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Cosmic Warriors of Light


We walk together through the spaces between stars,

feet landing on fresh green shoots of grass and on scorched earth both.

Our hearts’ echoes are the drumbeat that we march to, calling us into formation,

laser sharp through the black space.


There is a vibration we know as intimately as an out breath

and in sensing it or hearing it in another form, our inner flame ignites.


Art : Robby Donaghey ~ Becoming Love

Together we burn brighter and more fiercely, devouring all that is not true

and cleansing tracts of land far and great.


Warriors of Light, I sing to you, come forward.

It matters not if you are




It matters not that there is no map or pathway clear.


It matters only that you hear,

and, in the hearing, step,

placing body and being in service

to the Greatest Calling of All.


Emptied as the clear flute, through which Spirit may play,

the melody grows and dances through the skies,

whispering at more ears,

more hearts,

more souls.

“Come home.”

“Remember we are One.”


Whether head bowed over newborn babe,

ploughing fields,

constructing bricks and mortar

or walking barefoot on pilgrimage,

let the music dancing at your heart’s door enter and consume you.


We are called.

We are called.

Let us dance to the Divine melody of our Call.


For Alan.


Helen is in service to the evolution of consciousness and the anchoring of Divine frequencies. This occurs through direct personal healing sessions and consultations; gatherings, groups and retreats globally, light transmissions and writings. Please do connect on facebook or through her site where you can also sign up for very occasional mailings.



Loving and Fear


“What do I fear most in this life?” I ask my subconscious. The answer comes – it is the lie.

The lie that lays behind the half-truth, the closed eyes. The lie that closes doors rather than opening them.

What I fear most in this life is the lie that causes decay and rot. A fermenting of unspoken words. A half-light of awareness.

What I fear most is the dark that comes from this lie. I do not fear the pure dark; the blackness of night nor the void space that births stars. Rather I fear our turning away from it – light or dark. The veil we place over our eyes and ears when we turn from truth. The truth that is found in both the dark and the light as two expressions of the One.

I used to tremble at the weak spots in my psyche that whine for safety and sameness. I see now that I claim them, more and more with each day. And in my claiming I am loving them. Perhaps more true is that I may be afraid of my UNseeing of them. That is what gives me true discomfort. And yet I know that, the deeper and more unconditionally I love all places in self or “other”, all that has been hidden and shamed will gently reveal in Divine readiness. In truth I do not fear the asleep consciousness in us all. It is an essential foundation for our functioning.

What I fear most is the vastness of my light, the magnitude of Being. The astounding, incomprehensible power of Divine essence that can bring only the death of all that is false. But who is this “I” who feels the discomfort? It is but the small self. The social self, who clings to fragments of life rafts of identity.

There is a place that can show in my soul that worries that I will not have the courage when all is stripped away to stand bare, weeping, wounded and free from every label, every strip of identification. To stand in my infinite stature as the magnficent Being and ambassador of light that I am. And, as I remember, again and again, not to believe the story of the fear, I caress those places – whether in psyche or soul – with the softest balm of love, letting them be exactly as they are.

Will I hold this head clear, easy and strong? Or crumble to the earth in shame? Will I hold humility in my cells equally to the sovereignty and realization?

The “I” that is, was and always shall be knows no fear. For “I” am love. Of love. Inseparable, vast and impenetrable.

Fear is also the birthing of Universes from the belly of Source and Her curiosity to see life expand and evolve through the contrast of duality. It is the necessary mirror to the brilliance of Divine love. There can only be fear prevailing where we turn away from our own darkness. As lovingness fills our very DNA, deeper and deeper, the ocean holds and bathes every expression and shade of our Beingness. The deeper we are called, the free-er we can rise.

There is only fear where Love is not. Love can go to any place – if it is invited. Like the angels! But first there must be a call – spoken or unspoken. A deep – soul–deep – invitation that no matter what, above all, is love. A willingness to meet the fire and the heart-shattering tenderness both. To receive it into our deepest recesses, squirming at the alchemy with our pains. And to offer our human forms as vehicles and containers for infinite love.


What is it I fear most in this life, for nothing can kill me, I am eternal? Life is eternal. I am born and never die. Only forms change. And through each form, a myriad and multitude of galaxies of experience; of touches and tears; agony and joys.

When I return home to love there is no fear. As I breathe it in, Universal, unending and as vast as I can conceive and taste, fear is cradled and comforted as a newborn baby. All softens in unlimited tenderness. The hard edges of anxiety or terror are met with the waves of the ocean which washes them clean. Fear and love take hands and dance, laughing at the pure joy of innocence and the Divine design. It is the ocean of limitless love that carries the wave of panic. Softens it, meeting it until it dissolves in a billion bubbles, indistinguishable from any droplet in the sea.

And so our prayers for the waters are also our embracing of fears. The most ancient, primal and rudimentary of fears. I CAN survive. I CAN Live – and walk upon this blue green planet in strength and peace and harmony with my brothers and sisters.

I see you fear. I look on you with unflinching loving. I see the shadows that lurk in you. The unspoken ones. The buried ones. And I vow not to deny you nor turn in shame. You are the messenger of the Divine calling me closer, deeper.

In understanding your true essence and staying present with your gifts, I am born. And yet not born, for I always was. Always existing. Ever present as Love and Truth.


Helen Quail serves love through any many vehicles – direct consultations and healing sessions, in person or via Skype; gatherings, events and retreats globally; light transmissions and writing. You are so welcome to connect and find out more about her offerings via facebook or her site, where you can also sign up for very occasional mailings.


Open Heart

surrenderIt’s easy to write about our heart being wide open but what really matters is how we are when we are blasted wide open – whether by an ocean of trembling love or by devastation and grief. What do we do with this raw, wide open heart before the world? Before the mirror of an “other”?

How easy it is to shrink back  to the land of known where – even though suffocating, even though slowly, inexorably shrinking, the wounded one feels safer.

Or we can stand barefoot on the grass, arms outstretched to the all knowing sky. We can throw our head back instead of down; unconcerned by the tears that may course down our cheeks. We can cast our howls to the wind and the stars – whether of ecstasy or pain – and feel them reverberate across the Universe.

We can stand in the love that we are and that we are continually crafted from. Wide open. Ready to meet another rising of the sun.

This is our invitation to love, Beloveds.

Close your eyes. Let your sweet, full breath fill your lungs. Watch as it moves outwards again, ever outward, back to Source.

You are the river of life, the flow of oneness that cannot be stopped. This love that moves through you, some moments exhilarating, some moments splitting your chest open. This love is your very essence.

Beyond and all experiences. Far outwith structures of “time”; of “you” or “I”.

This love is All, everything in this now and pulsing as the fabric of eternity.


Helen assists in the anchoring and expansion of light and consciousness through gatherings, consultations and writings. Learn more on her website or facebook.

There is only Life


I fall onto the blanket
that is made of stars
that dissolves between my fingers
yet is somehow woven of the same light.

I fall knowing I am caught,
I am wrapped in the purest most vast Love
beyond any imagining.

The seas may toss and swell,
the planets collide
my cells may sigh and die
but there is only Life

In its ever moving, pulsing
flow of change
washing over All.

I breathe ever more tenderly into the depth of the Universal Heart.
I am This.

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Across Universes

star brothers and sistersOh my love, my Soul

We were blasted to opposite corners of the Universes

My arms reaching out

Calling for you, calling

From the depths of my Being

But you could not hear


And so we continued,

always in service,

always the light,

traveling through time and space


Until this moment when we find each other once again in form on the earth plane.


Oh the bittersweet miracle of finding Beloveds from across the stars

to meet in the one heart,

beyond all time

only to have to let go once again.


For you are not fully here

only small fragments of the vastness I know you to be

of all I experience you as

cloaked in the garments of humanness as we all are


Can I keep this raw heart wide open

no matter what?

to find you…to let you go again and again?


In knowing the Love that you are

that we are

my human heart breaks a little that once again you cannot hear

cannot see

but glimpses…


In New Earth there is no wanting,

only Being

and so my heart becomes the Cosmos

and I release you once again,

as I have done before

to be free

to be the light that you are


In truth, releasing my own self

from the false ties to human-ness,

knowing there is never any separation,

that we are perfect Love.


For Love is infinite letting go

into That which Is

and has always been.


Helen Quail 25.1.15

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I Am Love

Divine loveI am Love.

I am Light.

I am the Truth of the One and there is no one that can show me this nor know this as only this One can. This One within and without. This One that holds and carries.

That weeps.

That cleans.

That bears children and watches them grow tenderly as plants.

This One that stands at the window looking out, watching the trees sway in the winds.

This One that walks.

I am this One and no Other. For it is so,

And in the Knowing , comes Truth.

And in this Knowing, comes all Wisdom.

For it is all within dear One, make no mistake. Your mind plays great games of untruth; of twisting, turning and trying to hide away the light that you are. But it can never hide this, nor contain it nor “forget it”.

For it is as vast as the vastest ocean and more. As the Universe beyond Universes; as all the Cosmos; all Creation.

For this is “You”. This One. Expressed through these cells, on this planet, breathing air, making sounds, touching skin, loving.

This is Love.

You are Love.

Be not afraid of the Love that you are. For it is everything. Quite literally. Everything.

And it is All. Contains All.

Not just the light, the joy, but the depths of aching, loss, pain , aliveness. All of it.

Be not afraid  – of “failure”. Of emptiness. Of not knowing.

These are all of the mind. The Heart does not know fear – that is only the emotional heart.

The Heart cannot judge. The Heart cannot run.

It just. Is.

And this is what you are “doing”….

Through Luminosa, Helen Howie  works to expand consciousness, light and love on the planet – through collective healing work; seminars and individual consultations globally. See facebook or email to connect further.

We are all made of Stars

Dropping into the heart of the Universe.

made of starsWhere is it? It is within.

The atoms that make up the cosmos,

My skin, and bones, are made of dying stars.vibrate within in my cells.

There is no more truth than this.

The past few weeks have dropped me into another journey of letting go. Deeper questioning of Who am “I”? Who is the “I” who has memories? Who or what is the “I” that feels in this body? I have discovered – again – the illusory trap of identifying with ANYTHING – including the soul. I used to have the C. S. Lewis quote on my emails ~ “You don’t have a Soul. You are a Soul. You have a body.” Now I question this too. I am not a soul. I am not a body. I am not a mind. I am unknowable. Pure consciousness – limitless, undefinable, vast beyond all knowing. And I am , of course, nothing.

All of this, we are, a spark of divine consciousness, of pure Life, choosing to embody and experience a life in a human body, on a planet called Earth that floats in this galaxy. A galaxy that hurtles through space at a million miles an hour.

In experiencing a conscious realization that I am – again – not who I thought I was (ha!) nor can I ever know- I see how easily the ego-mind simply shifts its alliance to another form of identity. So I work to let go of the conditioning, the personality, but the ego still wants to identify with something – the soul, the spiritual identity. Another illusion.

cosmos 2

I witnessed the temporary turmoil of my mind as it was tossed upon unknown seas until I settled again into a vaster space. Yes, turbulence will arise again, the winds will come.

A space of unknowing and of being at peace with the unknowable. Yet open, always open. Quiet, watching, breathing, expanding.

Look up on the next clear night. Soak up the infinity above, below and all around. Look up. That is me. That is you. This is us all. Stars….

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