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The Core Wounding between the “Masculine” and “Feminine” aspects of Divinity.


Beloved - Autumn Skye ART

“Beloved” – Autumn Sky Art

In the last twenty-four hours millions of voices have declared ” me too”, including this one. The spontaneous wave across social media calling for everyone who has experienced any form of sexual harassment or abuse to add their voice has become a phenomenon.

As the collective sea began to rise, I did not add mine lightly, not primarily through shame, but because I resist group campaigns identifying any kind of lable. And , no doubt, sensing the sickening gut churning sorrow of what was rising. What so many of us have carried for lifetimes.

Even in all the inner work I have engaged over decades, I again discovered forgotten memories which I had put aside as “normal” or in some way “my fault”. As Kali rose I knew a deeper and deeper reclaiming of the Truth we are all so desperate for. Of Union. Washed through with love and compassion for each of us experiencing this pain. All of it counts. All of it is the very food for Cosmic growth.

The essence of social media can be about proclaiming, especially amongst so-called conscious communities. There is little deep listening. Moreso it is an insatiable energy consumer and all that is put in is so transient. Today’s viral posts become tomorrow’s cute cat videos. In this campaign, however, I sensed a deeper call to Truth, a wide deep ache bubbling. And so, despite misgivings, I knew I had to add this one voice. Firstly, because addressing the wounding at the heart of the masculine and feminine expressions of the Divine is right at the heart of my Cosmic calling as an emissary of the Goddess. And yes of course, like EVERY female on this planet, I have my own experiences of being abused because of my gender and sexuality. I know I have also misused my own sexual energy both through repression and seeing it as my (only) place of value. I know also I have been a male many times. I have raped, abused and diminished my lovers and mothers and daughters, just as I have been abused. We all carry the primordial seeds of separation and the tension between yin and yang, however this has played out in creation and time.

It may also be time to use the very tools of the establishment (internet, social media) with awareness of its many agenda of distraction and manipulation to nonetheless break through and buid new paradigms.

I have zero interest in blaming or judging. We ALL bear these wounds. Vitally, this particular call to voice is inclusive of BOTH men and women. I thirst for the brave voices of our men, both in sharing where you have been shamed or controlled by another’s sexuality and in owning where you have misused your own sexual power, consciously or unconsciously. This is about all – female or male, “perpetrator” or recipient speaking up to shatter this ancient collective wounding, with love, courage and compassion.

I am seeing a number of strands showing in this conversation. In the conscious circles I connect with, there is largely an absence of blatant judgement and victim shaming. What is just as toxic though is the spiritual whitewashing that can be blatant dissociation or subtle separation. Well-meaning attempts at “positivity” can actually be not only profoundly damaging they can be downright dangerous if they disempower one single voice from speaking out. And the denial of reality – negates our actual God/dess given opportunity to rise. To face the worst horrors and the numb normality of how our Divine essence is abused and controlled and TAKE this all the way into the forging of new Cosmic substance.

I hear the call to the masculine, to explore how the female has wounded and abused her power and to own his own misuse. I witness a willingness to DO the work of radical responsibility, internally and externally, amongst some of us. And it only takes some. One by one by one. Breathing. Feeling. Speaking out. Walking.

This declaration of courageous transparency, as well as unity, is essentially followed by #anditstopsnow #nomore. Will this engender real collective shift? Who can know, but that seed of potential is there, if nourished in pure consciousness and love, free from the pull of the oldest, achiest stories of fear and blame.

This is a vast spiritual spot aching endlessly to be evolved to wholeness. A distortion in consciousness that utterly embraces every single voice and story while calling us to the Cosmic depths of the origins of both fracture and Union that I fully appreciate is still prevalent.

In the absolute and fullest embracing of our pain, a pain in every soul on this planet, we must also reach to the Stars, exhale to the Cosmos, calling in That which IS us, which created “us”, which sings to us to help fabric a new weave in the mesh of Love. As we hold each other, literally or virtually, wiping tears, breathing in the no words, all there is is Love.

I love us all in this brave endeavour.

Very much to be continued..

Helen serves consciousness and the Goddess, however, she is called. This has looked like global events, light transmissions, teaching, one to one sessions and writing. It also looks like being a mother to five beings, quiet ceremony and Being, and adoring her Beloved as they lead each other deeper and deeper into their Cosmic mission. Explore her site and facebook where you are so appreciated if you wish to connect for occasional mailings.


The Home of Essence

Throughout my journey is the theme of home. Perhaps because I have long had a sense of moving (back) into this place, within. So, yesterday morning, I stood before some one hundred and fifty people, in a hall and led them through a beautiful soul healing session. Again and again , I am finding myself paused in a moment, in a breath, where I know that all that has “gone before” has been leading to this point. This was one of these timeless, spacious moments.

To give you some context, when I was at high school I was the girl that was so scared to read in class or to have to speak in front of groups that I would panic and even devise various strategies to avoid the class or the reading. But that was, truly, a different person. Though I have committed to a path of spirituality and healing for many years and been teaching for many of those, a bit more than a year ago, I complied with the (forceful!) guidance from Spirit to begin offering workshops that were not under the umbrella of anything else – for example teaching Reiki – but were bringing through energies, teachings and practices that were coming through to me, that resonated with me, many of which I had been given to share. This was a  big step and certainly a necessary and precious one as I moved towards the incredible experience of leading the Sacred Healing Retreat in Orgiva, Andalucia, and beyond, deeper into the call of my soul.

Not to get lost in stories, but sometimes the mind say, hey, stop, remember and then look, really look and feel where you are now. What you are doing…. How this feels…. Wow! My knowing of why I am here drops deeper and deeper into my bones. My choices to align with this knowing flows more and more. And as I flow , “I” get out of my own way. Life puts me exactly, exactly where I am meant to be.


I first knew I am here to serve on a large scale  some fifteen years ago and though my mind could do nothing with this, my soul had no shred of doubt. This knowing has been woven through my strands ever since, as I dance more and more into the flow of my calling. There have been so, so many incredible steps and openings and these come faster than ever before. Yet even a year ago, If I’d been told, or shown where I’d be now I would have been totally incredulous… And yet, of course, as we choose, truly, in alignment with our Divine essence, the action is as effortless and soft as a feather falling to sand. And so it is.

So, joy and deep gratitude.  The beautiful soul that is Lorna Maclean, supported by many angels – physical and etheric, birthed another sacred gathering of Light, building a stronger community of Light in Scotland and it was a blessing to be part of this. We are given the opportunities when we are ready. I don’t know if any of the beautiful souls sharing a magical day of Light felt or could have guessed the layers of significance of this first “standing” for my soul in this way. I have been led to offer free healing worldwide every month and this has been an incredible experience. Over one hundred and forty souls aligned to the healing field last time – in America, Germany, UK..It is both a precious gift, a wonderful learning and a total joy to fulfill my call in this way. To bring in more Light. So no accident that I then find myself in body, face to face with a hall full of souls. And truly, what a joy.

My role is to hold a space that is totally open to the guidance of Spirit, the Divine channel and the beings that support this. So I am truly open and if I fill the space with words or plans I only limit and cut off the work. My heart swelled with the deepest appreciation, with Love and honour for every fellow soul and with gratitude for the infinite, ever flowing Divine support. I – we – are so utterly supported in this sacred work.

My role is constantly  – and now rapidly -evolving as a channel for Light codes and frequencies, sacred healing transmissions working with One Source Light. The incredible Light Grids channel is key in my work but it is taking me to a place where I now expand and integrate all my connections and teachings. I find my “own” way is expanding, owning timeless wisdom and Divine frequencies, to be shared with all who are drawn. Birthing the seeds of Luminosa – the Way of the Heart and the Light and bringing through the Light System. At this time, we are so blessed now to access and ground the most transformative sacred energies to support our deep soul healing. Together we bring in more light, clearing and raising our frequencies and allowing the true “Self” to step forward, embracing all of our Divine potential.

This sacred work holds a space for deep soul healing through our hearts. It is about truly coming home.  Working with energies at this level creates a powerful shift and brings about rapid change. We work on the frequencies in our energetic field, our soul blueprint and are enabled to go directly into our core. We bring in more light, more love and more of our soul and divine self into all of our cells, so that we can be who we truly are, timeless, formless, limitless Beings.

For some time I have felt that the path is not ascension but as my beautiful soul sister Mhairi echoes  “descension” – of the soul into the body. Owning and integrating more and more of our multi dimensional essence in this physical body and space. This is – of course (!) – exactly what my own focus has been over the past few months especially.  This past month I have experienced several deeply sacred healing initiations and each has been, in my cells, a remembering. It was already done. Moving outwith time, re-owning all that has always been. And standing, mike in hand, heart open, totally in the hands of Source, I was, again, home.

“The cells knew who I was and danced within the framework of their Universe and laughed in remembrance of their true being.” – Mary Magadalene, through Flo Aeveia Magdalena

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