felt.

At this point I feel – know – I am permanently changed. In terms of mental programming and emotional responses, physical wellbeing and balance and most certainly in terms of my vibrational frequency and capacity to embody light. I have a deeper understanding of how to listen to what my Being actually requires and to pay attention to what is story or fear based programming.

At the core for me requires to be the feminine path, of listening, softness, flow. Not pushing and also watching closely the subtle ways ego can come in and the many ways the mental programmes can attempt to divert and hold us. Whilst at the same time holding great strength and focus. So I will listen, feel and honour as best as I can, ever deeper. Loving this Being. Loving the opportunity to be in a body on this wonderful planet. Loving the circles of Life that hold us all infinitely as we weave and dance.


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Across Universes

star brothers and sistersOh my love, my Soul

We were blasted to opposite corners of the Universes

My arms reaching out

Calling for you, calling

From the depths of my Being

But you could not hear


And so we continued,

always in service,

always the light,

traveling through time and space


Until this moment when we find each other once again in form on the earth plane.


Oh the bittersweet miracle of finding Beloveds from across the stars

to meet in the one heart,

beyond all time

only to have to let go once again.


For you are not fully here

only small fragments of the vastness I know you to be

of all I experience you as

cloaked in the garments of humanness as we all are


Can I keep this raw heart wide open

no matter what?

to find you…to let you go again and again?


In knowing the Love that you are

that we are

my human heart breaks a little that once again you cannot hear

cannot see

but glimpses…


In New Earth there is no wanting,

only Being

and so my heart becomes the Cosmos

and I release you once again,

as I have done before

to be free

to be the light that you are


In truth, releasing my own self

from the false ties to human-ness,

knowing there is never any separation,

that we are perfect Love.


For Love is infinite letting go

into That which Is

and has always been.


Helen Quail 25.1.15

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Perfect Love

These are the days of our lives, the moments we came here to experience.
Not when we are greater, clearer, kinder, more ready. This is IT now, Beloveds.
Whatever plays out in the circumstances of this coming year in your life-school, the essence of you remains timeless, infinite and essentially unchanged.

You see your very existence IS Divine Love. So you are already perfection.

Every Being on this tiny blue planet, hurtling through space is an expression of Divine Love. Love in form. As are the trees, the birds, the grasses, the mountains….Can you feel it? Every creation an outpouring of Love.

fire of beginning

Trouble is we are so familiar – and often comfortable – in an uncomfortable-used-to-suffering kind of way! with identifying with our ego that we see only its’ displays of confusion, grasping, wanting, separation. We need this beautiful construction in order to be able to function in this world, on this earthly plane, but this egoic clothing is but that.

In our core, in our very vibration we are – Love.
There is no truth simpler nor more profound.

As one earthly year flows into another, there is no need to change anything. To “fix” anything. Let go of any illusion that you are not good enough exactly as you are. You are a Divine expression of Love. No less. So how can you be anything but perfect?

We spend our lives wanting that which we already are. Running in fear from that which we are. What we long for most, we most fear. Until, exhausted by our efforts, we stop. Perhaps only pausing for a moment and somehow, in an instant, we are caught. Breathless by the magnitude, the utter unknowability of our Being. There is no going back…

There is a place in every Being that has never forgotten. That never can. This spark that contains all the Universes, all the cosmos. The seed of Cosmic Love that is the kernel of everything. That fuels our every heartbeat.

When we align to our Sacred Heart, to our very Beingness as Divine Love, we touch unlimited Truth.

Love contains All – all emotions, all experience, all Being. All shades of the rainbow. It does not waiver. It does not discriminate. You do not have to earn That which you are, nor to become worthy of simply embodying that which you have always been and will be forever.

Oh and be assured, Love is ruthless in its focus. It is not afraid of darkness nor confusion nor fear itself. It does not falter in its knowingness as Love. All that is not Love will be brought to the fire. All illusion and delusion. We are constantly and continually redirected back home. No matter what. And in this power is a compassion that both contains and surpasses all expressions of Mother. Holding all fiercely and tenderly in the same instant. Caressing us relentlessly till we surrender.

Love has neither beginning nor end. We walk through these moments of time, on a planet called Earth, whilst love flows and weaves across all dimensions. If we sit quietly enough we can hear it whispering and dancing through our cells, tinkling like fairy bells in the space between us, blowing through the chasms within Universes. Cascading echoes of all that has ever been, to fall like tender sprinklings of dust onto our skin.

The human ego can only “take” so much. The mind most certainly can only take so much before it feels overwhelmed. The Love that we are has no limits. Truly. In your liberation as Love, you will find the old self free-falling through space. There is no longer any comfort zone for the identified self but the One, the timeless One, recognises how it is held by the very fabric of all existence.

You are seen as love. Whatever your clothes, your form, your actions. There is no hiding. There is nothing that you can ever do – or say – that will change the Love that you are constructed of. You will always be met – sooner or later – by the Love that created you, the Love that breathes you.

The small self is so ridiculously, immeasurably outmatched!
So in this moment, in these times of turning, on the brink of the gateway of 1.1, if there is any resolution, make it only this.

To surrender to Love.
Perfect Love.
And so it is.
I meet you as the Love that we are.

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love hand


Honour of Self

bow of graceMy words are always somewhat of a “thinking out loud” the simple reflections and expressions of my heart as I am in this moment. If they can be of assistance to any I am grateful.
I find myself using the verb “honour” again and again at the moment. As each soul encounter is an ever deeper invitation to know Self, my calling has been to a greater honouring of myself, to greater self Love. To be aware of and present to my own energy. To know myself as love. To be and do in ways that support my truest Being. No matter what.
And in recognizing where another form is not capable of this, the opportunity to stand in my own Being and respect and hold space for myself. Where another turns from presence, I look more carefully at my own capacity to hold presence.
Where another offers unconditional love without limit, I observe the part of me that is overwhelmed. I hold her gently, reassuring her that all is well.
When my heart does not validate any experience, I stop and listen. No matter the external experience, no matter the thought processes, what is my heart saying?
When I look at how the word honour– as a verb – is defined I find:
– To regard with great respect
– to fulfil (an obligation) or keep (an agreement)
How interesting….this points me directly back to the agreements I have made as and with my soul. And the degree to which I – living out this human life and experiences am fulfilling my soul’s contracts.
At this time my teaching – and it is fast and rich – is largely, intensely and wonderfully coming through the form of deep, instant and at times almost overwhelming soul reconnections. Each relating opens me more, shines light on those unseen and unhealed parts of me and, in this, invites me to come more and more into wholeness.
Through many tears as well as vast amounts of love, I have watched my experience move more and more to relating to Self. And when I experience the presence of an ”other” so very deeply, or appreciate a particular quality –such as strength or presence or joy – I move much more quickly into the knowing and experiencing of this AS me. Letting the projections fall and accepting that what I meet is me. And owning it as such.
I let drop all notions of relationship (as best I can) and align with relating – in the now moment – with my own presence and with the soul in communion with me as truly a mirror. The only relationship is that with Self as Divine. This dedication is deepened with every teaching, every heart ”break”, every piece of apparent confusion, with every meeting in love.
Flo Aveida Magdalena offers this description of the way of relating we are moving in to in the Aquarian age
“.. by claiming the self, you learn how to stay in a dedicated space of ritual with your own being. It means that everything you’re living makes sense because it honours everyone at the same time.
It honours you and it honours the other person. It frees them from responsibility to make you happy, to have sex with you, to marry you, to give you children, or to be in some way present for you – supporting you financially, emotionally or in any other way. It says. “I’m going to do all this for myself. I’m going to live this in a way that makes sense to me. Every moment from this time forward, my own honouring is my primary focus. If I honour my field in integrity. I live in a fullness that makes me awaken all the time to my own capacities and potentials.”
You are creating a reality so that the other person can respond to you from that set of circumstances.”
I return again and again to honour this Being, this expression of God, learning and growing and remembering each day that She is and has never been anything other than whole, perfect and Divine
The more deeply I see, know and honour my Being as whole, I meet and receive you as Divine. I thank you for your reflections, teachings and gifts. I meet you as pure love, without “need” or fear – in this moment.
I love you. For this is who we are.

Helen Quail               November 2014
Helen serves through light and love. Contact through facebook and her website